Scientifically Proven Signs That You’re in Love

By Nick Hadji 11 months ago

You don’t care when they do something gross

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This has to be the most obvious sign you might be in love with someone…if you still want to kiss them after watching them do something gross! A research study found that sexual arousal can sometimes take over being grossed out amongst people who are in love with their partner.Original content sourced from

They’re the first person you want to call when you receive good or bad news

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Life can be full of ups and downs, but no matter what happens we all need someone to be there for us during the good times and the bad. So, if you always have someone in mind to call when you receive any news in life this could be a sign you are in love.

Your attitude has become more positive

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Apparently it’s not just your relationship that you feel more optimistic about when you’re in love, but everything else around you! A new study found that being in a loving relationship can make people have a more positive attitude towards life compared to those who are single.

You keep checking your phone to see if they have messaged you

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Ah yes, we can all relate to this one…when you’re falling for someone, all you want to do is speak to them and be with them all of the time. Before you know it, you find yourself constantly checking your phone to see if they have replied to your message or if they’ve called.

Your mind is obsessed with them

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Have you ever felt completely obsessed with your romantic partner, not being able to focus on anything else? Well, there could be a scientific reason for this…research has shown that people who are in love may have lower levels of serotonin, which is also common in some people with OCD.

You start including them in all your plans

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When someone is in love, there tends to be a shift in the personal pronouns found in their language. For example, ‘I’ starts to become ‘we’ as they include their romantic partner when making plans and focus on their needs as a couple rather than solely on their own.

You feel emotionally unstable

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Although falling in love can bring a lot of joy to your life, it can also trigger emotional instability as you jump from feelings of exhilaration when things between you and your partner are great to feelings of despair and anxiety when you experience a minor setback.

You want to spend all your time with them

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If you find yourself investing your precious time in your partner, making sure you prioritise them when making plans so you can spend enough quality time with each other, this could definitely be a strong sign you are in love with them as you commit your energy to them.

You feel more open-minded and spontaneous

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Being in love can have many positive impacts on the human self, including being more open to trying new things and unlocking your adventurous side. This is because you may be willing to change for the other person and explore aspects of life you hadn’t been exposed to before.

You love their unique quirks 

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We all have our individual quirks which make us all unique, and if you’re truly in love with someone it is probably those quirks you love most about them. These attributes are what make your partner special to you, because its not all about physical looks after all…

You laugh at everything together

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We all know the sign of a good first date is if one person is laughing at the other persons jokes…but what is the sign of true love between a couple? When they are both cracking up together! Being able to laugh as the same things shows a mutual connection on a higher level.

You’re not entertaining anyone else

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At what point do you ditch everyone else you’re talking to and delete the dating apps? Well, evidence from fMRI scans has shown that parts of the brain associated with reward are stimulated by seeing a photo of their loved one. So if you’re only thinking about one person, you know what it could mean…

Your eyes are drawn to their face

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A recent scientific study found that where your eyes are drawn can be an indication of love…the results showed that participants were more focused on the body of a stranger in a photo if they were sexually attracted to them, whereas they were drawn to the face if there was a romantic connection.

You feel more stressed

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Although most of the signs you could be in love tend to be positive, falling in love isn’t as easy as everyone makes out…a research study showed that people in the early stages of being in love were more stressed than single people or those in long-term relationships.

You breathe in time with them

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According to scientific research, humans may start to mimic someone else’s breathing pattern when they feel connected to them. Although this usually happens when you are close proximity with anyone, couples in love were shown to naturally breathe in sync even when they weren’t touching.

You have become emotionally dependent

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Although it is important to be able to emotionally rely on your partner, being emotionally dependent can be a dangerous game as it may evoke feelings of jealousy and separation anxiety. Although it is a sign you might be in love, it could be with the wrong person…

You want to know their future life plans

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You can tell you are really starting to fall for someone if you want to know more about their future life goals and upcoming plans. This is because you are interested enough to want their plans to align with yours, including things like marriage and having kids.

You believe they are special

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Being in love with someone can make us think and do some crazy things…this is because we believe our romantic partner is truly special and unique, unlike anyone else in the world. This is why humans often lose interest in anyone else when they fall in love.

You feel giddy when you think about them

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Have you ever noticed that sudden overwhelming feeling of excitement and happiness when you think about the person you love? Well, brain scans have shown that our bodies are flooded with dopamine when we think about significant other, making us feel a rush of joy.

