Employee Reveals Dark Secrets Hidden From The Public

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Hold on tight as we take an eye-opening rollercoaster ride into the secretive world of! Buckle up, because a former insider is about to spill the beans on the clandestine mysteries and hidden tales lurking behind the seemingly innocent façade of everyone's favorite online fashion paradise. Get ready to uncover the untold truths, the clandestine whispers, and the jaw-dropping revelations as we delve deep into the enigmatic realm of

Shein Clothing Makers Do 18-Hour Days

In the world of fashion, the term 'fast' doesn't merely refer to the pace at which trends come and go; it extends far beyond, painting a picture of the grueling, relentless toil behind the scenes. However, within the sprawling labyrinth of garment production...
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It might be nothing new to learn that 'fast' fashion really does mean fast, because the workers are spitting out so many items during long, long work days. But employees at Shein who make the clothes work at least an 18 hour day - and that's an intensive day with non-stop physical labor.Original content sourced from

Free Time Is Pretty Much Non-Existent

In the realm of Shein's production floors, the clock ticks away relentlessly, leaving behind mere scraps of time for the weary workers. The concept of 'free time' becomes an elusive mirage, a luxury they can scarcely afford.
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As you can imagine with such long working days, that leaves free time pretty much... non-existent. They can't go home and relax after a hard day's work and try a few hobbies - by the sounds of it, they don't even have enough time to catch up on sleep. What would that leave, a few hours rest?

They Have To Wash Their Hair During Lunch Breaks

In the chaotic symphony of Shein's factories, the fundamental rituals of personal care become casualties of time, sacrificed at the altar of unrelenting work hours. With each passing day, the boundary between professional duties and personal upkeep blurs into a hazy amalgamation.
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When you have so little free time (if any) and such long work shifts, even basic things like personal hygiene start becoming desperate. Some workers have no time at all to sort themselves out at home, so they've resorted to washing their hair during their work lunch breaks.

One Employee Said They Start At 8am, And Finish At 2 Or 3am - The Next Day!

Let's paint a vivid picture of the relentless time crunch that encapsulates the daily life of a Shein employee. As the sun rises on one grueling day, the clock strikes 8 in the morning, marking the commencement of an enduring journey through the corridors of labor.
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Just to put those long, long working days in perspective, an employee can start at 8am one day - and while most of us would expect to be done by 5pm or at the latest 6pm (which we'd probably grumble about), this person wouldn't finish until 2am or 3am the next day. And then how much time does that leave before the next 8am start the same day?

They Also Work 7 Days A Week

In the world of Shein's relentless production cycle, the notion of a traditional workweek dissolves into a mere whisper amid the ceaseless hum of machinery. For these dedicated workers, there exists no oasis of respite in the form of designated days off or the luxury of a weekend reprieve.
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Maybe they can catch up on sleep and personal hygiene on their days off during the week, right? Nope, unfortunately not. Shein workers work every single day, Monday to Sunday. And that means every single day working those ridiculously long hours - so an entire week must feel like one whole, neverending shift.

They Only Get 1 Day Off A Month

Indeed, within the relentless cadence of Shein's demanding schedule, a flicker of respite emerges in the form of a single day off per month—a solitary oasis in the vast desert of unending workweeks. The mere prospect of a day off after an exhaustive month of labor might seem like a glimmer of hope...
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Oh wait, but there's good news: they do get a day off! 1 day off a month, that is. Can you imagine how exhausted you would be during that one day off in a 4 week span? That still wouldn't leave you time to do anything at all, as you'd probably spend the whole day sleeping. Think of the amount of chores and things left undone.

They Don't Know What Sunday Is

In the intricate tapestry of modern life, the notion of weekends, especially the cherished Sunday—a day historically associated with rest, reflection, and rejuvenation—holds a sentimental place in many hearts. It's a time when the rhythm of life slows, and people retreat into a space of personal indulgence, familial bonds, and moments of respite from the relentless cadence of work.
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Okay, so in today's society, a lot of people work weekends and Sunday isn't always the traditional 'day of rest' it was supposed to be - but most of us know the sentiment of what a Sunday, or at least a weekend, is supposed to be outside of work. Shein employees don't get that.

