The Signs That Your Marriage Is Over

By Juliet S 6 months ago
Ladies and gentlemen, lovers and fighters, welcome to the heart-wrenching spectacle of love and its precarious demise! Today, we embark on a riveting journey through the labyrinthine corridors of matrimonial mysteries, armed with the Sherlockian magnifying glass of introspection. Hold onto your heartstrings, for we are about to explore "The Signs That Your Marriage Is Over." Don't worry; we promise a few laughs amidst the tears, because even in the midst of heartbreak, there's room for a dash of humor.

1. Your partner no longer makes an effort.

Everyone will have slightly different ideas about what it means to 'make an effort' in relationship. Maybe it's about going out of your way to take work off the other person, or always being there to listen, or just saying nice things every day. Everything can be deemed as effort!couples costume
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So, pay attention to the whispers of change. If the sweet somethings transform into awkward silences, if the once-eager ears now turn a deaf side, and if the thoughtful deeds are replaced by the echoes of indifference, it might be time to reflect on the vitality of your relationship.Original content sourced from

2. You struggle to communicate.

Communication is one of the most important things in any relationship, but even more so when you're married. With marriage comes lots of important conversations around the future, like buying a home, having kids, saving for the future, and career goals.Gone Girl
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If either partner finds themselves tiptoeing around these crucial conversations or, worse yet, evading them altogether, it's akin to a glitch in the matrix of marital communication. The silence becomes a haunting ghost that rattles the windows of understanding.

3. Your view of the future doesn't include your spouse.

Think about what you want from life. Close your eyes and imagine your ideal future. Maybe you're visiting somewhere you've always wanted to. Maybe you're celebrating your future child's first birthday. If your current partner doesn't feature in your future plans, it could be a sign that you don't feel committed to them anymore.woodstock couples
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Marriage is a journey navigated hand in hand, and if your compass is pointing in a direction that diverges from your partner's path, it's a poignant moment of truth. You might need to consider letting them know that you don't see much of a future with the person anymore.

4. You don't have s*x anymore.

S*x doesn't have to be the biggest thing in your relationship. But it is an important sign of intimacy, which means that once the s*x stops, you may not feel as close to your partner. The importance of physical closeness extends beyond the act itself; it serves as a testament to the emotional bond shared between partners.kissing in bed
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Now, this is important - you should want to be close to the person you married, so if the s*x has stopped and you don't see any sign of it returning to your relationship, it might be a warning sign. Assess whether the physical closeness that once defined your relationship is merely taking a breather or if it's slipped into the realm of neglect.

5. You're making big financial decisions without their input.

Finances are a tricky subject in all marriages. As soon as you're married, your partner needs to be a part of your financial decision-making, whether that's about how you spend or how you save. If you're starting to make moves without them -  changing how much you save or putting money away for a different life goal - and they don't know about it... Well, that's not a good
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Finance, after all, is more than just arithmetic; it's a reflection of shared values, aspirations, and the trust that underpins the marital bond. When one partner takes the reins without the other's awareness, it sends ripples of doubt through the foundation of trust.

6. You want to cheat.

Cheating is never a part of a healthy marriage, so the moment you're starting to think about getting with your handsome friend from your running club or a long-lost high-school love, then it's probably a sign that something's not right in your marriage. Have a think about it first!couples hands
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What is making you want to cheat? If it's because you're mentally looking for something new, then maybe it's time for a divorce. It might be just what the two of you need to be able to try and reignite that spark in to your lives and actually be able to find the one!

7. You dread spending time alone with them.

You spend a lot of time together in a marriage, even if your work lives are busy. You probably live together, maybe you're raising kids together, you visit your families together. But if alone time with your partner is giving you the ick - it might be a sign that your marriage is heading for divorce.couples face mask
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Marriage is not just about cohabitation but about the choice to be each other's preferred company. When when the allure of shared moments dims, it heralds a potential crossroads. The journey together, which should be an adventure, becomes a chore, and the once-eager anticipation of alone time gives way to an awkwardness.

8. You don't respect them anymore.

Every relationship is built on respect. If you can't respect your partner's decisions any more, then it's probably because you're surreptitiously thinking you shouldn't be with them anymore. Vice versa, if you don't think your partner respects your anymore, it could be time to leave.couple hugging
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Imagine the disheartening realization that your partner no longer seems to honor or value your decisions. Your choices, once met with understanding and support, now encounter the resistance of indifference or, worse yet, unnecessary arguments that don't make us feel any better.

