Signs That Somebody Hates You

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

They ignore you when you're talking to them

Image Source / Make a meme.orgHow rude! If someone straight up ignores you when you're saying something to them, not only is out of order, but it's a sure sign they don't like you enough to want to listen. Ignorance can come in a few different ways - they could either point blank pretend you're not there, or may listen for a short while and then become bored and stop paying attention to you.Original content sourced from

You don't agree on anything - seriously, nothing whatsoever

Image Source / RedditThere's nothing wrong with having a different opinion with someone and a healthy debate - it doesn't mean you're sworn enemies. But when you seriously don't agree on a single thing, even down to stupid things like which sandwich to have for lunch, it's a sign that you're just not two people who get along - or at the very least they might not like your way of thinking!

They don't want to be seen with you in public

Image Source / RedditIf someone hates you, there's no way they'll want people to see you together in public - how embarrassing! People might think you're friends, and that would be bad for their rep. If they have to be out with you in public and you see someone you know, chances are they're leaping into the nearest bush.

Or, they just don't go out with you in public whatsoever

Image Source / RedditBut if the hate is strong enough, they aren't even going to make the effort to be out with you in public to begin with - there's no way they're going to waste time and energy saying yes to that. So any requests of doing things in public together will be very, very quickly turned down to save them the trouble.

They will always, always take the longer route so they don't have to talk to you

Image Source / VultureIf they see you coming down the street, you bet your bottom dollar they're going to turn around, walk a different way and add half an hour onto their travel time just for the luxury of not having to deal with you right now. If you're taking the elevator at work, they're taking the stairs. Anything to get that time away from you.

It's like you're a ghost they can't see or hear

Image Source / BuzzFeedMaybe you've even questioned once or twice whether you are a ghost - you could wave in front of their face and it would be like you're invisible! They pretend they can't see or hear you, or that you're not even in the same room. They never acknowledge your presence.

They leave you out of important events on purpose - you don't even know they're happening half the time

Image Source / RedditWhether this important business meet-ups or social gatherings, you don't even know because you're never invited. You may find out about it a week later when everyone's talking about what a great time they had at so-and-so's party, and you're the only one who wasn't invited.

Or, they make a song and dance about how they 'forgot' to invite you and they're super sorry

Image Source / Make a meme.orgIf they hate you but they're a coward, they may not do the straight up 'no I didn't invite you, and what?'. They may instead pretend that they forgot to invite you and be really upset at their 'mistake' and promise to make it up to you by inviting you to the next big bash. Which of course, they don't invite you to.

They'll do anything to ruin your reputation

Image Source / RedditThis doesn't just mean behind your back, either. They may have no issues letting you know that they're out to sabotage you, or they may try and be subtle about it. If it's a colleague, they might do anything they can to make you look bad in front of your boss, or to jeopardise your hard work.

They will always belittle you, no matter what

Image Source / RedditThey're never, ever going to waste an opportunity to make you feel about 2 inches tall. They go out of there way to say or do things which belittles you and makes you feel like an idiot, like you've done something wrong, or that you're not worth their time. They may even find new and creative ways to make you feel small.

And they belittle you and criticize you in front of others

Image Source / New York MagazineTo make things worse, they might not have this behaviour as just between you and them. They might want to belittle you in front of others, whether this is strangers or people you know. Criticizing you every chance they get in front of others is even worse. It's just mean!

They sabotage your plans

Image Source / The Washington PostThey might overhear that you're planning a birthday party, or that you're going to book tickets for a show. If they really hate you, they'll go out of their way to sabotage that. Maye they throw a party on the same day as your birthday and invite everyone you know, before you can send your invitations out. Maybe they book the last two seats to the show you wanted to go to so there are none left when you go to book.

They take credit for what you've done

Image Source / Know Your MemeIf you ever achieve anything great from your own hard work, whether it's working for a promotion in your job or just working out a better way to curl your hair, they're always going to take credit for it. They'll tell all your friends they told you to curl your hair that way. They'll tell colleagues or maybe even your boss that they helped you with your work, or gave you a nudge, and you're just stood in the background while they get the praise and attention.

You're the only one left out of the group chat

Image Source / Know Your MemeIf you have a bunch of friends or colleagues and the person who hates you decided to make a group chat - you were the only one left out of it. They added everyone but you to it. This might be the key chat everyone uses to discuss social plans and updates, too - which once again just means you're left out of it.