The Workers Are Known To Be Chinese (And Underpaid)

The phenomenon of 'made in China' tags adorning fast fashion garments has become synonymous with affordability, yet it conceals a haunting reality beneath its seemingly innocuous facade. Shein, like many other fast fashion empires, finds itself entrenched within a system that thrives on the allure of cheap.
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Fast fashion companies have been notorious for their 'made in China' labels and Chinese workforce, and the reason for this is because things made in China are cheaper while usually exploiting the workforce with a very low salary and more working hours. The Shein employees are no exception.

They Earn A Base Salary Of 4,000 Yuan (About 556 Dollars) A Month

The staggering dedication and unwavering commitment exhibited by Shein's employees stand in stark contrast to the disheartening reality of their remuneration. Despite the relentless hours, the unyielding workdays that bleed seamlessly into each other, the financial compensation they receive stands as a bleak testament to the stark disparities within the fast fashion industry.
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You might have thought with working those whopping great shifts - and 7 days a week at that - that Shein employees would be coming out with a huge salary to make up for all that work so they can spend their hard-earned money - but unfortunately they only get paid around $556 a month, 4,000 Yuan.

They Have To Make 500 Clothing Pieces A Day - Minimum

The relentless march within Shein's factories is not just about enduring marathon shifts; it's an unyielding battle against quotas that hang like a Damocles' sword over the tireless workers. The daunting expectation of churning out a minimum of 500 clothing pieces a day looms ominously.
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With an 18-hour-a-day shift on average, you'd expect workers to be spitting out a lot of fashion items in that time. But not only is the shift long, but it's also full of the absolute pressure of making a minimum of 500 clothing pieces a day. This is the very least they have to do.

Their First Month's Wage Is Kept From Them

The bleak reality for a new Shein employee unfurls as a distressing paradox—a month of tireless toil without the assurance of financial compensation. As they plunge headfirst into the relentless rhythm of 18-hour shifts, a seven-day workweek with just a single day off, the anticipation of their maiden paycheck remains an elusive promise dangling just out of reach.
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A Shein employee's very first wage for their first month's work - which isn't a lot at all, as we've established, barely nothing - is actually withheld from them. This means they have to work 18 hour shifts, 7 days a week, with one day off in the month, without a sign of their paycheck just yet.

They Can Earn Commission On Each Item - 0.14 Yuan ($0.02)

Within the intricate framework of Shein's employment structure, the prospect of earning bonuses via commissions becomes a mere shadow of its potential, significantly underscoring the remarkable efforts expended by the tireless workforce.
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A lot of jobs will give you the opportunity to earn extra commission on sales you make, which is an incentive for a lot of hard-working people to get bonuses so they can treat themselves. For Shein workers - who should get high commission just based on how hard they're working! - they only get 0.14 Yuan commission for every item - that's about $0.02.

At Some Shein Factories, They Don't Earn A Base Salary At All

The intricate web of Shein's factories unravels a tapestry of divergent wage structures, each weaving a distinct narrative within the overarching fabric of the fashion empire. Amidst this mosaic, a contrasting scene unfolds—one where the traditional notion of a base salary dissipates into the shadows.
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There is more than one Shein factory, after all, and the wage rules can be different for each factory. In another, they actually don't get a base salary - instead, they're paid for every item they produce, which of course puts more pressure on the worker to do more. They can earn around 0.27 Yuan (under 4 cents) for every item.

If They Make One Mistake, They Have Some Of Their Wage Taken Away

The relentless cycle of Shein's grueling work environment paints a stark contrast to the conventional understanding of a regular workweek. In a typical job, the notion of committing errors due to fatigue during an 8-hour workday, 5 days a week, is a familiar scenario.
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Think about how easy it is to make a mistake in your own job when you're working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and you're tired. Now think how likely mistakes are when you're working 18+ hour days with little to no sleep, 7 days a week. And then you get fined and have some of your wage taken away if you do make a mistake. That's the life of a Shein worker.

The Fine Can Be As Big As Two Thirds Of Their Wage

The draconian consequences of making a mistake within Shein's high-pressure work environment transcend the realm of logic, overshadowing the very essence of fair labor practices. The punitive measures inflicted upon these diligent workers for a single error...
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So how much do they have taken off them for one mistake? You might think it's logical to be fined the price they'd get paid for that one item - but it's much worse than that. They can actually get fined a whopping 2/3 of their wage, for a single mistake on a single item.

