Signs We Are Being Love Bombed

By Aaron Love 8 months ago

Excessive Compliments

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The likelihood is, if you're being love bombed then you already know it! It's nice to get a compliment from a person we believe is our trusted partner, but overwhelming and unnecessary common compliments can be a negative. They can begin to appear inauthentic and manipulative.

Following You

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A love bomber wants to control you pretty much, plain and simple. They can't necessarily do this though when you're physically apart. If your partner is always asking where you are of they're checking where you are via gps tracking on phones then it might be a major red flag for you.

Constantly Texting You

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Your love bombing partner will always be trying to get in touch with you and it can almost feel as though your phone won't stop buzzing with messages from your partner. Love bombers can flood your inbox with texts and always try and demand your immediate attention at all times.

Constantly Ringing You

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It isn't just texts that they might be trying to get your attention with, if that doesnt work then you might want to expect some phone calls too. And if they expect these phone calls to be lengthy even though you're busy or it's inconvenient it's a sure-fire sign of love bombing behaviour.

Overwhelming Attention

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One of the most common love bombing tactics is the intense and overwhelming attention they might give you. They want to spend every single living moment with you and they can be extremely clingy. This is their way to try and get you to be thinking about them, even when you're apart!

Excessive Gifts

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Has someone ever showered you in unnecessary gifts? Then it might have been them love bombing you! It's nice to receive a bouquet of flowers from a partner, sure, but what about a boxful? It's a little much right? Although it might seem nice, it can be an intense and very manipulative tactic.

Intense Focus

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Like you might have already noticed, love bombers will make you feel as though you're the center of their universe. They'll constantly shower you with a ton of attention and compliments to ensure that you don't believe that anyone could be seen to care for you as much as they do.


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Love bombers, unfortunately, always seem to know the right words and the right actions to make you feel better. They can read you so well and although it might seem like they're really interested in you, they know exactly how to feign the love that you so desperately desire in a relationship.

Isolating You From Friends

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One of the things a love bomber might try and do would be to try and isolate you from your support network. They will attempt to stop you from spending time with your family and friends and therefore being more dependent on them for any emotional support that you might need.

Appearing Jealous

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A love bomber might display signs of jealousy or being upset when you want to spend time with other people. This can often result in you beginning to feel guilty and trying to avoid these things to make you happy. Some jealousy in a relationship is fine, but learn where the line can be overstepped.

Pushing For Commitment

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It might have only been weeks or even days, but your partner is trying to make things official. Or maybe it's been a few months and they want to get married. These are both sure-fire signs that the person is trying to love bomb you, it's often a test for them to make sure that you won't leave.

Highs And Lows In Emotion

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You might notice someone who you believe is a love bomber might exhibiting some extreme and violent mood swings. One moment they might seem to adore you more than anyone else on earth and then the next they might be distant or even angry with you for no obvious reason.

Invading Personal Space

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Love bombers, although they make it look like they do, don't care that much about you. Much of what they do is for their own personal gain. This can become evident when you notice them ignoring any personal boundaries you might have set, even if you only had a few in the first place.

Reminding You Of Your Special Relationship

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If you and your partner have had a bad argument (or a small one) then you might give each other some space. A love bomber though will instead try and quickly remedy the situation by trying to remind you how special the relationship is instead of discussing what really needs to be discussed.

Showered Physical Affection

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If you notice your partner is constantly trying to touch you or kiss you then it might be a sign that they're trying to love bomb you. It can be difficult for boundaries to be established here and their overwhelming need for touch can end up verging more on creepy than anything else.

They Want To Know Everything Immediately

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Love bombers are often fascinated by you, they'll want to know absolutely everything about you almost instantly, even if you've only recently met. They can use this information later down the line as a way to exploit and manipulate you in to doing things that they want you to do.

Apologizing A Lot

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Love bombers don't like to take responsibility for their actions but they do like to apologize for some minor things even if it wasn't there fault. This can be quite the manipulative tactic to make sure that you're feeling sorry for them and trying to maintain a positive image in your eyes.

Emotional Manipulation

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Emotional manipulation is quite a common tactic used by love bombers as they try and find a way to control you. They might do this in a number of ways like guilt-tripping you, threatening to self-harm or using some other manipulative tactics that will end up with them getting their own way.

Don't Take Responsibility For Mistakes

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A love bomber is never going to be one to own up to any mistakes that they've made, whether that be with you or someone in a former relationship. They might even discuss their former partners as being the crazy ones when in fact they're the ones choosing to love bomb you now!

Rushing To Solve Conflict

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A love bomber will do anything they can to try and avoid falling in to conflict and therefore they'll do anything to stop it. They can try and resolve disagreements quickly without choosing to address some underlying issues to attempt to maintain a fake façade of a relationship.

Gaslighting You

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Gaslighting is something that has cropped up a lot in recent years, the love bomber might try and make you doubt your own thoughts to support theirs. By downplaying their own actions they might make you question whether or not your concerns are valid or not.

Unnecessarily Reassuring You

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Love bombers can often feel the need to over-reassure you about their feelings or commitment towards you. This might be nice in moments of doubt, but they can do this all the time without any need. This can be a manipulation tactic to keep you emotionally dependent

Needing Constant Validation

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One common sign that your partner might be a love bomber, you might notice that you're always complimenting them to try and reassure them. They might need this reassurance in order to cover for their insecurities and fragilities; essentially they're using you to keep them going.

Unrealistic Promises

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A love bomber might end up making some extravagant promises about the future such as grand trips away or luxurious gifts even if you haven't been together for long periods of time. These unrealistic promises might keep you hooked for a while until you realise they're false.

Controlling Behaviour

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Love bombers will always try and dictate your actions, choices and decisions. They could become upset if you don't do what they want and this is when issues like isolating you from people and taking more control of you life in general might begin to appear a little more frequently.

Exaggerated Love Declarations

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Feeling loved is obviously something that we all want to find in life, but someone who love bombs might take this a step too far. They might end up reminding you that they love you in pretty much every single conversation or maybe even constantly remind everyone on social media instead.

Defensive When Questioned

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One common sign that someone is a love bomber is if they react with a sense of outrage if you even remotely question or criticize the behaviour that they're showing. If they think you're noticing their intentions then they're going to want to distract you and turn your head from the fact.

Trauma Dumping

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A love bomber might also dump all or much of their childhood trauma on you within just a couple of dates. Although this might appear brave of them to let you in to their secrets it can be inauthentic and a good way for them to make you think that you're unique compared to others.

Demand Your Attention

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Another sign that you might be being love bombed is if your partner is constantly demanding your attention, ignoring your time and schedule needs. This can often come hand in hand with the issue of you becoming isolated from your friends and family. Make sure to hold your ground with issues like this.

Justifying Bad Behaviour

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When a love bomber is confronted with their negative actions they might try to find a way to justify it or even shift the blame on to you instead. They might even claim they're behaving this way because they love you so much to try and make their actions seem a little more plausible.