They constantly interrupt you

Image Source / ImgflipYou can't get a word in edgewise, no matter what you do. The minute you open your mouth it's like a beacon for them to start talking over you. Even if they have nothing interesting to say, it's much better for them to start yapping than to have to listen to whatever you were going to say, clearly.

They refuse to offer you help

Image Source / SoundCloudThis is the one person you can always count on - to never be there for you. No matter what the situation, whether you're locked out of your car and they live nearby, whether you need a life home from work or you're 10 cents short for your cup of coffee, they're never going to offer to help out.

And they will never support you if you're having a rough time

Image Source / Teen VogueIf you message them saying that you're having a rough time at the moment and could do with someone to talk to, they'll leave you on 'Read'. If you tell them in person about something you've been dealing with, they're probably already halfway out the door, or only pretending to listen. 'Support' is definitely not their middle name.

Everything that comes out of their mouth is sarcastic

Image Source / Cornelius TodayEvery now and again, sarcasm can be fun if meant in a light-hearted way - but here we're talking about those constant, exhausting sarcastic remarks in response to everything you say or do. 'Oh it's hot today' - 'Noooooooo you don't saaaaay, because I thought it was freeeeezing'. You know. You get the idea. It's the lowest form of wit - and it's insulting.

They're super nice to you in front of others - and then cold to you in private

Image Source / PinterestThis one cuts the most, because if you ever said anything about their behavior, other people would just say 'What are you talking about? They're always so nice to you!'. They might act lovely and friendly to you in public, and then distant and cold to you in private. Their expressions and tone might instantly change the minute other people leave the room.

They always want to make you as jealous as possible

Image Source / RedditThey live for the satisfaction of knowing you're jealous of them - because it gives them an ego boost. They might want to show off anything and everything, whether it's a flashy new car, a job promotion or a new outfit - all of which they know you'd die for. They just want to watch you squirm.

You only ever have negative conversations

Image Source / Get LighthouseYou can't ever have a nice conversation. You don't talk about anything good, it's always focused on the negatives, the disagreements and may even always turn into full-scale arguments. If you're talking to this person, there's a 100% chance it's going to turn into something negative.

Talking to them is like squeezing blood from a stone

Image Source / Good GentlemanYou can never get a straight answer out of them, no matter what. Their messages might be one word replies when you've written an essay asking a million things you need to know. Even if you repeat yourself, they still can't seem to think up a relevant answer to what you're actually talking about.

You've noticed they act differently to absolutely anybody who isn't you

Image Source / RedditDid you walk into the work office one day to hear them telling a story in a way they've never spoken to you before? Have you heard them wishing everyone a good morning or saying bye with a big smile when you know full well they've never done that with you? Yeah.

People who know them show obvious hatred towards you

Image Source / CinemaBlendThis can be a sign because there must have been something said or done to make the people think negatively of you. You might never have even met these people before only to find them scowling at you, or doing a 'Oh it's you' kind of expression. This can suggest the person in question has been talking badly about you behind your back - even to people who you don't really know that well.

You've actually seen them ignore your phone call

Image Source / RedditYou spotted them out in public, or called them from the other room at work where you can see them through the glass, only to watch them look at their phone screen, look slightly disgusted and then put their phone back down without answering. They obviously don't want to answer that call.

They never share anything with you - whether physical or conversation wise

Image Source / RedditThey might show everyone else you know a photo of their new puppy - do they show you? Nah. They open up a bag of sweets and offer one round to everyone. Do they offer them to you? Nah. It all sounds petty, and that's because it is. They just don't want to share anything with you.

They've cropped you out of photos

Image Source / Pedestrian.TVYou may have seen them upload a new batch of photos to their social media, whether of the two of you together or a big group one, only to find you've conveniently been cropped out of the picture. They might have used a great photo of you together as their new profile picture, making sure that not even a stand of your hair can be seen in it.

They never laugh at your jokes

Image Source / RedditNot because your jokes aren't funny (believe in yourself, you're hilarious) but because it's simply you who's telling them. Chances are if someone else said the exact same joke to them, they would laugh their head off. But they never crack a smile at any of your funny comments.

They're easily offended by anything you do or say

Image Source / RedditIt feels like you can't do anything without them getting the hump. Even if you've said something that isn't, in any way whatsoever, offensive, they will do everything in their power to find something offensive about it, and tell you so. You feel like you're treading on eggshells with them.

