Signs You Are Blessed From Above

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Do you ever feel like there's something extraordinary guiding your life, like a hidden hand of destiny reaching down from the heavens to bestow blessings upon you? Well you're not alone! In a world filled with uncertainties, it's comforting to believe that there are signs from above, guiding us on our unique journey. Fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for a whimsical ride through the mystical realms of the universe, as we uncover the unmistakeable signs that you are, indeed, blessed from above.

1. Feathers: They're Everywhere!

Picture this: you're strolling through the heart of a bustling city, surrounded by concrete and steel. Yet right at your feet, you spot a pristine white feather. The feather transcends its origins and becomes a beacon of hope and a sign of connection between you and the celestial.
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Feathers can be one of the biggest shout-outs from above, because they usually appear when you're being watched over by a guardian angel or blessed in some way. It can be even more of a sign if you find one in a place where you should never really find one.Original content sourced from

2. Heads-Up: There's Another Penny

It's quite a peculiar phenomenon, the way a simple penny can turn into a talisman of good fortune, but this could show that your path is aligned with the grand design of the universe. Each time you stoop to pick up a penny you're gathering the luck of the cosmic universe too.
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We've all heard the saying about finding pennies and picking them up for good luck, but did you know that it actually makes a difference which side you find them? Pennies with their heads facing up are considered good luck - so if you keep finding them, it's a sign!

3. You Keep Seeing Rainbows - Without The Rain!

Rainbows are quite unusual in their appearance, but they aren't just a random quirk of the earth but a symbol of divine intervention. When you find yourself standing beneath the vibrant spectrum, the universe might be reaching out to you to tell you it's watching over you.
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Rainbows happen when the rain and sun meet, but you've noticed you spot them sometimes when it hasn't rained at all. If this is the case, it can only be a sign and blessing from above - from something else that's making the rainbow for you to see! It can be a reminder from your angel that they're around.

4. Do The Clouds Look Odd To You?

The heavens might be using the sky as their canvas, painting a picture meant specifically for you. They could be signalling you to pay attention, to tread carefully, or have faith on the journey you're on. Take any sign as a cherished gift from the universe.
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Okay so we've all tried to make a bunny rabbit or a face out of the clouds before, but have you noticed that it's happening more and more often to you? Specifically, if you can see the shape of an angel in the clouds, this is very telling that you are blessed. Clouds might be used to give you a sign or show you the way!

5. Did Someone Crank The Heating Up?

Changes in temperature could be a sign that something is trying to communicate messages to you from beyond. These unexplained shifts could be a sign that a guardian angel or spirit is trying to subtly let you know that they're always by your side and watching over you.
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If you're blessed, you might have a guardian angel or spirit causing a noticeable increase or drop in temperature in the room - especially if you know there's no other possible explanation for the temp change! Take it as a profound message from above, you're never alone.

6. All Eyes On You

This gentle feeling of being accompanied, even in solitude, is a powerful affirmation that you are never truly alone. It's as if the unseen hand of a loved one or celestial protector is always nearby, whispering encouragement and offering solace in moments of solitude.
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Do you always feel like someone's watching you? Even when you're in a room alone at home? Feeling a presence around you - a positive presence, by the way, and not something out of a horror movie - can be a sign you're blessed with someone looking out for you.

7. Someone's Calling Your Name

The phenomenon of hearing your name being called when there's no one around is more than just a trick of the mind. It could be a subtle and meaningful sign that a spiritual guide or guardian angel is watching you. The universe could be trying to call out to you itself.
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We've all had that universal experience of being home alone as a kid and thinking we hear our mom calling from downstairs - but she didn't. Weirdness aside with that one, if you're hearing your name called out a lot - especially in public places - without seeing anybody you know, it can be a sign a spirit guide might be trying to get your attention!