It's Pretty Much Slavery

The harrowing reality endured by Shein's dedicated workforce paints a grim portrait that blurs the lines between employment and exploitation. The parallels drawn between their relentless work schedules, meager compensation, and the absence of essential rest carve a haunting resemblance to the specter of modern-day slavery.
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If that wasn't obvious up to this point, yes Shein workers' lives and working schedules is pretty much slavery - it's slave labor. They're working the majority of their lives for next to nothing in return - practically working for free - without even having the time to sleep.

They Steal The Designs Of Other Artists

The shadow of controversy looms over Shein's fashion empire, casting a dark pall on its practices through accusations of design theft and intellectual property infringement. Within the murky waters of the fast fashion industry, the haunting specter of stolen designs.
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Shein is also one example of fast fashion ripping off the designs of other independent artists. There has been more than one case of Shein stealing the designs of other items in order to sell their own similar style. A lot of the victims have been independent small business owners with their own designs.

This Is Not Only Plagiarism, But It Can Make Independent Businesses Lose Money

The ripple effects of Shein's design theft extend far beyond the act of replication itself; they resonate within the broader economic landscape, impacting the livelihoods and sustainability of independent artists and small businesses.
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And this isn't just about the fact that they've stolen an original design. Because Shein then sells the same design at a much, much lower price, consumers are bound to buy that one instead of the original artist's more expensive version. So the profits of their business are being negatively impacted.

They Prey On Impulsive Buyers

Shein's omnipresence in the online sphere isn't just happenstance; it's a meticulously crafted strategy that leverages the power of social media and digital advertising to captivate the attention of impulsive buyers seeking quick and affordable fashion fixes.
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We've all had at least one pop up on our browser, because they make sure to have a lot of pop-ups on social media, with low-quality adverts which nonetheless entice those impulsive buyers looking for a quick and cheap purchase. Shein knows that, and acts on it.

Their Clothes Are Made Using Plastic, Which Never Break Down

In the realm of fast fashion, the allure of cheaply produced garments often comes at a hidden cost to the environment. Shein, like many other brands in this domain, leans heavily on the use of synthetic materials, particularly polyester and other plastic-based fabrics.
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As you can imagine with clothes which are made and sold so cheaply, the best (or the most eco-friendly) materials are definitely not used. Most of their clothes will be made from plastic materials like polyester, which will never really break down when they get thrown out.

Do Shein Clothes Also Contain Lead?

The concerning revelation regarding the potential presence of lead in Shein clothing casts a pall of apprehension over the safety and quality of the garments offered by the brand. Reports and testing undertaken by consumers using lead-testing kits on their Shein purchases have purportedly yielded positive results...
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There's also been some testing into whether Shein clothes actually contain lead. There has been a trend of people buying lead-testing kits in order to test out their Shein clothing, and it turns out that some of them allegedly have been coming back as positive.

The Wage They Make Is Illegal In Some Countries

The alarming discrepancy between the meager wages received by Shein's workers and the sheer volume of hours they dedicate to their jobs unveils a disconcerting reality that would indeed breach labor laws in many countries around the world.
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To put it in perspective of how dire their wage actually is (which is unfortunately already obvious), the amount of money they earn would actually be illegal in some countries of the world. It would be against the law to pay people so little for so many hours of work.

Some Employees Might Have Families

The harrowing reality faced by Shein's workers transcends individual hardship; it extends to the poignant plight of families caught within the unforgiving grip of the fashion industry's exploitative practices.
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Those working conditions, working hours and amount of income would be devastating for a single person who lived alone - but imagine some of these employees actually having families and children. They'd barely see them - if anything, it would be impossible to spend quality time with them, or even have money to do anything with them.

Were Shein Employees Really Asking For Help Through Labels?

During a viral wave on TikTok, a series of intriguing posts emerged, suggesting that Shein employees might have clandestinely communicated distress signals through labels on their clothing. These purported messages sparked a fervent online discussion...
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If you didn't already hear about this during the time it went viral on TikTok, there was a time when people were posting videos and photos of labels in which they thought Shein employees had been writing secret messages to ask for help due to their working conditions.

