Signs Someone Should Move State

By Aaron Love 10 months ago

A Growing Family

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One of the most common reasons as to why people choose to move state is as a result of them giving birth to, or adopting a child. A lot of the time they don't feel comfortable bringing them up in area that might be a little dodgy or unsafe for their little ones. Why not have a look at the best state for a child to grow up and think about relocating?

To Be Closer To A Significant Other

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Every now and then, people can become entwined in a relationship with someone who doesn't call the state they live in home like they do. And for some of us, when you find yourself in a special relationship you might do anything to try and make it work for as long as you can. For that reason, you should definitely consider avoiding those long-distance relationships.

For A Better Job

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One of the many things that can sway us in to moving out of our comfort place is money, after all, it does make the world go round doesn't it? If a job that you already do becomes available in a different state and you can ensure you're going to earn some more money then it can become difficult to say no. It won't do any harm for a little while will it?

For Any Job!

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In more severe circumstances, people might choose to relocate states in order to get ANY job they can get their hands on. If you have found yourself without a job and struggling to keep afloat, don't let the state you live in dictate your future. In some situations, you might need to follow the employment trail instead of constantly struggling where you are.

Your Child Is Starting School

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If there's one thing we all want in life, its to set our children off on the right path to get ahead in their own lives. If you're living in a state or area in which the quality of schools and education isn't great you might want to consider up and moving out of there. Especially if there's a particular school you want them to attend and you're out of the catchment area!

You're Moving To College

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If you're reading this as a young adult, then this one might apply to you. In order to attend some of the best colleges out there, most of you will have to consider relocating from your own state. Why not do it? If you want to attend an Ivy League then you're going to have to take some risks and who knows, you might love the new state you live in.

Your Child Is Moving Out

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As a parent, one of the most terrifying things that can happen to you is when your children finally move out for good, yep, that moment when they spread their wings and find their own home. Many parents take this moment as an opportunity to start somewhere new, why not try out a new state and see if you can see yourself living there for good?

You Want Warmer Weather

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One of the popular reasons people choose to relocate from their original homes and states for is the weather! Although we don't want to be sweating EVERY day, it would be nice to live in some of the warmer states around the US like Florida and Hawaii! I'm sure this desire might be a little heavier if you're out in Alaska in the freezing temperatures too!

You Want Cooler Weather

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Yep, there are some people that actually find hot weather way too uncomfortable and would prefer living away their days in a more moderately heated state. Typically, most of the states across the entirety of the North of the United States will have the cooler temps; maybe you'd consider somewhere like Montana, Wyoming or New Hampshire?

You Loved Your Visit

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Sometimes in life you just have to go with it, spontaneity is something too many of us choose to avoid! If you've been travelling across the US or went away with work or your family, you might have come across somewhere you loved. Why not push the boat out? If you liked it so much there must have been a reason, so pack your suitcases and get on the move.

You Want To Look Boujee

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If you've recently gained a bit more cash and you want to make yourself look a little richer (some people really like looking this way!) then you might want to consider heading off to one of the more 'upmarket' states here in the US. As of 2022, the most expensive state to live in was actually Hawaii, so you might be getting some good weather to go with your fancy new place.

Personal Development

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If you've spent your entire life trapped within one state, it can be hard to develop yourself as a person properly, you might be TOO comfortable! One of the best ways to ensure you develop as a person is to experience something new; that could be new groups of people or just a new environment.  Make sure you don't get yourself caught in a rut!

It Might Be Cheaper

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Sometimes the area we live in might end up becoming too expensive for us to maintain our lifestyle so we end up having to relocate to a state more suitable to our financial situation. You have to take in to account the prices of the gas you need, how much you need to pay in terms of rent and bills and even the essentials you buy at your local stores.

To Start Fresh

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Sometimes life just gets a little too difficult and we need to get away from our troubles; this could be for a range of reasons from having some arguments with people we know to simply just wanting to be somewhere different. This might have come about as a result of you just feeling bored; you could get some fresh excitement back in your life.

You Could Find Some New Friends

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One of the benefits of relocating to a new state is that you'll be in a whole new area, one where you might be unlikely to already have some friends. Because of this and our need to socialise you'll be forced to get out in to the world and make new friends. It might not be the easiest of things to do but who knows, you might find a new hobby whilst you go.