8. Your Dreams Are Seriously Weird

When you find yourself regularly immersed in the enigmatic world of vivid dreams, especially those that leave you pondering between the reality and the surreal, it can be a compelling indication of a heightened connection to the spiritual world and those in it.
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There's nothing like waking up from a vivid dream and questioning your whole mental state and existence - but there's always a reason behind dreams, even the weird ones. If you have very vivid dreams that feel strange, it could be a sign you're blessed with a higher understanding shown through dreams where the spiritual is trying to communicate!

9. You Have VERY Vivid Memories, Too

The emergence of clear and vivid memories, especially those that surface seemingly out of nowhere, is a phenomenon that carries profound significance. These memories, akin to distant memories often appear as if they were etched into your consciousness.
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Another way that a spirit guide can be trying to contact you, or a way that shows you're blessed with 'something higher', is if you have very clear and vivid memories that suddenly come to you from nowhere. It could be something that happened long ago but which you remember like it was yesterday.

10. Your Spidey Senses Are Tingling

When your senses seem to crank up an intensity it can feel like your perception has hit a level of high definition. Experiencing heightened senses, whether that be seeing, hearing or feeling things more intensely can be a sign that you've established a unique connection.
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Have you noticed your senses have been knocked up to 11? Are you seeing, hearing and feeling things in a more serious way? This might also happen only in one spot for several seconds until you move. It can be a sign you have that higher connection to something!

11. Electronics Don't Seem To Like You!

When electronic devices seem to take on a life of their own, glitching, shutting down or behaving erratically in your presence, it's more than just a hiccup. You could be sharing a profound connection with a spiritual guide or guardian angel influencing our frequencies.
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You walk into a room and the TV suddenly turns off, changes channel or goes weird; your phone battery dies a lot more quickly than it should do (at least for the price you paid for it, anyway). This can actually be a sign you're connected to a spirit guide or guardian angel, who can alter frequencies that might disrupt electronics.

12. You See 444 Everywhere - Seriously, EVERYWHERE

In the tapestry of life there are moments when numbers seem to dance across our path, drawing our attention to their mystical significance. Embrace the symbol as a spiritual emblem that surrounds you, a whisper from the divine that you are blessed by higher forces.
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Have you noticed this number around a lot? Do you see it on billboards, bus stops, train screens, your phone screen or even just randomly scrolling social media? 444 is an angel number, and it's usually shown to people who have been blessed with a connection to the angelic realm.

13. You Can Tap Into People's Minds

If you possess an uncanny knack of delving in to the thoughts and emotions of others, to the point where it feels like you've tapped in to their telepathic network, consider yourself tuned to the unspoken languages of the universe. It's a remarkable show of intuition.
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Do you find you have great intuition when it comes to what other people are thinking? Like freakishly great. You always seem to know what other people are really thinking, or find you can have a mental connection with someone without either of you saying anything.

14. Something Smells REALLY Good

If you've ever embraced the sudden, exquisite waft of an otherworldly scent, one that transcends the realms of earthly fragrances then you may be more attuned to the ethereal than you realise. These angelic scents, often described as divine and heavenly aren't coincidences.
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These celestial fragrances can find their way to you when these entities are near, surrounding you with their presence and blessings. It's a sign that your senses are finely tuned to the spiritual, allowing you to perceive the sublime beauty of the world through fragrances.

15. That One Song On Repeat

The mysterious allure of music seems to follow you like a loyal companion, wheteh it's during a shuffle playlist or an unexpected tune on the radio, it's a mesmerizing indication that the universe is trying to converse with you. Music, with it's universal language, is a powerful conduit.
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Higher powers can send you messages and guide you! These melodies often appear at the best of moments and act as a harmonious embrace from the cosmic realm. When that special song seems to be your constant companion, take it as a heart-warming message from the spiritual.

16. Is That A Robin?

Robins with their cheerful red breasts and playful antics are indeed a source of delight for many. Yet, these charming birds carry deeper signficance beyond their appearance. Some people actuallu consider them spiritual messengers from the spiritual realm instead!
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This medum, through which loved ones from the 'other side' send their blessings and affection. These feathered friends are symbols of happiness and good fortune, often heralding a wave of positive energy wherever they appear. When robins cross your path repeatedly its a beautiful sign.