You put them before yourself

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One of the most common signs that you might be in love is putting that person before yourself when it comes to your needs and wants. It might be as small as what movie to watch at the cinema one night, or you might even be willing to compromise on the bigger things in life.

You have intrusive thoughts

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Intrusive thoughts about your romantic partner can be a sign you are in love with them, as you can’t help but think about them even when you are trying not to. A research study found that people who were in love thought about their significant other for 65% of time they were awake.

Your values and morals align 

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Although the saying goes “opposites attract” does that stand true for a long-term loving relationship? Probably not! Although surface-level differences don’t matter, ultimately you are more likely to be in love with someone with the same values and morals as you.

You tell them all your secrets 

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When we really like someone we desperately want them to like us back and sometimes that means keeping some things private in case we disappoint them. But psychologists have stated that true love will involve full self-disclosure with your partner.

The spark has gone

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You might not expect this one to be a sign that you’re in love but psychologists have warned us that the early euphoric stage of being in love, also known as the “honeymoon period”, usually doesn't last any longer than 3 years. After this period the relationship will either evolve into a long-term partnership or simply dissolve.

You sweat more

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Falling in love can be one of the most exciting times in our lives, but with all that excitement comes anxiety! A study found that falling in love can increase the volume of sweat you produce as you may feel nervous around your new partner in the early stages of the relationship.

You don’t feel pain as strongly

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Scientific research has shown that a humans sense of pain can be reduced when they are in love. They tested this theory by applying mild pain to the participants hands and then showing them pictures of their loved one or a stranger, measuring they pain they experienced each time.

You’re struggling to eat or sleep

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Falling in love can be a stressful period causing humans to feel vulnerable and quite scared. According to scientists, our body releases a hormone called cortisol which combats our feelings of fear…but this can also decrease our appetite and cause insomnia! 

You’re planning a future with them

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If you are really serious about your romantic partner and start planning a future with them in your head, you’re probably in love…scientific research has linked romantic love to survival systems, helping us form bonds which help us survive going forwards.

They put you at ease

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Scientific studies have shown that being in love boosts your level of oxytocin which also known as the “love hormone”. This increases how safe and calm you feel when you are around your romantic partner, shifting from feeling stressed during the initial stages of the relationship to feeling more settled.

Your hearts beat in sync 

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Does your partner make your heart race, or do they calm you down? Either way, the results of a scientific research study suggest that couples’ hearts will begin to beat at the same rate when they fall in love so you could be more in sync than you think!

Here's How To Tell If It's Love or Lust... Daydreaming about them

Young Woman Daydreaming by Lumina(Image/ Source:’s true that you can do this if you’re in lust too. However, when you’re in love, you’ll be thinking beyond the erm, more physical aspects of your relationship. It might be the little things like a joke they told you, or something you’ve said you want to do together. If you’re daydreaming about their smile, or their laugh, you’ve definitely caught feelings!

2. Opening up

Premium Photo | Young happy africanamerican couple spouses talking together while drinking coffee(Image/ Source: up tends to happen more if you really do care about someone. When you’re in love, you end up letting your guard down, and letting that special person in to get to know the real you. This doesn’t tend to happen as much when we’re in lusty situations, as you don’t get the same levels of trust and comfort.

3. Growing feelings

What Is the Difference Between Love and Lust?(Image/ Source: you’re in love or in lust, your feelings can grow as you spend more time with them. But the key difference is that these feelings can suddenly drop off a cliff if it’s a friends-with-benefits situation. Those in love find that their feelings are so strong that they can’t suddenly be turned off. In fact, many couples actually point out that their feelings of love grow even more over time.

4. Chatting

50 Marriage Tips From Couples Who've Last 50 Years — Best Life(Image/ Source: is one of the best tests for your relationship. If you’re in love with someone, spending time chatting garbage with your other half is the perfect pastime. But if you’re in lust, this definitely won’t be the case. You won’t really be spending time chatting and messing around together, as you’ll just be in the bedroom most of the time!

5. Planning a future

Hiking as a couple - tips for hiking as a couple - Hillwalk Tours Self-Guided Hiking Tours(Image/ Source: those in love, planning a future comes naturally. You’ll end up thinking about how you want to spend your time together- and whether you want to spend your entire lives together too! However, the lusty ones among you won’t be doing this, as the focus will be more on when you can next get your hands on your partner…

6. Accepting them

Couple At Hotel Breakfast Table Still Wrestling With Daily Telegraph - The Rotherham Bugle(Image/ Source: key part of loving someone is accepting every part of who they are- including their flaws. Nobody’s perfect, and we all have those annoying little habits that can turn someone off. If you’re in lust rather than love, these habits might be enough to put you off. But if you truly care about them, these habits won’t bother you all that much.

