Signs Someone Is Faking An Illness

By Aaron Love 8 months ago

Their Symptoms Are Inconsistent

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If you're beginning to suspect that someone is faking an illness then one of the biggest red flags you'll come across is inconsistent symptoms. Mostly, ill people will experience a consistent set of symptoms so someone who's faking might be found changing them over time.

Exaggerated Symptoms

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If someone is seen to be portraying their symptoms in an over-the-top manner then it could indicate that they're trying to deceive others. The severity of their condition might indicate might be exaggerated in the hope that they might be able to get some additional sympathy for themselves.

They're Still Energetic

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Genuine illnesses can often sap the energy out of a person and leave them feeling pretty fatigued and weak. However, if someone is still able to exude a load of energy despite their 'illness' then it might raise some suspicion. A true illness will probably leave them dained of all energy!

They're Always Ill

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If someone frequently claims that they're feeling ill then it might be quite a clear sign they're trying to deceive you. If they're always complaining about a ne illness or health issue without much improvement then it might indicate they have a pattern of trying to make you feel for them.

They Know An Unusual Amount About Their 'Illness'

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Unless someone is recognised as having quite a severe condition, it's unlikely that anyone will know all of the individual details about the problem. If they do know an unusually deep amount about their supposed condition it might suggest that they've been reading up on it online.

They Won't See The Doctor

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If someone is refusing to consult the doctor it can usually indicate one of two things; they're either scared, or they're trying to fake their condition. If someone has some real health problems then they'll want to get some medical help and a diagnosis as fast as they possibly can.

Doctor's Notes Look Fake

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In certain situations, like if your this person's manager you might be able to get a hold of and investigate their medical records. You should quickly be able to recognise if a doctor's note is real or fake! You don't want to have an illness faker as part of your work team!

They Have No Medical Record

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In a similar fashion to before, someone might actually have an absence of medical records even if they claim to be ill quite often! Genuine health conditions will always leave some form of paper trail including test results and doctor's notes. A lack of these should definitely cast some doubt.

They're Secretive

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If someone is faking an illness then there's quite a high chance that they'll be secretive about their condition. This secrecy might be serious, but it could be a sign that they don't actually know what they should be saying! They obviously don't want anyone to discover they're faking do they?!

They Still Go Out

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In reality, if someone is feeling quite ill then they should be bed-bound or at least housebound until they're feeling better. But if someone is continuing to engage in social activities and going out when their illness should be preventing it they might be showing it's all a facade.

They've Self-Diagnosed

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Individuals who self-diagnose their own conditions should probably be a cause for concern. Legitimate illnesses will always require some form of professional evaluation and diagnosis. If someone suggests they know their illness without medical help it looks a little dodgy.

They Aren't Concerned

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Genuine illnesses will usually leave a person feeling as though they're a little concerned and they don't know what to do with themselves. If they're acting nonchalantly about their condition it will probably raise some suspicions as they should obviously be at least a little worried.

Don't Follow Recommended Treatments

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Some people take their fake illnesses a step too far and get some real medical appointments with their GP or at the hospital. Genuine patients are usually motivated to get better and follow their treatments, but a faker can usually be caught out when ignoring any treatments.

There's No Visible Signs

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In pretty much every case that requires medical assistance someone will display some form of physical symptoms. This could come in the form of bruises (or other injuries) or even things like weight loss and visible changes. If someone isn't displaying anything new it could cast a doubt on their authenticity.

They Seek Attention

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If someone is already known to be quite an attention seeker then any illness might already raise some suspicion in the minds of people that know them. These kinds of people are looking for some sympathy and someone with a real illness wouldn't be seeking attention over help.

Claim To Have Rare Conditions

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If you're going to try and fake an illness to get out of work or gain some sympathy then you might want to pick something common like the flu or a cold. If you're claiming to have something really rare like Bloom syndrome amongst others then you're probably not going to get away with it.

They Have A History Of Faking Illnesses

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If someone has been caught faking illnesses in the past then there's always a high chance that they might try and pull the same trick again. You could probably work out if this was happening or not quite quickly and someone displaying these sorts of patterns of deception shouldn't be trusted.

Frequent Medical Emergencies

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If someone is always claiming to be in a state of medical emergencies then it should be seen as fabrication. It's so rare that someone will have so many emergencies, especially if they seemingly get better quite quickly after something that was supposedly an 'emergency'.

They Get Defensive

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If someone gets very defensive when they're questioned about their condition then it could be a sign that someone is faking their illness. Although some people might not want to discuss their illnesses (so you should be careful) most will be open to discussing any of their problems.

They Stick To Herbal Medicines

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Although there have been some instances in which herbal medicines have treated people, the safer bet would be to use prescribed medicines. If someone sticks to unverified herbal remedies instead of conventional medical advice it could indicate that they might be faking their illness.

They Want To Go On Holiday

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If an individual surprisingly becomes ill around the time in which they've been discussing a holiday then they might be lying to you. Typically, someone who is unwell won't be out and about, but realistically, they just want some free time off so they can jet off to their destination.

They're Just Hungover

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It isn't uncommon for some people to attribute the effects of a night of heavy drinking to some form of unrelated illness. Hangovers are obviously not very enjoyable and you can feel unwell, but this can often be used as a cheap way to try and get out of plans or work for a little.

They Don't Want To Go To Work

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One of the most tell-tale signs that someone is trying to deceive you is if they then try and use their illness as an excuse to have a day off work. This might be even more awkward and obvious if they've been vocal about how they don't enjoy their work in the time before their sick call.

Tampering With A Thermometer

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Although you won't know if this is true or not unless you actually see something happen, but a thermometer can be quite easily manipulated. People can make their thermometer produce a higher temperature which can obviously indicate an illness or fever that isn't actually there.

They Have Munchausen Syndrome

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Munchausen syndrome is quite a rare condition out there in the world and is a psychological disorder where people intentionally fake illnesses to try and gain some attention. When there is a history of fabricating an illness then it might suggest they have this underlying condition.

They Mimic The Worst Symptoms

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Fakers will often exaggerate their symptoms so much that they end up mimicking the most severe aspects of an illness. They might focus on these extreme symptoms as a way to garner more sympathy; although it does make it easier to work out when they are or when they aren't telling the truth.

Causing Harm To Themselves

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In some cases, individuals might end up going to some extreme lengths in order to cause a load of harm to themselves. These could be self-inflicted physical injuries like bruises, or they could ingest something that is obviously going to force them to show some symptoms of illness.

Reporting Symptoms No One Else Sees

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A common tactic amongst people that choose to fake an illness is claiming that they experience symptoms when there is no way for anyone to observe them or verify them. This could be something like internal discomfort which is obviously, quite conveniently, hidden from others.

Leaving Hospitals Against Medical Advice

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When someone repeatedly leaves the hospital despite the medical professionals advising them against it, it shows they obviously don't show any true concern for their well-being. A real patient will usually put all of their trust in their doctors or nurses to make sure they get better as soon as possible.

They Enjoy Being In The Hospital

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For most people, being in a hospital is quite an uncomfortable and stressful experience, but there are some crazy people who actually enjoy their stay. This could raise some suspicions surrounding the authenticity of their illness or it might reveal the hidden motive they might have.