School Of Rock Cast Then And Now

By molly atherton 4 months ago
The "School of Rock" cast left an indelible mark in 2003.  Over the years, each member has undergone transformations. From Jack Black's continued success to the diverse paths of the talented young actors, see if you still recognise them!

Dewey Finn - Then

Stick it to the man Dewey! Dewey Finn is our lovable protagonist. Broke and down on his luck, Dewey manages to land a temp teaching job by pretending to be his room mate, Ned Schneebly.
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During his time at Horace Green Prep school Dewey forms The School Of Rock, a rock and roll band inspired by his own musical tastes. Dewey and the kids enter the Battle Of The Bands competition.

Jack Black - Now

Jack Black is the goofball big brother type that we all need in our lives. Jack is a prominent American musician, actor and comedian
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He rose to fame starring in films like Shallow Hal and Orange County. and he has graced our screens recently in the new Jumanji movie.

Summer Hathaway - Then

Summer 'Tinkerbell" Hathaway is the class goody two shoes. Although at first she is disdainful of Dewey breaking the rules, she soon softens up when offered the role of Band Manager.

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Summer is very clever for her age and keeps the rest of the band on a tight leash. Her priorities change from getting an A in math class, to rocking out at the battle of the bands competition.

Miranda Cosgrove - Now

Miranda Cosgrove played the character Summer Hathaway in School Of Rock. Around this time she was a main character in shows like iCarly and Drake and Josh.

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Although Miranda has withdrawn from public life nowadays, she was still listed in the Forbes '30 under 30' list in 2022. Although best known for her acting, Miranda is an impressive singer.

Zack Mooneyham - Then

Zack "Zack Attack" Mooneyham is the lead guitarist in the School Of Rock. Although his dad is more interested in classical guitar, Zak has an undeniable passion for rock.

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He specifically loves the melodic riffs of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. Zak comes into his own during the battle of the bands show, throwing caution to the wind!

Joey Gaydos Jr - Now

Although Zack Mooneyham is a reserved character in the movie, the same can't be said for the actor who played him. Gaydos Jr had been arrested multiple times, twice for stealing guitars!

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In 2019 he was arrested for shoplifting and accused of stealing a number of guitars.  In 2020 he released two EP's, "Calm Weather" and "Dogtopia."

Freddy Jones - Then

Every rock band needs a charismatic, crazy and naturally gifted badass drummer! Wow, didn't Freddy 'Spazzy Mcgee' Jones deliver just that! From day one, Freddy was the class bad boy.

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He showed Dewey he was the perfect fit for the School Of Rock. Freddy's trademark spiky hair and ripped school shirt is an image etched into our memories.

Kevin Clark - Now

Even after the success of School Of Rock, Clark decided that a career in the limelight wasn't for him and instead decided to pursue his passion for playing the drums.

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Sadly, he passed away in 2021 when his bicycle was hit by a motor vehicle in Chicago.  Clark was only 32 years of age, very tragic.

Katie - Then

Katie, AKA Posh Spice, is the smooth bass player for the band. Although she is a trained cello player, Dewey shows her how her skills are useful.

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She is soon playing funky baselines for the band. In the end credits of the movie, Katie was meant to have her own solo scene but Jack Black forgot to give her the cue to start playing!

Rivkah Reyes - Now

After her movie debut with School of Rock, Rivkah Reyes continued within the artistic field. In 2023, Rivkah premiered her first movie at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Reyes has been open about how she experienced the negative effects of child stardom, which included developing an eating disorder and alcohol abuse and depression.

Tomika - Then

Tomika Songbird AKA Turkey Sub is a shy singer with one heck of a voice. Originally given the role of bodyguard by Dewey, Tomika has greater aspirations.

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In a touching scene, Tomika explains that she wants to sing, not be security, and wows Dewey with her Aretha Franklin style voice. She wows the band and the audience.

Maryam-Hassan - Now

Like many of the young actors in "School of Rock" this was her only acting role. Now a singer, one of her hits is called "Feel a Way."

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Maryam-Hassan now modeI'mls and is a singer/songwriter. She released her latest EP, Plush, in 2021 and sings under the stage name 'Mayhrenate' (pronounced Mare-En-Nate).

Billy - Then

What's a band without its own unique style? As somewhat of a stylist and fashionista, the role of hair and makeup was given to Billy, AKA Fancy Pants!

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Billy's unique sense of style represented the band perfectly, as he had them dress in punk rock style school uniforms. His dress sense undoubtedly helped the band win the battle of the bands competition.

Brian Falduto - Now

Brian told interviewers that after being cast as the 'stereotypical gay character' on School Of Rock', he found it hard to be comfortable with his own sexuality.

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Although he wasn't in the actual School Of Rock band, his career stuck in a musical vein as he is now a singer prominent in the gay country music scene.

Marta - Then

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Marta, also known aptly as Blondie by Dewey Finn is one of our 3 back up singers. She may be small, but her voice packs a big punch. Taking cues from artists like Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin, Marta has big boots to fill.

Caitlin Hale - Now

Born in 1991, Caitlin Hale started her career in child acting. As she transitioned to adult life she starred in other films like Grimmerson Manor, as well as a host of Nickelodeon shows.

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Caitlin still enjoys belting out a ballad, but completely had a career switch up after she graduated from the University of Miami School of Law. She's now an OB-GYN Ultrasound Technologist!