7. Give and take

Premium Photo | Young asian couple using smartphone together on the street(Image/ Source: is always generous and kind. There is give and take, and opportunities to lean on each other when things get tough. But things are a lot different when it comes to lust. You won’t really have these emotional opportunities, as you’ll be much more focused on the physical aspects of your relationship.

8. Coming together

The Financial Perks of Being In An Equal Relationship — Mixed Up Money(Image/ Source: you’re in love or have a genuine romantic interest, you’ll feel like you’re coming together to be a solid team. They have your back, and you have theirs too. If it’s lust you’re feeling, you won’t see the need to think about how your actions might affect them because you are just responsible for you, and they are responsible for them.

9. Perspectives

How Men Can Support Their Partners as Equals(Image/ Source: something from someone else’s perspective isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. But if you’re in love, you’ll at least try to think about the other person and show empathy and compassion. If it’s a lust-type situation, this won’t happen, as it won’t compel you to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

10. Happiness

Italy, Milan, couple laughing together stock photo(Image/ Source: is about being happy- and making the other person happy too. And if one person isn’t happy, or experiencing a stressful or emotional situation, it will affect the other person in the relationship too. Those in lust are immune to this, as the situation really isn’t that deep. Lust situations are about pleasure, and that’s it!

11. Meeting those who are important to them

How to Impress Parents of Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend(Image/ Source: you’re in lust, the thought of meeting your sexual partner’s friends or family might be enough to send you into meltdown. But this is all part of the process of being in a loving relationship! Being in love with someone means getting to know the important people in their life, so make sure you’re prepared.

12. Arguments

It's Very Common to Have These 5 Fights During the First 6 Months of Marriage | Martha Stewart(Image/ Source:’s face it- arguments happen. But they can be the final straw for those in lust, as you don’t have any obligation to stick around and sort things out. Those in love will want to work through problems and toward resolution because they value having that person in their life, and may actually end up learning something along the way.

13. Patience with your feelings

Premium Photo | Young guy teaching his girlfriend how to play guitar selftaught couple in love having fun on the beach(Image/ Source: romantics- love at first sight is a myth. But you can certainly feel lust at first sight! At first, it might feel like the same thing- it feels like you’ve been hit with a lightning bolt, while fireworks are going off and your stomach is flipping over. But true love grows over time, while lust tends to fade away.

14. Brain changes

This is your brain on love: the beautiful neuroscience of romance | BBC Science Focus Magazine(Image/ Source: we’re in love and lust, our brains actually change. Recent studies have shown that when we’re in lust, desire is lit up by things we gain instant pleasure from, like food and sex. Meanwhile, love is linked to another area of the brain that’s involved in a conditioning process where we attach value to things.

15. Growing as a person

Are You Growing Together Or Apart? | by Kirstie Taylor | P.S. I Love You(Image/ Source:, meaningful love encourages you to grow as a person. It makes you want to become the best possible version of yourself, not just for you, but for your partner too. There’s no obligation to do this in a friends-with-benefits relationship, as you’re just looking after yourself and your sexual needs.

16. Attraction

Hallmark #PutYourHeartToPaper Commercial Lesbian Couple | Glamour(Image/ Source: relationship needs attraction. But if you’re in love, your attraction will go deeper than just physical attraction. That’s not to say that physical attraction still isn’t important, but love will make you be attracted to their laugh, the things they say, and who they are as a person. Lust is just physical attraction only.

17. Affection

9 Relationship Goals All Couples Should Have - Project Hot Mess(Image/ Source: is really important for those in loving relationships. Little things like holding hands and kissing show that you care, and help build intimacy. But this isn’t really on the cards for those in lust. Affection is pretty much non-existent, as you’ll be too busy concentrating on getting busy with each other!

18. How you spend your time together

12 Sleeping Positions Couples Can Try | SleepScore(Image/ Source: key way to tell if it’s lust or love is how you spend your time together. If your time is focused on partying and spending time doing the no pants dance, then guess what- you’re in lust. But if you’re spending time enjoying each other’s company and hanging out with each other’s friends and family, it's definitely love!