They don't let you use their stuff

Image Source / Second Life MarketplaceIf it's a colleague, you might make a simple request, like wandering over to their desk to ask for a stapler - and they might react like you've just asked the most inappropriate thing in the world. They'll cradle their staple to their bosom and say, under no circumstance, can you even breath near it.

They show negative facial expressions

Image Source/ wayhomestudion FreepikNot everyone can hide their facial expressions well. If someone is disgusted by you or hates your presence, you might notice that they show expressions of discontent and disgust through frowning or scowling when you're talking. Be sure to keep a watch of their facial movements.

They take advantage of your kindness

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikAlthough they hate you, your enemies will be aware that you are a kind person, even if they don't want to admit it. Sometimes, they will even take advantage of your kindness and get you to do things for them. Be aware the next time someone is using you for your generosity.

They condemn everything you do

Image Source/ FreepikPeople who hate you will hate to like you. This means that whenever you share something you've done, they will condemn it immediately. Bought a new car? Should've bought a different one. New tattoo? They hate it. Be wary though that not everything is a condemnation, it could be advice from a truthful friend.

They barely make contact with you

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikThey will have already given up on a friendship you may have once had, so this will mean they won't be bothered about keeping up contact with you. What you are getting up to in life is none of their concern and you will be expendable to them. Don't settle for this behaviour.

They manipulate you

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikPeople who have the ability to hate others are quite often narcissists. Narcissists will manipulate you to extreme extents to get you to do things you don't want to do. There's a number of ways they could do this, although usually it is their priceless "information" that they utilise.

They avoid eye contact

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikIf someone hates you, they barely want to be in the same room as you, never mind look at you. When you're having conversations with them, their eyes will drift and they'll be occupied by something else. You won't find them staring in your eyes for a good conversation.

They are keen to blackmail you

Image Source/ macrovector FreepikThis might be one of the ways they try to manipulate you. You will find that your enemies will use confidential information you told them in order to blackmail you. This isn't something that a friend does, so don't take lightly to someone trying to blackmail you.

They have a bad attitude around you

Image Source/ syaifahbrit FreepikThose who hate others can often feel irritated by their presence. This means that their mood will lower, which will affect their attitude. It may be that they snap at you, or inattentive to what you're saying, or they constantly talk in a sharp and hurtful tone.

They show a lack of appreciation

Image Source/ jcomp FreepikSomeone that hates you will not appreciate you in their life. Whether it be something nice that you do for them, or being there for them in their time of need. You will notice that they show signs of insincerity after you're acts of kindness, and dismiss your loyalty.

You're an option to them

Image Source/ vectorjuice FreepikIf they're trying to get rid of you as a friend, it means that you're not the top of their priority list. Hating you means that they will do anything not to choose you, and sometimes will do so as a last resort. You're not second best; know your worth.

They spread gossip about you

Image Source/ balassoiu FreepikIt's not nice to spread gossip about someone, especially made-up deceitful lies, and nobody would do this to a friend. If you find out that someone is doing this behind your back, they definitely don't like you. Don't be fooled by their fake kindness.

Their body language is demeaning

Image Source/ gstudiomagen1 FreepikDemeaning body language can come in all sorts of forms. They might be stand-offish or exhibit signs of defence by crossing their arms or throwing you dirty looks. If they have had a shift in distancing themselves from you this might also be a sign.

They are confrontational

Image Source/ redgreystock FreepikThey won't be afraid to stand up to you. In all fairness, friends can be confrontational and defy you on many topics. But you should be aware of what it means for someone to be confrontational for no reason, it's clear that they don't like you and that's why they do it.

They exploit you

Image Source/ vectorjuice FreepikWhether it be for financial, emotional or personal gain, if someone tries to exploit you, consider cutting them off. They may even exploit you to other people, and put you in precarious situations that would potentially harm you, either physically or otherwise.

They may physically abuse you

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikIt might sound obvious, but sometimes we can overlook these things and we brush them off as small outbursts. But don't be fooled, nobody should be physically hurt by someone else. If they do, it's obvious that they don't love you, and potentially hate you.

They create unprompted drama

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikDrama can arise when necessary, sometimes as a result of a tarnished relationship or a difficult event. But if those you consider enemies start drama for no reason, it looks like they are trying to find multiple reasons too cut off your friendship.

They can be extremely ungrateful

Image Source/ macrovector FreepikSometimes, friends can be ungrateful, but it doesn't mean they they hate you. Some people are just like that. But if you notice that they suddenly become ungrateful, it could be a sign of distaste towards you. Make sure to be keen to pick up on these signs.