17. The Butterfly Effect

When butterflies, those delicate creatures, grace your presence in a very literal sense, landing on your or appearing all around you, it's not merely a random occurrence. It holds a deep and symbolic meaning, like robins they are a very spiritual signifier for many people.
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These winged wonders symbolize transformation, rebirth and the enduring connection to a spirit or a loved one who has transcended the physical world. So, if butterflies continuously cross your path, consider it a beautiful sign of spiritual communication and a reminder you're watched by a greater presence.

18. Ask - And You Shall Receive

We've all had those moments when we've desperately cried out for a sign or  stroke of good luck in the midst of a rough day. The curious twist in your story is that it often feels like someone is truly listening and responding. Have you noticed that when you ask the universe delivers?
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Perhaps you're driving and a message on a roadside sign seems to be a direct response to your request. This is more than mere coincidence; it's a sign that you possess a unique connection to the cosmic forces that shape our lives. The universe is attuned to your desires.

19. Go Towards The Light

When we speak of lights, we're not referring to the ordinary illumination that brightens our surroundings. Instead, it's about those enigmatic glimmers and colors that seem to appear mysteriously, capturing your attention wherever it is that you go in the world.
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Okay, so we don't mean that the way you think we mean that - we just mean actual light that you keep seeing everywhere. Higher powers - like angels - can actually communicate through lights and shimmers, particularly of different colours. You might keep seeing dancing lights in the corner of your eye or across the room (though, of course, make sure to get an eye doctor appointment too!).

20. Who Opened The Window?

Feeling an unexplained draft, especially when you're peacefully seated and not near any open windows or doors, can be quite unexpected and perplexing. These currents of air might hold deeper meaning than mere inconvenience and a sign someone else is watching for you.
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Nothing is more annoying that feeling a draft on the back of your neck when you're just sat on the couch minding your own business. Are you constantly feeling a breeze against you when there shouldn't be one? This can again be a sign that a different realm is communicating.

21. Your Ears Won't Quit Ringing

Experiencing a persistent ringing in your ears can obviously have some medical explanations, it's essential to consult with healthcare professionals if this is actually happening. If there are no signs of health problems though there could be a spiritual meaning behind it.
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There are many reasons why you might have ringing in your ears but angels can cause noises in the ear in this way if they're near, the same way they can affect the temperature in a room. You might find your ears ring more in a particular place, or when you're seeing other signs, too.

22. Tingles - Tingles Everywhere!

Feeling tingles on the top of your head or along the back of your neck can be an intriguing and sometimes unexplained situation. Unless you've indulged in some ASMR videos then there's no conventional reason for you to get those delightful shivers in your body.
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These tingles can be an extraordinary sign of your heightened connection to the higher presences in the universe. It's as if your body is working as a divine tuning fork and resonating with the ethereal energies. They serve as a gentle reminder that you are not alone.

23. Is Your Clock Broken?

When you find yourself consistently glancing at the clock, always at the same specific time, down to the very last minute, it's more than just a bizarre coincidence. It's a phenomenon often associated with the appearance of angel numbers we mentioned before.
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You always seem to look at your clock at the same time of day - down to the last minute. You thought the battery might be broken, but nope - you're being drawn to the clock at a specific time. This will be when angel numbers are showing, like 23:23. Also is it a coincidence this is point number 23? You decide.

24. Your Gut Instinct Is Off The Charts

Having finely tuned intuition is a valuable gift, but when your instincts are as razor-sharp as yours, it transcends the realm of mere good judgement. Your ability to trust your gut with unwavering confidence, instantly gauging the direction of situations, people and choices.
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There's having good intuition, and then there's whatever you have going on. You can trust your gut 100%. You always seem to immediately know how a situation is going to go, when a person or situation is bad or when you know you're making the right choice.