9. You don't have anything to talk about anymore.

We've said communication is important, but that shouldn't just be limited to the biggest issues in life. If you can't even sustain a conversation over coffee, then should you be in a relationship with them? You should always be able to speak to your partner at all times of every day!phones coffee
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So, if you find yourself navigating through conversations like a minefield, if the ease of dialogue has become too complicated then you might need to have THE conversation. Do what's best for the two of you instead of dragging on the relationship which might only damage you.

10. You love texting or talking to someone else.

Friendships outside the bounds of marriage, regardless of gender, can be enriching and fulfilling. They offer unique perspectives, shared interests, and a distinct flavor to the social tapestry of life. However, the delicate balance between maintaining healthy connections and veering into potentially harmful territory is a tightrope that requires mindful navigation.girl on phone
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Friendships outside marriage can add color to life, but when these connections start to resemble an emotional escape or a substitute for the marital bond, it raises a crucial question. Should you feel as close to these people as you do? How will it affect your partner?

11. You have very different opinions on having kids.

The decision to have children is deeply personal, and the compatibility of those views can significantly impact the trajectory of a relationship. If the whispers of potential parenthood become a cause for argument,it heralds a crossroads that requires careful
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Parenthood, after all, is a profound and transformative journey—one that demands a shared vision, a united front. If, however, the visions diverge like parallel lines that never meet, it raises a red flag. This is something that you need to hash out early on in the relationship.

12. You can't be bothered to fix the problems.

So, you and your partner have hit the point where the proverbial elephant in the room is too big to ignore. You've both acknowledged that there's something off, something in the air that doesn't quite sing the of a healthy relationship. It's a crucial moment of truth that can either be a catalyst for positive change or bring more problems.couple hugging sad
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This reluctance isn't just about laziness or a lack of initiative; it's about the emotional readiness to confront the issues head-on. It's a sign that the chasm between acknowledging a problem and actively seeking a solution may be wider than initially thought.

13. You both refuse to compromise on things that are important to you.

So, let's talk decisions. The big ones, the life-altering ones—like the whole kids, house, or pet situation. In the grand drama of marriage, these decisions can either be the heartwarming climax or the plot twist you didn't see coming. And here's the kicker: the key to navigating these crossroads lies in the magical art of decision-making together.couple and cat
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If every decision becomes a battleground, a tug-of-war where neither side is willing to budge, it hints at a deeper issue. It's not just about the choice itself but about the underlying dynamics of the partnership. Are there unspoken power struggles, unresolved conflicts, or perhaps a fundamental misalignment in the long-term vision?

14. Both you and your partner mention divorce frequently.

Alright, buckle up for some real talk. So, the relationship gurus out there often drop the wisdom bomb about discussing divorce early on in marriage. It's like Relationship 101, right? The idea is to have those tough conversations upfront, set the expectations, and make sure you're both on the same page about what "forever" actually means.divorce
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But here's the plot twist. If the "D" word starts becoming a bit too familiar, like it's hanging around the dinner table or making cameo appearances in every argument, that's when the alarm bells start ringing. It's not just a word anymore; it's like this charged grenade you toss around when things get heated, and that's not a great sign.

15. You don't listen to your partner, and they don't listen to you.

Alright, let's talk about the unsung hero of relationships: listening. It's like the secret sauce that makes the whole thing work, right? Without it, you're basically in a solo performance, and that's not the vibe you signed up for. It's a vital part of being in a healthy relationship right?partners
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Now, here's where it gets tricky. If listening has become the quiet casualty in your relationship, it's like a slow leak in the love boat. Sure, it might not seem like a big deal at first, but eventually, you'll find yourselves sinking in a sea of misunderstood emotions. Don't ruin any chance of a friendship you might be able to savour.

16. You have fights that last for days.

t's like the inevitable dance of disagreement, right? You can't be with someone and not have a clash of opinions from time to time. Healthy couples, they argue, they bicker, they have those moments where they're not on the same page, and that's totally normal. It's like the seasoning in the stew of love; it adds flavor.sadie sink all too well
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But here's the plot twist. If your fights are turning into these marathon events that stretch on for days, or it feels like you're stuck in this déjà vu loop, hashing out the same issues over and over, it's like the alarm bells are ringing. These little arguments should be able to be worked out a little longer.

