Signs Someone Has Been Abducted By Aliens

By Aaron Love 9 months ago

You've Forgotten Hours Or Days Of Your Life

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One of the most common ways that people believe they have been or someone they know has been abducted by aliens is when they appear to have periods of their life that they have no recollection of at all. This is particularly more worrying when you the person can't remember hours of the day or full days where they would have likely been awake and walking about.

They Go Through Regression Hypnosis

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Many ufologists believe that people forget parts of their life after an alien abduction as they've had their mind altered to forget the memories of the entire abduction process. Therefore many individuals choose to go through something known as regression hypnosis which is meant to bring back memories, although this isn't necessarily scientifically accurate.

Altered Sense Of Time

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Not only can some people end up losing hours or days of their time, they might even end up losing their entire sense of time as a concept too. For example, if someone has been missing and it's believed they were abducted by aliens they might think that they were gone for just a few hours whereas they might have actually been missing for days or weeks!

Born Again Christian

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Many people claim to have recently turned to Christianity or some other form of religion after they've been abducted by aliens. I know this might seem a little contradictory as surely communication with aliens would seemingly offer a way to challenge the role of religion in life but that's the case. Maybe they're so terrified they feel as though they need something to look out for them!

Unusual Sleepwalking

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Following an alien abduction some people have began having restless nights as a result of numerous problems that they might be coming across. Commonly, they end up having some vivid dreams (which we'll get on to) although they can also end up having some unusual and new periods of sleepwalking that didn't happen prior to their abduction taking place.

Changes In Personality

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As you'll come to learn, many people who claim to have been part of an alien abduction can end up finding new habits or experience different phenomenon as a result. But did you know that it's believed by ufologists that they can end up completely changing their personality and their behaviour as a result of the influence the aliens might be able to have on them.

Not Wanting To Talk

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One of the common changes that people tend to go through after an abduction is one where they become more anxious and don't want to talk as much as they did prior. This usually happens as they're too scared to discuss the experience that they've been through in fear that it might end up happening to them again or that they're scared people will think they're crazy.

Turn To Alcohol

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After being abducted by aliens, many people can go through a bit of an identity crisis and they end up turning to some destructive lifestyle choices as they continue to go by their daily lives. One common way that they do this is by turning to drinking a lot of alcohol; this might be to help deal with all of the guilt, shame and fright they might be feeling as a result.

Unexplained Marks On Your Body

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Some individuals that have claimed to be abducted by aliens at some point in their life have tried to use bruises, scars and otherwise unexplained marks on their body to prove that what they're saying is true. Supposedly these marks would have been left by the aliens after they completed a number of medical procedures on their bodies. Could you believe that?

Implants In Body

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Just as people often use the marks on their bodies as evidence to prove that they have been abducted by aliens, some also claim to have been implanted with a small device which might be used as a way to either track or monitor them after they've been released. Although this seems far-fetched, some people have found unexplained implants within their bodies.

Unexplained Miscarriage

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In some rare circumstances, pregnant ladies that have 'gone to space' following an abduction have ended up suffering some unexpected miscarriages. This is obviously quite a devastating thing for a woman to go through and some doctors have been left confused when they've had miscarriages with no clear and obvious medical reason for them to end up occurring.

Interested In The Cosmos

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If someone you know has recently developed an interest in the universe and everything off-earth, out of nowhere then it might be a sign that they have recently been abducted by aliens. Supposedly, people can often become increasingly more interested in the matter as they want to try and understand more about what it is that's happened to them. Sound like you?

Crop Circles

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Crop circles are some of the most common phenomenon associated with aliens and they tend to appear in farm fields around areas that people have claimed to be abducted. It's unsure what crop circles actually signify, some believe it's where a spaceship has landed, whilst others believe it might actually be some sort of message that aliens are leaving for us.

Weird, Vivid Dreams

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Many people who claim to have been abducted often claim to have experienced some crazy and insanely detailed, vivid dreams about places they've never been before. The problem they tend to find is that the details seem so clear that it must be that it's a real memory coming from their mind and not something that the brain is making up during their sleep.


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After returning to earth following an alien abduction, I'm sure you would be left in a pretty confused and dazed state of mind. For that reason, I can imagine you'd agree that you might be losing it a little bit! Many people claim to end up having hallucinations during the day; they might be seeing flashing lights or maybe they're glimpsing an alien in the corner of their peripheral.