25. Your Day Wouldn't Be Complete Without A Bunch Of Near-Misses

Being continually on the edge of close calls and near misses is more than just sheer luck. It's as if you possess a unique protective aura, a force field of serendipity that keeps you safe when others might not be so fortunate. It's all a good sign someone is helping you.
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People have always said how lucky you are because you always seem to avoid everything, right at the last minute. Something falling on you, turning the wrong way in your car, stepping into the road at the wrong time.. you name it, you're always lucky enough to have near-misses.

26. Don't Worry: Be Happy

The perpetual state of contentment and gratitude that you seem to embody is, indeed, a significant blessing in itself. Whilst many wrestle with worries and anxieties, you gracefully navigate through life, embracing each day with a heart brimming with happiness and gratitude.
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You never actually seem to have any major worries in life, and most people would think having nothing to worry about is enough to think you're blessed! On a daily basis, you always feel grateful and happy more than you do anxious or annoyed about something!

27.  You Always Find Items You Lost

When objects seem to play a game of hide and seek, disappearing momentarily only to reappear just when you need them, it isn't just a mere twist of fate but a potential sign that guardian spirits are attempting to communicate with you. They're like breadcrumbs left by entities.
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You misplace things or see that something isn't where you thought you'd left it - but you always find it eventually. Objects moving around can also be a sign of a guardian spirit trying to communicate with you. Items you think you lost never go missing for long periods of time.

28. You Have Your Spiritual Side On Speed Dial

Your open-mindedness and receptivity to the existence of higher powers and your spiritual side are key indicators that you are indeed blessed with a unique connection to something beyond the tangible world. Your willingness to embrace the mystical and unexplained opens doors.
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It's very telling that you actually feel open-minded about higher powers, and that you're open to your spiritual side. Someone who is that connected to 'something else' can often be blessed with other signs, feelings and senses. You tap into that feeling on a daily basis!

29. Physical Touch

The subtle, yet unmistakable sensation of physical touch can carry profound significant, especially when it feels like someone is gently brushing your arm, caressing your cheek, or offering a reassuring squeeze on your shoulder or back. It can also be frightening!
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These fleeting touches are often considered a form of communication from angels and other spiritual beings. It's as if the ethereal realm reaches out to make its presence felt in the physical world. When you experience these tender moments of contact, consider them as undeniable.

30. There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence

The continuous stream of unexpected events aligning perfectly with your desires is no mere coincidence. It's as if the universe has embarked on a mission to grant your wishes, orchestrating moments in your life with astonishing precision. There's no such thing as sheer luck.
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Unexpected things just always seem to come together for you, in exactly the way you'd hoped. You might have started thinking 'Oh what a coincidence! That's exactly what I wanted to find today' but after the 50th time of this happening in a week, it might be time to start realising it's not a coincidence - it was meant for you!

31. You're Surrounded By BFFs

The presence of a loving and supportive network of family and friends is often considered one of the most profound blessings in life. When you're fortunate enough to be surrounded by such a vast and reliable support system, it's a clear sign that someone is looking out for you.
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A lot of people would say that to be blessed means to be surrounded by loved ones - family and friends. If you're lucky enough to have a huge support system of people you can count on, it's a sign someone is looking out for you and you're being shielded by life's challenges.

32. You Always Seem To Get Freebies For No Reason

The perpetual streak of luck that grants you flight class upgrades, competition wins and a consistent flow of complimentary items is more than a series of fortunate events. It's a testament to the abundance of blessings that you seem to attract effortlessly.
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Whether you stumble upon unexpected finds, emerge as a victor in competitions or receive gifts from others, these occurrences are not just coincidental. They are signs of a higher influence at play, ensuring that your path is sprinkled with moments and fortuitous surprise.

33. Traffic Lights Know You're Coming!

The intriguing phenomenon where traffic lights seem to change in your favor, allowing us to sail smoothly through intersections, is more than mere chance. It's as if the traffic lights themselves are attuned to your presence, orchestrating shifts in perfect harmony.
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When this becomes a recurring theme, it's time to realize that it's not a random occurrence, but a sign that you are in sync with a higher order. Your journey is marked by a unique connection to the universe, one that aligns with the flow of traffic and events moving you through life.