17. Or, you never fight anymore.

Alright, let's flip the script for a sec and talk about the other end of the spectrum. We've all heard that too much fighting is a red flag, but what about the radio silence? If you and your partner are cruising through the relationship highway without a single disagreement, it might sound like smooth sailing, but hold up—there might be storm clouds on the horizon.couple
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Now, let's be clear. We're not advocating for turning your relationship into a battlefield, but a healthy dose of disagreement is like the seasoning that adds flavor. It's normal, it's natural, and it's a sign that you're both individuals with your own thoughts, opinions, and, well, a little bit of that stubborn streak.

18. You don't feel an emotional connection to your partner anymore.

Let's get real for a minute, shall we? The whole reason you tied the knot with your partner, you know, went all-in on this relationship thing, is because of that unspoken magic, that inexplicable connection that made your heart do a little happy dance. It's like this secret language you share, the kind of vibe that makes you think, "Yep, this is the one."couple in bed
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Now, fast forward to today. If you're looking at your partner and that once-flaming connection feels more like a lukewarm cup of coffee, it's like the relationship foghorn is sounding. It's not just about the routine or the daily grind; it's about that emotional heartbeat that used to sync up with yours.

19. You don't have any intimacy.

You know, those moments that don't need a red curtain or a romantic soundtrack, but they're like the quiet backbone of connection in a relationship. These are the most important moments a couple might be able to keep a hold of in their relationship; they need moments of intimacy regularly.couples car
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Sure, life gets busy, and we all have those seasons where Netflix binge-watching takes precedence over cuddle time. But if the intimate moments are becoming relics of the past, it's worth questioning why. Is it the stress, the routine, or maybe a subtle shift in the emotional landscape?

20. Your partner isn't supportive of you (and you aren't supportive of them.)

Let's hit the support button, shall we? In any solid relationship, it's like this unspoken contract—you've got each other's backs. Whether it's cheering from the sidelines at big life events or being the personal cheerleader for those wild dreams, support is the glue that holds it all together.holding hands
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Here's the real talk. If you're not feeling the support from your partner, if they're not showing up for your big moments or throwing confetti at your dreams, it's a waving red flag. It's like a solo performance when you signed up for a duet; no one wants to be left to fly solo do they?

21. You have very different future goals.

picture this: you and your partner, once synchronized like a dance duo, suddenly finding yourselves doing the cha-cha in opposite directions. Maybe it's the career goals doing a tango of change, or the desire to live in different ZIP codes. It's not just a matter of differing opinions; it's like the GPS of your lives is sending you on separate goals
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Reflect on whether these divergent paths are a temporary detour or a sign of a more profound shift. Are you both willing to navigate the winding roads together, or is the destination looking too distant? Relationships need compromise, a shared roadmap, and a willingness to adjust the sails when the winds of change blow.

22. One of you is cheating on the other.

Let's cut to the chase—thinking about cheating and actually going through with it are like two very different chapters in the relationship drama. The plot, however, is pretty consistent—both usually end up with a big, bold "Disastrous" stamped on the storyline. Cheating should never be an option running through your mind.cheating
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Cheating isn't just a bump in the road; it's a crossroads that demands a serious look at the relationship map. It's not just about pointing fingers or assigning blame; it's about understanding whether the foundation is strong enough to weather the storm.

23. You always feel sad and drained when you're with them.

Here's the deal: being with your significant other should be like hitting the happiness jackpot. It's not just about the grand gestures or the Insta-worthy moments; it's about the everyday joy, the shared laughter, and that feeling of having a partner-in-crime for life.sad girl
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But—big but—if your post-partner time leaves you feeling like you just ran a marathon with a backpack full of rocks, it's a flashing neon sign to pay attention. Feeling genuinely sad and drained after hanging out with your partner? Houston, we've got a problem.

24. You actively dislike your partner.

Hating the person you're married to? That's like the neon sign of relationship danger. Sure, every couple has their "oh, you left the toothpaste cap off again" moments—annoyance is practically a side dish in marriage. But when that irritation takes a sharp detour into full-blown hatred territory, it's like the relationship alarm bells are ringing.hands
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Now, we're not talking about the casual eye-roll or the occasional "seriously, again?" No, this is the kind of hatred that seeps into your daily interactions, poisons the air, and turns your shared space into a war zone. It's heavy, it's toxic, and it's definitely not the recipe for a healthy relationship smoothie.