They are very different than you

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikThis sign is more ominous. People's differences shouldn't mean friction. However, if you're experiencing a number of the signs in this list, you should ask yourself questions about how your initial relationship arose. How different are you really? Were your upbringings vastly different?

They glare at you

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikWhile some that hate you will avoid eye contact all together, others won't hide their hatred as well. You might find them glaring at you for no reason at all. They may quickly divert their gaze, or continue to glare, which gives you all the more reason to recognise their hatred.

They make excuses not to see you

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikMeeting up with people regularly is the key to maintaining a healthy and beneficial relationship. However, if someone decides that they don't want to see you anymore, they will avoid seeing you at any cost. This means making up all sorts of excuses.

They disagree with your opinion often

Image Source/ upklyak FreepikYour opinions aren't opinions in the eyes of your haters. Even if they agree with your opinion, they will go out of their way to find flaws or disagreements in your views, and will express them beyond a doubt. While it may even damage their reputation, they don't care.

They show a lack of effort

Image Source/ macrovector FreepikThis could be a lack of effort to meet up, make contact or even have a conversation. They will sit through a conversation with you and act disinterest, responding with short, conversation fillers and will do anything to make sure the conversation ends promptly.

Everything has to be their way

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikHaters won't want to do anything your way and they will go to extreme lengths to make sure that they get what they want. It's part of their campaign to override you and disrespect you, because of their distaste towards you. Be vigilant when it comes to this type of behaviour.

They disrespect you

Image Source/ upklyak FreepikYou wouldn't disrespect a friend, would you? If someone is disrespecting you over and over again it's a sign that they may dislike or even hate you. Be sure to consider their worth in your life if you are constantly brought down by their demeaning behaviour.

They get easily jealous

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikIt's not hard to make a hater jealous. In fact, anything you do will test their jealousy, and there's nothing worse than a jealous hater. They will make sure you know how much they hate you by picking up on any news items you've bought and tear them down.

You're always to blame

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikIt's easy for haters to point the blame at somebody else and that somebody is usually you. Even if you had nothing to do with the incident they will ensure that you're in the firing line for it. Make sure not to stand for it and call them out on their appalling behaviour.

They refuse to work on your troubled relationship

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikHaters are beyond giving energy to your troubled relationship. They don't want to fix what is wrong and are happy to go along and wait for the relationship to naturally dwindle. If you have someone like this in your life, it' a potential sign of their hatred towards you.

They refuse to show affection

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikWhile you may think this is restrictive to an intimate relationship, it's not necessarily true. If someone who used to be affectionate has suddenly gone cold and distant, it could be a sign that they have started to mistrust and dislike you, be aware of the signs.

They don't care about your presence

Image Source/ pch.vector FreepikHaters will not like you being present at their get togethers and reunions, so will be unbothered by your presence. They might not greet you when you enter, or say their farewells when you leave. Instead, they will continue as they were, business as usual.

Your conversations turn sour

Image Source/ vectorjuice FreepikHave you noticed that you're conversations end in arguments or awkward silences? It may be that they're disinterred in talking to you, which sours your relationship. They are doing anything and everything they can to try and make sure you're relationship is beyond repair.

You're Always The One Reaching Out - All The Time

Image Source / TED IdeasIf we're dealing with a friend who you now think might hate you, it could be that you used to talk all day, every day, but now it's only ever you reaching to make an attempt at conversation. You may find that you're talking to a brick wall or squeezing blood from a stone now when you try and make contact.

They're Not Excited To See You

Image Source / HealthShotsWhich means they probably don't care about seeing you, haven't looked forward to seeing you and definitely didn't miss you. You may think maybe if you meet in person it'd be different than over message, because sometimes tone can be misunderstood, but nope - in person they're still just as unenthusiastic.

They Don't Open Up To You Or Tell You Anything Personal

Image Source / ParlaIf someone doesn't care about you, they're also not going to care about sharing anything personal with you. They don't want you to know anything more about them, and they're definitely not interested about knowing anything about you on a deeper level, so why bother?

They Can Never, Ever Take A Joke

Image Source / GQ If someone doesn't like you, then they're going to have very little patience to take a joke. They might not find anything you say funny, and get extremely offended every time you try and have a laugh at them. They may go the whole way and get angry and offended every time you joke about something.