34. You Find Exactly What You're Looking For In The Sale Section

The remarkable knack of effortlessly discovering precisely what you seek in a disorganized sale section or unexpectedly stumbling across discounts at the checkout is more than just chance. When you consistently find the hidden gems within chaos or enjoy unexpected price reductions something is happening.
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This is a talent in itself! You just can't explain it, but you always seem to find exactly what you're looking for in that pile of stuff in the disorganized sale section! Better yet, you might even get to the till with a full-priced item and find that it's actually on sale!

35. You Feel The Bad As Well As The Good

The ability to embrace a spectrum of emotions, including the less pleasant ones like sadness and grief, is often overlooked as a blessing. But this holds some profound significance, it's a testament to your emotional depth and mental resilience; your mind is open.
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Most people don't associate feeling crappy with feeling blessed, but hear us out: being able to experience a range of emotions shows you have the inner strength. This resilience is a gift that connects you to human emotions and empowers you to navigate the complexities.

36. You Always Try To Keep The Peace

The innate talent for playing the role of a peacemaker in daily confrontations and resolving disputes is more than just a skill. It's a manifestation of a deeper blessing. It feels almost natural to you to defuse tense situations and you do so with remarkable ease.
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You might find that you're very much a peacemaker when it comes to daily confrontations or fallout with friends. It just feels natural to you to try and diffuse a situation, and you have a talent for it. It can be a sign you're blessed from above if you feel 'above' pointless arguments and fallouts.

37. You Spend Every Day Trying To Do Something Helpful

Your inclinations to infuse everyday interactions with empathy is a sign that you are attuned to the subtler currents of human life. It's a reflection of the deeper blessings that grace your life, reminding you that even in the simplest acts of kindness you can positively impact the world.
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Giving back to the community is important, but it might not be as huge a gesture as volunteering at your local soup kitchen. Even the simplest thing like a smile or holding the door open can make a difference. People who are blessed can often find kindness in the every day!

38. You Have A Huge Heart!

Do you feel the world's joys and sorrows with an intensity that goes beyond the ordinary? Is it your innate understanding of the importance of opening your heart that sets you apart? You might be connected to the universal flow of love and compassion within the universe.
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No, we don't mean a medical emergency! We just mean your heart is full to the brim with love to give. You're a very compassionate and empathetic person, and that can often be a sign you're blessed because you feel things more deeply and feel it's important to open your heart!

39. You're Super Duper Healthy

The deep appreciation for your physical health and mental wellness is testament to the forces that safeguard and nurture your well-being. It's a reminder that you are watched over and that your life is graced with blessings of health and vitality, ensuring you have the strength.
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Good health is not something to be taken likely! And a lot of people take for granted the fact they're blessed with healthy mind and body. You may have sometimes marvelled at how lucky you are to be healthy and have no worries! Maybe you feel a guardian presence always leading you on the path to good health.

40. Writing In A Gratitude Journal Is Always On The To-Do List

Journaling can become a testament to the profound appreciation you hold for the gifts of life and a tool for expressing your gratitude to the unseen forces that shower you with blessings. It's a cherished reminder that you are not alone on your journey and the universe is whispering in love.
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A gratitude journal is the definition of being blessed - because it's a safe place where you can write down everything you have to be thankful for. You might actually be being influenced from a higher presence or guardian spirit to focus on all your blessings. Do you feel a pull to pen and paper sometimes that you can't explain?

41. You Keep Finding Random Puddles Of Water

The mysterious appearance of small puddles or unexplained splashes of water on your kitchen surfaces is more than just a mundane occurrence. It's a phenomenon that is often associated with the communication of guardian spirits. Water holds a special significance.
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Do you randomly find small puddles of water on your kitchen surfaces, even when you haven't done the dishes? Or maybe splashes of water on the floor that you can't explain? Guardian spirits love to communicate through water as well as through lights and electrics!