25. You don't trust your partner anymore.

Trust is like the glue that holds everything together, the foundation upon which the entire relationship skyscraper stands. In a marriage, trust is not just a nice-to-have; it's a non-negotiable, a sacred pact that says, "I've got your back, no matter what." This is exactly what a relationship should be!couples text
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Here's the raw truth—trust isn't just about blind faith; it's earned through actions, consistency, and a genuine commitment to the relationship. If your partner starts chipping away at that trust—whether through deceit, broken promises, or actions that leave you questioning their loyalty—it's a red flag waving in your face.

26. You're always angry about something.

Anger, the not-so-friendly neighbor that occasionally knocks on the door of every relationship. It's normal, right? We're human, and disagreements are part of the deal. But here's the plot twist—if you're waking up every day with a side of anger for then it might become a little too much.facebook couple
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Now, we're not talking about the occasional disagreement or the heated debates that come with the territory. No, this is the kind of anger that becomes the background music of your relationship, drowning out the melody of joy and drowning you in a sea of frustration.

27. You're only with them still for convenience.

Let's talk about the convenience trap, the silent assassin that sneaks into the corners of relationships. It's like this comfort zone, right? The devil you know seems more bearable than the uncertainties of the unknown. So, you stay, even when the writing on the relationship wall begins glaring at you.tumblr couple
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Now, I get it. Divorce, it's like this looming cloud, and the mere thought of it can send shivers down your financial spine. Legal fees, splitting assets, rearranging lives—it's like a game of relationship chess where the stakes are higher than ever. No one would ever want to be the one to end the relationship.

28. You're both getting more distant.

Being married is this dance, right? A tango of shared experiences, intertwined lives, and the commitment to navigate the twists and turns together. But what if the two of you begin to lose your rhythm and things start to get clumsy. You might not be heading down the path you thought you once were.distant
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Marriage isn't just about sharing a zip code; it's about being co-pilots on this crazy journey called life. If you're feeling like you're on separate islands, where important conversations are like messages in bottles lost at sea, it's a glaring signal. You might need to get out straight away.

29. You feel lonely the majority of the time.

Loneliness is like this occasional visitor, normal in small doses, but when it overstays its welcome, it's time to address the elephant in the room. Sure, we all have those moments when work schedules turn into a crazy jigsaw puzzle, and spending quality time becomes a rare commodity.lonely girl
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Ask yourself the tough questions. Is the feeling of loneliness a result of external factors, or is it seeping into the precious moments you do get to spend together? Is your partner emotionally checked out, not really listening, or dismissing your thoughts like they're yesterday's news? If the answer is yes, the loneliness might have reached a point of no return.

30. Neither of you are fighting to make it work.

No one ever handed out a manual for this wild ride, and whoever said it was a walk in the park probably had a different definition of a park. Marriage is this intricate dance, a partnership that requires both partners to be on the same page of the playbook.couple ending
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Here's the reality check. Marriage is a joint venture, a shared journey that demands effort, commitment, and a willingness to navigate the unpredictable twists together. If both partners are not just seeing the bumps in the road but actively throwing in the towel, it's like the relationship compass is pointing to a different destination.

Now Let's Look At How To Improve The Success Of Your Marriage... Open And Honest Communication

Alright, let's spill the tea on the secret sauce of a successful marriage – communication, my friend! It's like the heartbeat of the relationship, the fuel that keeps the love engine running smoothly. Open communication might be the difference in you and your partner being able to stick together.
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Can both partners share their thoughts without tiptoeing around eggshells? Is there a mutual understanding that listening is not just a pause between talking but an active engagement in the partner's world? If the answer is a solid "yes," you're in the communication sweet spot.

Mutual Respect

magine this: two partners, not just coexisting but thriving in an environment where respect is not just a buzzword but a way of life. It's not about seeing eye to eye on everything; it's about understanding that your partner is a whole universe of thoughts, beliefs, and opinions.
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After all, a successful marriage is not about molding your partner into a replica of your ideals; it's about celebrating the differences and embracing the unique flavor each person brings to the table. So, keep that respect flag flying high. It's not just a nicety; it's the glue that keeps the relationship dance floor steady.