To Be Closer To Your Family

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Just as some members of the community move away from their family to get their own space, others might relocate state in order to be CLOSER to their distant family members. This is something you might want to consider doing, especially if your parents are a little older. Family time is totally undervalued and it should be something we all take advantage of whilst we can.

'The One' Might Be There

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If you're watching the years pass you by and you still haven't found your partner for life yet, then you might want to consider travelling to a new state in the hopes that your romantic lifestyle might improve a little. You'll be introduced to some new social situations and who knows who you might meet! It's got to be better to try than let the moment pass right?

A New Culture

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Although many of the people here in the US are proudly American, there are a whole range of people from a whole range of cultures living across the country. Even the Americans in different states have different ideas on living don't they? You might head over to places like Cali or Florida and be so overwhelmed by the new culture that you never want to be.

Avoiding Natural Disasters

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Okay, well, this isn't exactly possible as natural disasters can occur at random across all of the states in the US, we've seen earthquakes and hurricanes occur all over the place. However, if you want to try and mitigate and be away earthquakes the least then you might want to consider heading to Florida or North Dakota whilst Michigan is the safest from all natural disasters.

Try Some Different Food

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Although I can't claim to be an expert on the types of food you might eat around the country, I can almost 100% confirm that certain states will have a traditional meal or more than one with different and new meals you've never eaten before. If you think about heading to the coast you're more likely to get some amazingly fresh seafood you wouldn't get further inland.

Get Away From Your Ex's

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It isn't just Ex's that you want to avoid in your hometown, but they're certainly the kinds of people you'd never care about seeing again. If you managed to get away from your old hometown you'd never have to worry about bumping in to them on the streets, in the stores or in the bars. They can be really awkward circumstances can't they?

You'll Feel Like An Adult

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I suppose this is similar to moving out from your parents but this time I'm focusing on the feeling you'll have when you finally escape. You can often feel trapped when you're living with your parents so finally having your own place, in a brand new state, you'll finally feel as though you're an adult and have your own independence in life.

You'll Have Something To Talk About

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It might seem a little superficial on the surface of things, but being able to tell people that you're from a different state always leads to you having something to talk about with them. It's always a great way to break the ice and, who knows, the ice might be broken with someone you'll want in your life for a long time. Just flash your ID at them!

You'll Learn To Appreciate Where You're From

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Even though so many of us can't wait to get out of our hometowns for one reason or another, its still (for most of us) somewhere we can find some comfort. Getting away and trying something new might make you realise that you actually really enjoy where it is that you're from. You don't have to move back, but you'll have a new and fresh perspective to look back on.

Get Closer To The Coast

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The majority of us here in the US live in states that aren't bordered by the ocean and therefore don't have regular access to the great beaches that our country has to offer. I know we can all pack up our suitcases for a little holiday, but imagine being able to head down to the coast at any time of any day? Seems like something you can't pass up on right?

Dangerous Wildlife

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If you live in the further reaches of some of the states here in the US then you might have come across some pretty dangerous creatures around the exterior of your home. We've all seen the videos of bears roaming the streets and I can't even begin to imagine how terrifying it might be to step out in to your front yard and be met with a huge bear!


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Politics are something that continue to divide our great country more and more each year, it has become increasingly more heated in the years following Donald Trump's inauguration too. There will always be states that are mostly red or mostly blue and if you are strongly dedicated to one side of the pendulum you might want to find a state that suits you.

Lower Crime Rates

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If you're idea of finding a new state to live in involves keeping clear of areas that are quite dangerous, you might want to put a little research in to which states have higher and lower crime rates. You might be looking out for the safety of yourselves but also the safety of your family and kids too. Alaska has the highest crime rate by the way so... maybe not there!

Abortion Laws

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The Roe V Wade case that was overturned by the supreme court sent our country into dismay at the time and we are just beginning to feel the effects. Many states, particularly the southeast of the country will become very strict on these laws so you might want to head to states like Kansas and Alaska where they blocked the abortion ban!

You Enjoy Your Music

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If you spend a lot of your spare time enjoying music and especially if you enjoy listening to music LIVE at concerts then moving state might be for you! Supposedly, Texas is the best place to enjoy live music as they have the most music venues whilst California is great for being local to music festivals. Give it a little research huh?