42. Television Channels Change On Their Own

Does it always feel as though adverts and shows are talking to you? This isn't just a coincidence, it's as if the universe itself is sending messages through the screen, tailored specifically for you. The changes in channels when you didn't do it yourself is a cosmic nudge!
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These moments of alignment between yourself, the television and personal experiences are signs that you are blessed with a unique connection to the unseen forces of the world. It's a reminder that boundaries between reality and ethereal are more common than we know.

43. That Unexplained Perfume

Fragrant moments are messages from the unseen world, offering comfort and reassurance can be a silent affirmation that you are not alone in your journey. It's a beautiful sign that the universe is showering you with its love and positive energy, adding a touch of grace.
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Smelling random pleasant scents is one sign, but perfume specifically is another. If you constantly get a whiff of a pleasant perfume scent, even in a place it shouldn't be, it's a clear sign some positive energy is reaching out to you and spreading the good vibes.

44. You've Had Positive Feedback From A Psychic

Meeting a psychic can reveal your attunement to the spiritual world and our genuine desire to explore the mysteries of the universe. We might have opened a gateway to the unseen and actively seek to nurture our connection with the outward forces of the universe.
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You might make time in your schedule for psychic readings or meeting up with spiritual teachers. Maybe your psychic has told you that you're definitely blessed with good vibes, that there's something watching over you or you have a deep connection to the above!

45. The Tarot Cards Are Coming Up Roses

For those that are drawn to tarot readings, it can be a fascinating journey when every pull of the cards consistently reveals positive messages. The universe is whispering its blessings through the cards, each shuffle and draw confirming the presence of love and connection.
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If you're also into tarot, you might have been getting positive cards or messages every single reading. Any pull you make is a card of love, joy, moving forward or a deeper connection. The cards only make it more clear that you have a connection going on with a guardian.

46. Objects Being Placed In Your Path

These aren't just every day occurrences, they can take on the role of beacons and lead you towards moments of revelation. The unforeseen forces are actively crafting our path and revealing symbols and messages to us in the most unmistakable of manners, reminding us we aren't alone.
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It's one thing to have things move around or forget where you left things, but are you actually having objects placed in your path? Do you walk through the front door and have something of significance to you placed right in the middle of the hallway? It's a sign!

47. You Feel A Connection To Crystals

Your connection to the precious gems can hold a much deeper meaning and more profound significance than you might think. It's as if the crystals are not just tools for healing but vessels for communication from higher realms. They are conduits for love and energy in the spiritual world.
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Many people swear by the benefits of crystal healing, but you might have a different kind of connection where you feel like something is trying to be communicated to you through crystals! Do you feel an urge to carry around rose quartz with you, or feel a warmth when you hold it? It could be a sign of love and blessing from above!

48. Music Starts When You Need An Answer

The occurrence of music spontaneously playing in response to your questions or conversations is more than just a random coincidence. It's as if the very fabric of the universe is attuned to your voice, responding to your inquiries and thoughts through the medium of music.
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Do you often ask questions out loud, or talk to yourself, and have a piece of music start playing where the lyrics give you an answer perfectly? You don't remember hitting play on your Spotify or turning on the radio, but it happens right when you ask for it out loud.

49. When You Decide Not To Do Something, It Turns Out It Was The Right Choice

Your own sense of discernment serves as a guardian for your well-being, guiding you away from the potential harm or unfavourable circumstances. It's a reflection of your connection to the unseen forces that watch over you. Trust your instincts always and it could be a lifesaver.
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You know that niggling feeling you get when you just know you should say no to plans, or that you need to cancel because you're really not feeling it? Do you then find out later than something bad or dramatic happened, like friends got into an accident or someone had a serious argument?

50. You've Had Books With Meaning Fall Off Shelves

This is more than just a mere coincidence, the universe might be conspiring to offer you guidance in the form of literature, making sure that the right knowledge is placed within your reach just when you need it. You could be connected to the spiritual realm more than anyone knows.
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Have you walked past your bookshelf at home and had a certain book fall down whose title is the exact answer you've been looking for? Or maybe a book at a library fall to your feet only to find out it's the right type of vibe you've been searching for and it instantly makes you feel better?