19. Insecurities

An Embryo with Two Biological Dads? One Day, the Answer May Be 'Yes' | Time(Image/ Source: you’re in love, you don’t really keep your problems from your other half, and trust them with your secrets. You’re comfortable with telling them anything, without the fear of being judged. Being in lust, on the other hand, can mean you’re insecure about telling them your problems, because let’s face it- the trust between the two of you is superficial.

20. Knowing the real person

Young couple taking a selfie at a cafe stock photo(Image/ Source: it comes to telling lust and love apart, you’ll be able to tell based on how well you know the other person. Being in lust makes you bare all physically, not emotionally. You don’t really know the other person that well, and opportunities to find out more about them are pretty thin on the ground. But when you’re in love, you’ll know your other half inside out.

21. How you communicate

Young Chinese Woman using Smartphone in ... | Stock Video | Pond5(Image/’s not necessary to text or chat with each other every hour of the day, but it’s always great for the relationship when both of you communicate regularly. If you’re checking in with each other and asking how each other’s day is going, it’s a good sign for those in love. But if the only time you text or call each other is late at night, then it’s pretty clear that lust is the only thing keeping you both together.

22. How you think about them

man-daydreaming – Team PHenomenal Hope(Image/ Source: good way to tell if it’s lust or love is how you think about your partner. Does the thought of your other half make you smile and feel happy? Or do you tend to think about how attractive they are? If you’re more bothered about their looks, or what you can get up to in the bedroom, then it’s pretty clear that you’re in lust!

22. Conversations

Black couples talking - Beautiful Nigeria(Image/ Source: you’re in love, spending time having intimate conversations with your partner is pretty commonplace, as it helps build and maintain an emotional connection. This really isn’t the case for those in lusty, friends-with-benefits situations, as conversations really won’t be your main priority.

23. Sex

Stranger Flings: The Naughtiest One-Night Stands On Streaming | Decider(Image/ Source: is important in a loving relationship, but it’s not the main goal. If you’re in love, sex will build your trust and intimacy, and won’t be the top agenda on your list. When your relationship is built on lust, your main motivation for sticking with that person is to have sex- and that’s the way you like it!

24. Commitment

65 Ways to Be a Better Spouse After 40, According to Experts — Best Life(Image/ Source: in lust feel little to no commitment in their relationships, and things can tend to fizzle out pretty quickly- especially if you find someone else who catches your eye. Love, on the other hand, endures. Partners will feel completely committed to that special person in their life, and won’t drift away easily.

25. Compromise

After an Argument: The Right Way to Make Up | Psychology Today United Kingdom(Image/ Source: you find yourself compromising your needs and wants now to make your partner happy now and then, chances are, you care about that person a lot. But if you’re more interested in what you can get out of the relationship, and don’t want to do something your partner wants to do, then it’s a definite sign of lust.

26. Respect

Portrait of lesbian couple relaxing on bed at home stock photo(Image/ Source: is a big one. If you simply don’t respect your partner, you’re not in love. Not one tiny bit. Those in loving relationships respect their other half, and value their opinion. If you’re not interested in the other person’s opinions or thoughts, or think they’re particularly important, your relationship is purely carnal.

27. Friendship

Premium Photo | Laughing happy young asian couple sitting on bench, talking and eating icecreams(Image/ Source: know how loving, long-lasting couples often refer to each other as “best friends”? Well, there’s a good reason for that. Friendship is a core part of a great relationship, and can help build one too! But those in lust tend to side-step all of this, as well as the dating stage, and head straight to the bedroom.

28. Seeing each other

15 Things Every Just Engaged Couple Needs to Do ASAP - Source: do you both want to do when you see each other? Do you want to chat and catch up on each other’s lives, or do you want to party or jump straight into bed? If sex is all you can think about when you’re with your other half, and you have a hard time keeping your hands off them, you’ve got a VERY lusty situation in your hands…

29. Your memories

ADHD is Different in Women: Recognizing the Signs(Image/ Source: and spend a few seconds thinking about the best memories you have with your partner. What are you doing together? It could be little things like sharing a joke, going on a day out, or time in bed. Basically, if these memories revolve around being naked, or anything naughty, you’re completely in lust.

30. Time

Mature African American Couple Walking In Countryside Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 31002925.(Image/ Source: takes time. So be patient. It’s easy to confuse lust and love at the beginning of a relationship, but as time passes, it’ll become clear how you truly feel. And both lust and love are ok. There’s nothing wrong with being in a lusty relationship, but just be prepared for it to fizzle out. Love lasts longer, and is a lot more rewarding!