Shared Goals, Values, And Interests

t's not about having identical playlists, but it's about dancing to the same rhythm when it comes to the big stuff – honesty, kindness, respect. These shared values are like the compass that keeps the relationship ship sailing smoothly through the sometimes stormy seas.
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Now, here's the curveball – if your marriage feels more like a Venn diagram with separate circles that rarely overlap on the important stuff, it's time to have that conversation. Can both partners commit to finding common ground, aligning their values, and ensuring that the relationship compass is pointing to the same true north?

Incredible Intimacy

Intimacy! It's like the secret ingredient that turns a relationship from a monochrome painting into a vibrant masterpiece. We don't want to get too vulgar with our language, but everything from physical touch to the emotional connections (and the s*x should be good too!).
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If intimacy feels more like a distant memory, a forgotten language in the relationship dictionary, it's time for a relationship check-up. Can both partners commit to reviving the intimacy flame, exploring each other's desires, and making the bedroom not just a physical space but a sacred sanctuary?

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Trust and honesty! They're like the dynamic duo that keeps the relationship superhero cape flying high. They allow two partners to ,not just coexist, but operate in this fortress of trust where there's an unspoken faith in each other's intentions and actions.
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If your marriage feels more like a puzzle with missing pieces due to broken trust, it's time for some relationship repair. Can both partners commit to rebuilding the trust bridge, mending the cracks, and ensuring that honesty becomes the compass that guides the relationship journey?

Working As One

The teamwork of successful marriages allows for perfect problem-solving and compromise! It's like the dynamic duo that tackles challenges, navigates the twists, and ensures the relationship ship doesn't hit an iceberg. We all need to work as one to help each other navigate life.
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Now, imagine this: compromise, not as a defeat but as a victory for the relationship. It's about finding that sweet spot, that middle ground where both partners can plant their flags of satisfaction. Compromise is not just about making concessions; it's the art of meeting in the middle, even if it means taking a step back or forward.

Growing Together

Let's unpack the secret garden of successful marriages – supporting personal growth and development! It's like the fertilizer that helps the relationship garden bloom into something extraordinary. We all need to be able to grow in order to allow us to see where the relationship could go.
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A relationship isn't just a two-person show, but a dynamic duo that understands the importance of both togetherness and space. It's like a dance, sometimes in each other's arms and other times in separate corners, but always moving in sync. That's where we need to find the sweet spot.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict is like those unexpected guests who sometimes overstay their welcome, but in a successful marriage, it's not about avoiding them; it's about mastering the art of conflict resolution. Couples need to be able to stand strong with one another whenever the storms begin to roll in.
image source: Redbook 
Ask yourself the real questions. Can both partners engage in conflicts without it turning into a battlefield? Is conflict resolution not just a skill but a living, breathing entity in your marriage, ensuring that disagreements don't turn into long-standing grudges? If the answer is a solid "absolutely," you've hit the conflict resolution jackpot.

Maintaining Shared Experiences

Let's talk about the heart-to-heart of successful marriages – quality time and shared experiences! It's like the secret recipe that turns the relationship into a banquet of memories. Two partners should be able to share their space creatively with one another, physically and emotionally.
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A marriage that's not just a routine but an adventure, filled with shared hobbies, travel escapades, and other activities that paint the canvas of positive memories. These shared experiences are not just the decorations; they're the glue that binds the relationship pages into a beautiful story.

A Sense Of Safety & Security

Alright, let's dive into the cozy nest of successful marriages – emotional safety and security! It's like the warm blanket that wraps around both partners, creating a haven of trust and comfort. A couple might be able to find their emotional home with one another, not just the physical.
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A successful marriage is not just about the external trappings; it's about the internal sanctuary that both partners co-create. So, keep that emotional safety flag flying high. It's not just a decoration; it's the fortress that shields the relationship from the storms of life, ensuring that both partners feel not just present but profoundly safe in each other's embrace.

You Can Express Gratitude To One Another

Imagine this: two partners, not just coexisting but actively sprinkling appreciation like confetti, celebrating each other's efforts and accomplishments, big or small. Appreciation is not just a formality; it's the language of love that speaks louder than words.
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If your marriage feels more like an appreciation desert, where compliments are as rare as a unicorn sighting, it's time for a relationship garden revival. Can both partners commit to cultivating a culture of appreciation, understanding that it's the fertilizer that nourishes the relationship and makes it thrive?