Feeling Like You're Being Watched

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Another common occurrence that people who claim to have been abducted say is that they feel as though they're constantly being watched by someone at all points of the day, no matter where they are. Obviously, they're suggesting that something from out of our world is choosing to keep an eye on them following the period of time that they had been abducted.

Flashbacks Of Random Events

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Not only can people end up dreaming of these so-called alien events that they've been put through during their abduction, they might also have some vivid flashbacks throughout the day. These can be brought on by anything, but supposedly the most common is a visual stimuli like flashing lights, or specific noises that really bring back that feeling.

Phobias Of Certain Places

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Not everyone who claims to have been abducted by aliens ends up being taken from in and around their own home; for that reason, some people can end up having some adverse emotional reactions to places in and around their hometown. For example, if they were taken from a local store then every time they went by there they might lose it for a little while.

Psychological Stress

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As I'm sure you can imagine (even if you don't believe in aliens) if you were to be abducted and taken to a place you'd never seen before, by people or things you didn't know existed it might cause some distress. People who have claimed to be abducted often display signs of PTSD and trauma in relation to the experiences that they claim they've been put through.

Recurring Patterns

Image Source: NBC NewsThis typically only makes sense if the person you're referring to has been abducted by aliens alongside numerous other people, either at the same time or around the same period. If they have managed to give off a similar story and patterns are beginning to emerge in their stories, like what they've seen and where they've been you might have to start taking them seriously.

Sleep Paralysis

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Going through the phenomenon of sleep paralysis can be one of the most terrifying and uncomfortable experiences you'll ever have to withstand in your life. Sleep paralysis is where someone feels as though they're immobilized and therefore are unable to move or speak even if they're actually awake during the period that they're either drifting off or trying to fully awaken.

Telepathic Communication

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One of the weirder things that people who claim to have been abducted claim they have been through is telepathic communication. It's hard to prove how this could have remotely been possible with the technology we have on earth, but imagine if there really was a way to communicate via words and thoughts straight from the mind instead of coming from your actual mouth.

Lost Items

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During the process of being abducted by aliens, some people claim that some of their items had been stolen or misplaced from where they usually are. In some situations, these items actually end up turning up in places that the person claims they could never have been unless they had been moved by someone. Maybe it's just an excuse for them leaving their keys somewhere they forgot.

Strange Sensations

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One of the most common things that seems to be shared by people that have been abducted by aliens is that they can experience some weird sensations during the process. One of the most common ones that people claim to feel is weightlessness or floating, which I suppose would make some sort of sense if they were to be out of our orbit and in space without gravity!

Alien Witnesses

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As I'm sure you're aware, many people, each and every year, claim to have witnessed some form of UFO. This might have just been a few floating lights in the sky whilst others have claimed to see full-on metal spaceships in their back garden. Believe what you will, but when these witness testimonies match up with other people's stories it can get scary!

They Want To Go Back

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One of the weirder emotions that people who claim to have been abducted go through is that of wanting to return or expecting a return to space sometime in the future. Many of them believe that they were picked for a specific purpose and that the aliens will come back to them as they have been marked. Very few people have ever tried to prove this though, I wonder why?

Unexplained Knowledge

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Crazily, there have been some instances where people who have claimed to have been abducted have been able to report about having knowledge about technology and scientific concepts that they would otherwise have no idea about. The common belief here is that the aliens have purposely given this information to the human as a way to prove their existence or for some other unexplained reason.

Claiming To Have Alien Kids

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One of the more obscure and crazy things that people tend to claim after they've been abducted by aliens is that they were subjected to some reproductive procedures by the aliens they ended up spending time with. Although there is never any proof to go along with their claims they suggest that they now have some hybrid human-alien combined kids out there.

Unexplained Nosebleeds

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If you haven't already noticed, one of the common instances of someone having been abducted by aliens is that their body seemingly begins to struggle to cope once they return to earth. This might be as a result of all the various procedures they've had on them. One issue that many people claim to have suffered from after an abduction is regular nose bleeds.

Symbolic Drawings

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Unless the person that you think might have been abducted was already an established artist or that they enjoyed getting creative, this might be a tell-tale sign that they've been abducted. If they're drawing a load of symbols or patterns that you're not used to or you've never seen before then they might be recollecting something from beyond our realms.