Signs That People Will Reconnect In The Next Life

By molly atherton 11 months ago

1. You don't know the exact reason the relationship ended

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If your relationship ended but you can't quite put your finger on why, it might be a sign from the universe telling you that the door isn't completely shut. If there was no clear reason for the separation and it was just factors beyond your control then maybe it's because you are destined to meet again.

2. You still keep in touch

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It's quite unusual for exes to keep in touch, so if you do still chat to your ex partner occasionally then it can be a sign that your paths will cross again. If you can't cut each other out of your lives then it's because your gravitational pull to each other is too strong and there's every chance you will find your way back to each other, whether that's in this life or the next.

3. You recognise their eyes

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They say that your eyes don't change from life to life, just like your soul. So physically you may be very different, but you will be able to recognise someone's eyes. That connection you feel when you look into their familiar eyes is telling you that you have known this person before.

4. You haven't found anyone that compares

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Comparing people can be very damaging to relationships. But sometimes you can't help yourself. Maybe there is just one person in your life that no one else can compare to. They may not even be around anymore, but if they're still on your mind then maybe the universe is keeping them there for a reason.

5. You dream about them

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Your dreams are a way for the universe to communicate with you. We have all had dreams that felt like they made no sense, maybe an old face appeared that you hadn't thought about in a long time. Dreams can tell us a lot about the inner workings of our mind so it's always a good idea to think about what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

6. You still care about them

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There may be a person in your past that you can't let go. Deep down, you still care about them and it's a feeling you cannot shake. They might not even be present in your world anymore, but you should embrace the feeling and take comfort in the fact that the universe may have plans for you to meet again.

7. Your goals are aligned

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Sometimes the timing is the problem, not the people. At one time, it seemed like your lives were going into two separate directions, but actually you might be striving for the same goals, just on different paths. Know that everything happens for a reason and your paths will cross again if it is meant to be.

8. You feel comfortable around them

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They might be the one person you always feel comfortable around, no matter whether you're in a relationship or used to be. Whenever you are in their company, you just feel relaxed. These connections are hard to find, so have faith in the universe that it won't be wasted.

9. You can read each other like a book

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When you are in tune with someone else, you can pick up on and read their energy like it's your own. This represents a deep and meaningful connection that you will not have with most people in your life. These are signs to look out for when meeting people, as a new face might actually feel like a familiar friend.

10. You feel like something is missing

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If there is a person no longer in your life, you might feel incomplete. This will ease with time for most relationships, but not for all. This could be a sign that you will meet again in the future so embrace the feeling and know that the universe has a plan for you.

11. You just 'know'

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You might meet a person and just 'know' that you have met them before. It's an inexplicable feeling but one you should embrace. In their company, you might immediately feel relaxed, even if you are only meeting them for the first time (that you know of). That feeling in your gut is your subconscious guiding you and telling you this is right.

12. They feel familiar to you

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Familiarity in a person is a strong reaction. Like many of your other relationships, it takes a while to get to know someone. But there may be that one person in thousands who feels familiar to you straight away. This could be a sign that you have met them before in a past life.

13. You react intensely to them

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Some people believe that we have formed bonds with other souls before we are born. So if and when we meet these souls in real life, there will be an immediate and strong pull towards that person. So if you can't explain these feelings you are feeling and why they are so strong, there's a good chance your souls are already connected.

14. You have a deep bond from the start

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We have all witness those relationships where two people jump in at the deep end and move at a million miles an hour. We might even judge them for moving too quickly. What you don't know is that they could be soul mates. When you meet your soulmate you form an immediate and deep bond, so why waste any time.

15. It's almost telepathic

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Does it feel like you can read each other's minds? Like you always know what the other person is thinking, or maybe you can just share a look to know what each other is trying to say. These strong, intuitive connections are not easy to come by, and it's possible the foundations for your relationship have been made in a previous life.

16. You can't stay away from each other

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You miss them ALL the time. When your soul is connected so strongly to another person, you won't be able to stay away from each other. This could manifest as an on-again off-again relationship due to the intensity of the emotions causing havoc, but resulting in you not being able to stay away from each other for long.