Shein Denied The Claims

Shein's response to the viral uproar surrounding the alleged hidden messages on clothing labels stirred further debate and skepticism within online communities. The brand's explanation attributing the cryptic labels to care instructions rather than potential distress signals from employees drew varied reactions, leaving room for interpretation and conjecture.
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Shein came back with a rather flimsy explanation, in which they called the labels and the viral videos all a big misunderstanding. They said that the 'we need your help' type labels were intended, and related to how the items should be cared for and washed. Make of that what you will.

Shein Has Never Openly Given Information About Its Practices

The conspicuous absence of transparent disclosures from Shein regarding its manufacturing practices has fueled skepticism and raised eyebrows among consumers and industry observers. Despite numerous controversies and undercover investigations uncovering concerning aspects of the brand's operations...
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Most of the dark secrets uncovered about this fashion brand have been as part of undercover investigations. You'd think the best way for Shein to defend itself would be to openly release all information about how its clothes are made - but they haven't openly revealed anything in great detail, which has been taken to be suspicious.

But It Claims To Have 'Fair' Working Conditions And Pay

Shein's tagline of "fair pay for all" and its public stance against rumors and viral videos that contradict this claim stand in stark contrast to the findings of undercover investigations and numerous controversies surrounding the brand.
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Despite all the rumors and everything uncovered about this particular fashion brand, Shein still boasts the tagline of having "fair pay for all" and works to fight against any rumors or viral videos to the contrary. So if they're telling the truth, why have undercover investigations found the opposite? And if they're lying, that makes it even worse.

Does Shein Employ Child Labor?

The allegations and concerns regarding the potential employment of child labor within Shein's supply chain have sparked intense scrutiny and raised pertinent questions about the brand's commitment to ethical labor practices.
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Another question that has been - understandably - raised about Shein's working conditions is whether the fashion brand employs child workers. There has been no evidence to show this, and Shein has always denied it, saying it has "never engages in child or forced labor".

Their Warehouses Have 'Major Risks' In Them

The official reports highlighting "mediocre" performance and the presence of multiple risks within Shein's supplier factories and warehouses paint a concerning picture of the working conditions and operational standards within the brand's supply chain.
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Apart from the risks of workers collapsing from exhaustion by the sounds of it, official reports into warehouse conditions actually state that their performance is 'mediocre' and that 1-3 risks are present for their supplier factories and warehouses, where 'corrective action' is needed.

Their Clothes Are So Cheaply Made They Don't Last

Shein's clothing items, characterized by their swift deterioration and vulnerability to damage in the wash, underscore a broader issue within the fast fashion industry. The fleeting lifespan of these garments poses a dual challenge—creating a short-term wearability and a detrimental impact on the environment.
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If you've ever picked up a Shein clothing item in the past, you might already know how quickly they fall apart or get ruined in the wash. They're definitely not a long-term investment. To make matters worse, because of the plastic material we mentioned before, this means they're more likely to be thrown out - and negatively impact the planet.

Expectation Versus Reality: Shein Shopping Fails - These Stick On Mirrors

Shein's notorious reputation for disappointing experiences with online orders, often depicted through the stark contrast between customer expectations and the actual product received, extends beyond just the sizing and quality of their clothing.
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Shein is known for its huge failings in terms of 'what I expected versus what I got', in particular for its small sizes and cheap production. But you'd think that with a mirror, that only works one simple way, you'd at least get that right. But nope - apparently not. Unless she actually looks like Sid the Sloth.

This Doggy Tank Top Completely Tanked

Ah, the classic conundrum of sizing strikes again! When it comes to pet clothing or accessories, navigating the world of size charts can be as challenging as decoding hieroglyphs. Shein's pet clothing, while designed to cater to our furry companions, often leads to hilarious yet baffling situations.
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Okay, so this all depends on whether any description said 'only suitable for very tiny dogs' like in the picture - but you would think that a pug would be fair game, wouldn't you? Either Shein got their sizing way wrong - again - or this pug is on the chonky side. Or both.

Well, Technically It Has Bangs...