You're Friends Too

A successful marriage involves partners who share a strong friendship and emotional connection. This involves supporting each other through ups and downs, having fun together, and enjoying each other's company. When partners are friends, they enjoy spending time together, sharing experiences, and building memories.
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After all, a successful marriage is not just about enduring the journey together; it's about relishing every step of the way with your favorite companion. So, keep that friendship flame burning. It's not just a label; it's the warmth that turns the relationship into a cozy haven, where both partners feel not just loved but deeply understood and cherished by their best friend.

Willingness To Apologize

A willingness to apologize and taking responsibility for your mistakes is vital in a successful marriage as it allows you to always move forward. This means acknowledging when you are wrong, apologizing sincerely, and taking steps to make amends. Failure to do so will mean that your relationship will get trapped in a negative aura.
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Can both partners commit to actively engaging in the art of apologizing, understanding that it's the key that unlocks the door to a positive and forward-moving relationship? It isn't the easiest thing to get used to, but apologizing will make the relationship much healthier.

Forgive And Move Forward

Let's shine a light on the other side of the coin – the power of forgiveness and moving forward in a successful marriage. It's like having a reset button that allows the relationship to spring back to life after facing challenges. This has been taught to us from the ages of kindergarten!
image source: Reddit 
If your marriage feels more like a museum of past grievances, where forgiveness is a rare artifact, it's time for a relationship renovation. Can both partners commit to the journey of forgiveness, understanding that it's not just about letting go of the past but about actively shaping a brighter future together?

Healthy Financial Habits

Financial responsibility is not just a buzzword; it's the art of making informed decisions, creating budgets, and ensuring that the financial ship sails smoothly. Once you combine your emotional, physical and material possessions with one another then money is part of it too
image source: Reddit 
Marriage is not just about love; it's about building a life together, and finances are a crucial brick in that foundation. So, keep that shared financial goals and healthy financial habits compass handy. They're not just tools; they're the navigational stars that guide your relationship ship through the seas of financial challenges towards a prosperous and harmonious destination.

Work-Life Balance

The delicate dance of maintaining a successful marriage amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life – it's like finding the perfect rhythm that keeps the relationship melody harmonious. Life can become quite the struggle when it comes to working out where you can and can't manage your time.
image source: Reddit 
Both partners should understand the importance of creating separate spaces for work and relaxation. It's not just about avoiding the temptation to overwork; it's about actively nurturing a space where both partners can unwind, connect, and enjoy each other's company.

Supporting Each Others Aspirations

The realm of mutual support and encouragement in successful marriages is like having a cheering squad that amplifies each other's dreams and aspirations. Support is not just a word; it's the tangible act of standing by your partner, nudging them forward in their journey towards their dreams.
image source: Reddit 
Marriage is not just about coexisting; it's about growing together. So, keep that support and encouragement flag flying high. They're not just symbols; they're the wind beneath each other's wings, ensuring that both partners soar towards their dreams with the unwavering support of their lifelong ally.

Flexibility And Adaptability

A successful marriage involves partners who are flexible and adaptable. This means being able to adjust to changes and challenges in the relationship, and being open to new ideas and perspectives. This shows the harsh realities on how to maintain a healthy relationship... it's not easy, but it's totally worth it.
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Flexibility is not just a skill; it's the art of embracing the unpredictable, knowing that the only constant in life is change. It's not just about being set in your ways; it's about being open to the possibility that there might be a better, more harmonious way to navigate the journey together.

Shared Responsibilities

A successful marriage involves partners who share responsibilities in the relationship. This means dividing household chores, childcare duties, and other responsibilities equally and fairly. When this is one sided, it creates a parent/child dynamic that will definitely dampen the spark.
image source: Reddit 
It's not just about ticking off tasks; it's about actively dismantling the parent/child dynamic that can sneak in when responsibilities are lopsided, ensuring that both partners stand as equals in the partnership. You should always be able to work out something that works out for the two of you.

Celebrating Milestones!

A successful marriage involves partners who celebrate milestones and accomplishments together. This means acknowledging and celebrating important events and accomplishments in the relationship. Celebrating the small stuff allows you to keep the spark alive.
image source: Reddit 
So, keep that celebration spirit alive. It's not just a gesture; it's the glue that binds the relationship in a tapestry of shared joy, ensuring that every milestone is not just a marker but a celebration of the beautiful journey you're on together. You'll be able to enjoy the rest of your lives together if so!