17. It's like time doesn't exist

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With a deep, soulful connection, you are often so engrossed in the other person and their company that it feels like time stops still. It's like you are the only two people in the world when you're together. The reason you can't focus on anything else is because the universe made you the main event of each other's lives!

18. The chemistry never went away

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Everyone knows the spark and chemistry you feel when you see that special person. Conversation flows and you feel at home with this person. Sometimes situations drive people apart, but that chemistry remains and is hard to come by, so maybe your paths will cross again in another life.

19. You still find them attractive

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There might be a few exes in your past, most forgotten about now. But maybe there's that one person that you still feel attracted to. No matter what happened between you, sometimes a strong physical attraction cannot be beaten, and there's often a reason for that...

20. You are learning difficult lessons

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Being soulmates is not always smooth sailing. This person has been tied to you by the universe not just to make you happy, but to teach you lessons. There could be unresolved drama from your previous lives that you are getting a chance to make amends with now. This could manifests itself in a lot of challenging ways, but take comfort in the knowledge that the universe always has a plan.

21. Your astrology charts align

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The study of astrological birth charts can tell us a lot about who you knew if your previous lives. The South Node specifically dictates who and where we've been in past lives. If your planets form a conjunction, opposite, square or trine with someone else's South Node, then there is no doubt you have been together in a past life.

22. Tarot Cards say yes

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Another great way to get your suspicions confirmed is by someone reading your tarot cards. They could tell you where you met this person before and why you are meeting again now. It might even be able to shed some light on to what kind of relationship you had before, and maybe that will help you build an even stronger one this time around.

23. You feel like you recognise them

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Sometimes a chance meeting with a person is all it takes, although it's only a chance meeting to you, the universe will have planned it meticulously. You might have the sense that you recognise the person but can't figure out where from. It's likely you recognise them from your past life and have never seen them before in your present one.

24. There's a gut feeling

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You should always listen to your gut feeling in any situation. It's your internal compass trying to tell you that something is right or wrong. If you have a gut feeling about a person, you should go for it. Sometimes your own subconscious knows you better than you think, and it's very likely trying to tell you something.

25. The relationship dynamics are confusing

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In a relationship with a person who you know from a past life, the dynamics can sometimes be confusing. The karmic balance is trying to play out a certain situations and the roles may not be traditional. There is an idea that you travel with the same group of souls in each life, you just take on different roles. So someone who may have been a life partner last time, may take on a parental role in this life.

26. Shared dejavu

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Shared dejavu is a huge example of past life connections. You somehow can recall sharing particular moments together or being in the same place at the same time but not being together. These are all signs from your mind that you have known this person before.

27. They understand you inside out

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Soulmates is a feeling deep down inside. It's knowing that the other person won't judge you no matter what, and that they understand you like no one else. This feeling is a great comfort and one that is coveted by many. But you have to be patient and know that the universe will gift you this person when it is the right time.

28. You feel like a different person around them

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A person who is meant to be in your life will make you feel that way. They will always come at the right time too. You might be having a tough time and feeling unbalanced in your life. Enter this 'new' person who seems to reorient your life. This is the kind of positive effect meeting someone from your past life can have.

29. A psychic tells you the truth

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No one knows the signs of the universe better than a psychic. So if you are reading all these signs about a person or a relationship, it might be worth visiting a psychic to see if they can confirm your suspicions. They can tap into your connections and reveal things you might not have even noticed.

30. It's not just limited to humans

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Past life connections are not just limited to humans. Animals have souls too and may have been with you in your previous life. Anyone who has experienced an immediate and deep connection with an animal will know how this feels. You might be drawn to a specific breed for no explanation or maybe from the moment you meet them you it just feels right.

31. Signs from the universe someone from your past is meant for you! You don't hate them

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There are many reasons relationships end and people drift apart, and most of the time it can be bad, but a lot of the time it also doesn't mean that you hate each other - it just came to an end. So if you don't have any ill will towards them, it's a good start to get reconnected with them!

32. You get a feeling they're 'the one that got away'

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The universe might be giving you a little nudge in making you feel that instinct in the pit of your stomach - that feeling in your heart that you think maybe they were the one that got away, and perhaps deep down you'd like another chance with them. Maybe the universe keeps reminding you of good times with them.