Ah, the gamble of purchasing wigs online—an endeavor that often feels akin to a blind leap of faith, especially when ordering from sources that might not be synonymous with top-notch quality. Shein's foray into offering wigs, while aiming for vibrant and trendy styles, has at times resulted in mismatch...
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Wigs are always risky when you buy them online, unless you buy them direct from a high-quality supplier. You probably wouldn't trust Shein to get a wig right, after all. And this just proves it... I mean, it does have rainbow colors and bangs, it's just a bit... off. And faded, to say the least.

This Is A Bit Bananas

Ah, the intriguing world of fashion, where creativity often knows no bounds! Sometimes, an item emerges that seems to defy conventional understanding or context, leading to an eyebrow-raising experience for both buyers and spectators alike.
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Okay, let's start with the fact that this is even a thing anywhere. It wouldn't even make sense as a Halloween costume. But we're not going to judge people who want to buy it... It might have looked ridiculous on the online photo, but what happened in real life was just too bananas!

Something's A Bit Fishy

Ah, the notorious disclaimer about color discrepancies, a common refrain from online retailers to preemptively manage expectations when it comes to the actual shade of products received versus their depiction on screens...
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We know that most online stores will be quick to tell you that 'color may deviate' from what's shown on the website due to people having different screen settings etc... but this just takes the biscuit. Or maybe the fish. Instead of whimsical bright pink, you're just getting a dull grey color that looks... well, like a fish.

See The Difference?

Ah, the enigmatic world of fashion sometimes unveils creations that challenge our conventional understanding of style and functionality. In the case of sunglasses that bear an uncanny resemblance to an old reel of camera negatives adorned with tape...
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It'd be hard to see anything with those, let's be honest. It looks like someone took an old reel of negatives from a camera and stuck some tape across the front and called them 'sunglasses'. We don't think they'd protect from UV light, but at the very least they could have looked good.

Red Or Black?

Ah, the trifecta of fashion disappointments: an eccentric design, color inconsistency, and the paradox of a potentially satisfied customer despite the unexpected outcome. The item in question, initially advertised as an eye-catching red but revealing itself as black in real life, presents a conundrum.
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We don't know what's worse - the weird design, the fact that the color is very clearly red when being sold but black in real life, or that the guy is potentially happy about this purchase. These wouldn't be so bad if they were actually the color they were supposed to be!

That's Not Where Those Are Supposed To Go

Ah, the curious case of misleading marketing that transcends the realms of plausible confusion! In this instance, the advertised earrings that ended up resembling nose rings evoke a peculiar twist in the saga of unexpected online purchases.
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Now Shein is known for misleading marketing when something ends up different, but you can't really mistake 'earrings' for 'nose rings'. Not only do the earrings look nothing like the photo, they're also supposed to be two different ones when these doll heads match.

Not Quite Right

Absolutely, the fundamental premise of offering clothing in varying sizes is to ensure that each size adheres to the same design and maintains the integrity of the garment's aesthetic. However, when a discrepancy in appearance emerges between sizes, it raises concerns about the consistency and quality of the product.
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Okay, so you could argue that these two have completely different body shapes and sizes. But, if the woman did order the right size correct for her - which surely she did - there's no excuse for this. The clothing should look the same no matter the size. This is just something very wrong.

Send Them Bat?

The transition from an imaginative concept to the tangible reality of a product can sometimes yield unexpected and disappointing results. In the case of these glasses designed to complement a vampire costume, the disparity between the promised allure and the actual outcome appears to have left the customer dissatisfied, and understandably so.
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The customer definitely doesn't look too happy about these - and who can blame her. Okay, so the original design looks pretty cool, especially for some vampire geddup on Halloween, but the glasses really don't look that cool in real life. Nice in theory, poor execution!

What Are Those?

Ah, the intriguing intersection where practicality meets the unexpected realm of fashion! Indeed, finger covers, while often associated with functionality and utility in certain industries like hospitality, take an intriguing turn when they find themselves listed as fashion items in a marketplace like Shein.
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We know what you're thinking. We're thinking it too. But to be fair, these finger covers are actually a thing in the hospitality industry, apparently, because they're good for covering up finger wounds and keeping bandages dry. But it's just the weird fact that Shein sells these. As a fashion item.