Every Time You Ask A Question, They're Offended

Image Source / Psychology Today Why are you asking me that? What do you want to know? What's it got to do with you? Any question you ask may get this type of defensive response from them. They're never willing to answer a question - they're just immediately suspicious why you asked in the first place.

You're Made To Feel Clingy Or Overly-Demanding

Image Source / Verywell Family
 If you try to get to know this person or bond, you may be then made to feel like any attempts at conversation are too personal or demanding. They might treat you as though your attempts at getting closely are just too clingy and overwhelming, when actually it's them just not wanting to talk.

They Condescend You

Image Source / Workplaces That Work Lack of respect and dislike for a person can be shown through them patronising or condescending you. They might belittle you at every opportunity in a jokey, vindictive way with a laugh, or they may even be deadly serious when they speak to you as though you have only half a brain cell.

They Suddenly Want Their Things Back

Image Source / LoveBondingsIf this is someone you know and they're suddenly demanding things back that you've borrowed, it's a sign they're ready to sever ties with you or suddenly feel annoyed about you having anything that belongs to them.

They Flirt With The Person They Know You Like

Image Source / Business InsiderThis one's very cruel, if a person you know hates you enough to actively seek out the person they know you like and make a point of flirting with them - either just to annoy and upset you, or to actually have the goal of asking them out just to get back at you.

They Only Pretend To Like You - And It's So Obvious

Image Source / LifehackerThey may not show any obvious signs that they dislike you at all - in fact, they may the extreme opposite of showering you with praise, smiles and compliments. But it's so sickeningly sweet that it's just so obvious they secretly don't like you and are trying to compensate for that.

They Don't Care About Your Good News

Image Source / PexelsIf you've good news to share, somebody who is just civil with you and not necessarily a friend may still be genuinely happy for you, like a work colleague or person in passing. But if they really don't like you or hate you, they're definitely not going to care in the slightest about anything good happening to you.

They Only See You As Competition

Image Source / Psychology TodayThey don't see you as a friend, work colleague, or even just someone they know - they only see you as someone to compete with. And usually to any extreme, not caring if you get hurt along the way. Anything you succeed with, they want to try to do one better, all the time, no matter what.

They're Always Irritable When You Talk To Them

Image Source / Promises Behavioral HealthWhen you don't like someone, your knee jerk reaction is going to be annoyed as soon as they open their mouth, and you're bound to feel irritable when you have to talk to someone who is really getting on your nerves just by being there.

They Don't Bother With You On Special Occasions

Image Source / PinterestIf someone really doesn't like you, they're not going to bother to even remember your birthday, nevermind buy you something special. You won't even be in their orbit when it comes to Christmas or New Year celebrations, so they're not going to remember to send you a card or say some nice words.

They Don't 'Like' Or Comment On Your Posts

Image Source / QuoraIf they follow you on social media, they definitely don't take the time or energy to interact with anything you're posting. You may even find that they're lurking - such as showing that they've watched your status update reel - but without ever saying anything or liking anything.

You Find Yourself In Vulnerable Situations They've Purposefully Put You In

Image Source / Positive PsychologyIf this person knows you well, that means they also know what you do and don't like. They may purposefully put you in situations that would make you uncomfortable or vulnerable, such as asking you something personal in front of everyone at the work meeting and smirking as you struggle to answer.

They're Way Too Polite

Image Source / Shropshire StarIf a person really despises you but is really trying to hold back and control it, you might find they're way too polite. They may be a little bit too nice to you, and may even do that whole forced politeness that makes them feel like a stranger rather than someone you know.

They Try (Or Succeed) To Gaslight You

Image Source / The Human Capital HubA person would never try to gaslight someone else if they actually liked or cared about them, because it's a horrible manipulation tool. So if a person doesn't like you, they may try to gaslight you, especially if it relates to their negative behaviour towards you. You might call them out on how horrid they've been to you only for them to say it's all in your imagination.

The Silences Are Only Ever Awkward

Image Source / QuoraWhen you like someone and you're comfortable with them, silences can often be comfortable. But if there's hatred in the air, it's only ever going to feel awkward being silent around them. You may feel like you're being ignored or that there's a huge elephant in the room.

They've Actually Hidden You On Social Media

Image Source / blog.hubspot.comObviously this one is a little tricky to know, because you'd have to see it for yourself, or have them tell you. But hiding someone on social media is a sure sign they don't like you, they don't want anything to do with you to pop up on their feed, but they also don't want to outright delete or block you in case you notice.