33. You ended on good terms, of course

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Just like the point about not feeling any hate for them, it's likely if you ended on good terms it was because you wanted to be together or still liked/loved each other, but other things at the time were pulling you apart. If you ended on good terms, that positive energy link between the two of you could still be out there in the universe!

34. Spiritual readings have told you so

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If you're big on spiritual readings - like visiting a tarot reader, or visiting a psychic - have they told you that the universe is drawing attention to a certain person of your past, or that you could be in for some good luck in terms of reconnecting with a lost love? Especially if you've had more than one reading with the same outcome.

35. You still admire each other

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There's a lot of things you still like and respect about this person, and vice versa. If you still admire who they are, and what they do, it's a sign that you're not ready to let go, because you still feel a kinship with what they're doing in their life, and you still feel connected to that.

36. Your memories together are only good ones

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All relationships have their hurdles, but if you sit there and really think back to all the times you shared together, you might really struggle to think of a single bad memory that makes you feel like leaving them was the right decision. All you can think about is all the good times you had - because that's all there was!

37. They cross your mind from time to time

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You might have been surprised about this person popping into your mind out of nowhere - and now you think about them more frequently. There's always a reason why you think of a certain someone right when you're least expecting it, because the world could be reminding you of something important.

38. Your paths are slowly aligning

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You might have had a ton of reasons why you broke up in the first place, like them wanting to travel for a while, you starting a new job across the country, or nobody being ready for a family yet. Now you've had news they're back from traveling, you have a different job in the same location and you both seem to want the same things... coincidence?

39. Your family and friends still like them

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It's always important for friends and family to approve of the partner you're with, and usually when you break up with someone, your friends and family will move on too because their loyalties lie with you. But do they still talk about this person, about how amazing they way? Maybe they even stayed in touch with them.

40. They still know how to make you laugh

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Still knowing how to bring a smile to a person's face and exactly what makes them laugh is a huge skill to have! It can make it seem like you're right back where you started, like no time has passed, when you're laughing together. If they can still make you laugh like that, maybe the universe is trying to tell you something...

41. You still click

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You know that feeling when you just click with somebody, and it's usually during the dating process when you know whether someone is right for you. Some people lose that 'click' when they break up and drift apart, but for the two of you, you never lost it at all.

42. Everyone new you date, you compare to them

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It's difficult not to compare someone new you're dating to someone you used to date if you really thought they were the one. It's natural in the early days, but if it's been years and years and you're still comparing people to that one person, it's a sign you're still connected.

43. They're better than they were

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It might be that they were in a bad place when you were originally together, but you've found out that these days, they're not only in a much better place, but they're a better version of themselves. Your time apart has meant that you could both grow as people.

44. They were the only person you ever thought you'd marry

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You always wanted to get married, and when you were with them, you knew you wanted to marry them. You might have amicably split up but since, you still can't imagine marrying anyone else, even if you're dating someone else or have gotten serious with other people.

45. You still flirt with each other

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You just can't help but naturally slip into that flirting nature when you're still together - that means there's still a spark there, like there always was. If it's completely easy to banter and flirt with them, it could be the universe's way of telling you your playful connection is still strong!

46. You always thought they were your soulmate

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Just like you knew they were the one you wanted to marry, you always thought they were your soulmate. And the universe knows who your soulmate is, and will try to push you closer together. So if you're still getting signs about them or being put into situations where you're constantly bumping into them, it's a sign.

47. People comment that you should totally get back together

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As well as your friends and family still asking about them and still being huge fans of theirs, they may even go so far as to comment that there's still something between you, they've noticed there's still a spark and you should maybe give it another shot at being together.

48. You feel like you never really moved on

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When you split with someone you still care about or who you thought was the one, it can take a very, very long time to get over them. And you might feel like you never really moved on or let go, you just sort of accepted it and continued with your life regardless.

49. You still like to update each other on what's going on

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You may not be together and you may have new friends or even new partners, but you still like to keep on touch to always catch up with what you're both doing, and what's going on in your lives. The universe might also be giving you a nudge in that respect by signs you should text them, or you're both going to the same place.

50. You still connect on special occasions

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It's the special occasions, like birthdays and Christmas, when you think of people you care about the most. If you and this person are always finding time to see or talk over Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and anything else, it's a sign you're still connected.