This Will Get People Talking

Ah, the eccentricities of fashion choices often reach unforeseen heights, especially during moments like Halloween, where the boundaries of creativity and novelty are pushed to their limits. In this instance, the peculiar design of these earrings, resembling a set of eerie teeth, presents a quirky addition.
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Did you think the doll's head earrings were bad enough? At least the customer didn't try to hang them from her nose this time. Although to be fair, hung just right, they would have looked normal in front of her mouth! We don't know why Shein would sell these, but hey - Halloween makes people do crazy things.

Once You See It...

Indeed, the product itself may seem standard and in line with expectations, but the unintended background scenario captured in the review photo adds an unexpected and rather humorous twist to the entire situation...
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This is one of those rare moments where Shein might actually have gotten it right! There's nothing too odd about this product photo, right? Well, apart from the fact the customer decided to review by taking a photo of someone in the background using the toilet. If that doesn't make you want to buy it, what will?

'Fashion' Glasses... Sure

It's fascinating how the perception of a product can drastically differ between its online portrayal and its tangible reality. In the case of these sunglasses, originally depicted in a vibrant and appealing blue hue on the website, the actual color upon arrival might have fallen short of expectations.
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So you could say these are actually a cute pair of sunglasses - probably more so for a kid, but who are we to judge. The problem is, they're a very nice blue color on the website - and definitely not a very nice blue color in real life! The buyer doesn't seem too bothered, though...

Insoles Like You've Never Seen Them Before

Insoles are typically designed to enhance comfort, support, and sometimes even address specific foot-related issues. However, the peculiar design of these particular insoles, resembling miniature shoes for hooves in the product photo, certainly stands out as an unusual and intriguing addition...
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Okay, so we know insoles are valid for shoes and fashion - they serve a purpose. But have you ever seen any like these before? Looking at the product photo, they look like tiny little shoes for hooves. In the customer review? Nightmare fuel, let's be honest. Would that even be comfortable?

Sliding All The Way Along The Color Wheel

Ah, the perennial challenge of online shopping strikes again—where the expectation built from the product photo diverges from the actual product received. In the case of these cord braided sandals, the promise of a lovely beige neutral hue portrayed in the product photo seems to have transformed...
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These cord braided sandals actually look really pretty in the product photo - but these things often do, right? The beige neutral color is great, it's probably a huge selling point... except when you get them, they're actually a weird khaki green color. Not to mention the fit...

When You Get Plastic Instead Of Cotton

Ah, the unexpected surprises of online shopping strike once more! A casual cotton dress, a staple known for its comfort and breathability, takes a drastic turn when the expected fabric content of cotton transforms into something as divergent as a sheet of plastic upon arrival.
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When you're ordering a casual cotton dress from Shein, you might expect it to be a weird fit, or a different color than you expected, but would you ever expect it to be a completely different material? It's not even kind of close - it's marketed as cotton, and turns up as a sheet of plastic!

Who Ordered The Jeans With Flippers?

The concept of a reliable pair of jeans often conjures images of comfort, versatility, and a reliable fit. However, the unexpected surprise of receiving jeans that seemingly exceed typical length expectations, resembling more of a swimfin construction than a standard pair of denim trousers.
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You can't really go wrong with a good pair of jeans - that's what we thought before we saw this, anyway. The jeans on the site obviously look longer than most jeans, but you probably couldn't expect them to be long enough to craft your own pair of swimfins out of them.

Bandage Disaster

Bodycon bandage dresses are known for their snug and form-fitting silhouette, often adhering closely to the body's contours. However, encountering a bodycon dress that veers drastically from expectations, transforming from a snug fit to unexpectedly loose.
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Bodycon bandage dresses are a popular staple, and you can't really go wrong with them. The biggest problem would be the bodycon being tighter than you thought - but did you ever expect it to be looser than you thought? So loose, that it's like you're dressed as a fashion disaster mummy on Halloween?

Where Did Those Buttons Come From?

Ah, the nuanced world of online shopping strikes again, revealing unexpected discrepancies between expected and received items. In this case, the top might have somewhat aligned with the anticipated style and color, albeit with oversized balloon arms that deviated from the expected silhouette.
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Okay, so the top at least looks very similar in color and style, if not for the huge balloon arms, but it's not the worse we've seen. The problem is that skirt! Imagine if you'd ordered the skirt in the picture and got the one on the left.. not knowing there were buttons? Or supposed to be buttons? Who knows.