Lawrence - Then

Lawrence, although shy at first, definitely has charisma. He is the techno keyboard player of the band, transitioning from his more classical piano playing background.

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He earns the nickname 'Mr Cool' and its clear to see why. After his makeover he turns from the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan... a swan with an aptitude for shredding keyboard.

Robert Tsai - Then

After filming School Of Rock, Robert Tsai carried on playing keyboard and piano and went into this as his main career. After he graduated, Robert went into teaching.

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He is still currently teaching, sharing his skills with the younger generations and hopefully inspiring a brand new fleet of rock and roll keyboard players.

Alicia - Then

Alicia, known to Dewey as 'Braceface' is the final backing singer in our look back at the School Of Rock cast. She's smart, sassy and knows she can sing.

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With the help of Marta and Tomika, she helps to elevate the band to new heights and always leaves the  enthusiastic audience begging for more.

Aleisha Allen - Now

It looked as though Aleisha was set to carry on her acting career, after staring in the movie You're Nobody Till Someone Kills You in 2012.

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Like some of her co stars, Allen has decided to flip her career path on its head. She is now a speech-language pathologist with over 10 years of experience.

Frankie - Then

Frankie The Tough Guy - all of the world's greatest bands would be nothing without security and the same fact rings true here. Frankie is employed to make sure no teachers hear the band practice.

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If he sees the teachers he has to keep them out!  With the help of Gordon the roadie, they make sure shows run smoothly and without any unnecessary aggravation or interruption.

Angelo Massagli - Now

Angelo Massagli has starred in some pretty huge shows after his debut appearance in School Of Rock. From the Sopranos to Stuart Little, Angelo has shown he really does have the range of a fantastic actor.

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Angelo began dating School Of Rock co star Caitlin Hale in 2021. Fingers crossed for a musical wedding and who knows, maybe even some musically talented babies one day too!

Rosalie Mullins - Then

Rosalie 'Roz' Mullins is the uptight, stressed and overworked principal at Horace Green Prep School. She wouldn't ever allow a teacher to take a class of kids to the battle of the bands.....

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...... unless Dewey can somehow persuade her. With a mutual love of rock singer Stevie Nicks, the pair bond and share a couple of beers. Roz learns to relax and enjoys a rockin' show!

Joan Cusack - Now

Joan Cusack has had a vast and varied acting career. Beginning her career in the late 1980's, she starred in films such as 'Working Girl' and 'Where the Heart Is'.

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She has received several awards, more recently an Annie Award for being the voice of, get this, Jessie from Toy Story! Who Knew? Joan is clearly an industry talent and currently working on fresh projects.

Ned Schneebly - Then

Don't be such a pushover Ned! Poor Ned, he quit his band to pursue a career in teaching, but is it really where his passion lies?

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Unlike his room mate Dewey, Ned got a girlfriend and chose to grow up. When Ned finds out his temping role was intercepted by Dewey, he understandably loses his cool!

Mike White - Now

Mike White is a writer, producer, actor, you name it, he's done it. He actually wrote School Of Rock, along with many other award winning films.

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Mike is still in the world of acting, more recently writing, producing and directing the hit HBO series, 'The White Lotus'. He still collaborates with School Of Rock star Jack Black.

Patty Di Marco - Then

Pushy, domineering, Ned's Girlfriend? These two don't seem like a match made in heaven. Patty forced Ned to quit his band and get a real job, and she's trying to get Dewey to follow suit.

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With the threat of kicking out Dewey, she tries to persuade Ned that he needs to let his friend leave his life as he is nothing but draining.

Sarah Silverman - Now

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Sarah Silverman, born 1970, rose to fame on sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. She is an actress and now a stand up comedian, heading comedy shows and festivals all over the States.

Spider - Then

Spider, a real rock and roll star. Spider is one of the band members of a rival band in the competition. Although his band win the battle, the crowd favorite is still the School Of Rock.

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Spider seems to have a favorite of his own and tries to flirt with Horace Green Principal Roz. His iconic chest tattoo and leather pants are now etched into our memories.

Lucas Babin - Now

Perhaps the biggest career change was for our rock and roll guitarist, Lucas Babin. After leaving the limelight he went back to school to study law, and is now District Attorney in Tyler County, Texas.

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Crazy to think that behind all the paperwork and under the suit is our rock and roll god of guitar Spider. maybe one day we'll get to see the shred again!

Surprising facts about School of Rock you need to know: the young cast members all played their own instruments

One of the reasons the student cast were hired were of course for their acting chops, but it was also a huge bonus that they could actually play their own instruments.
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So in every scene they're playing it's actually them playing! At least in the film they knew how to play to begin with so the actors didn't have to act like they were bad!

A bunch of musicians and bands helped with the movie's soundtrack

The movie is of course an iconic movie, but so are all the songs in it, too. For the whole movie, there were a ton of musically talented people that helped with the music.
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Craig Wedren from the band Shudder to Think, Sonic Youth's Jim O'Rourke and even Liam Lynch from Black's very own Tenacious D all helped with the music.

The script was written specifically with Jack Black in mind

We can't imagine anyone else playing Dewey Finn in the film other than Jack Black and that might have something to do with the fact it was written with Jack Black in mind.
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The screenwriter wrote the script for the movie specifically for Black to take the leading role as Dewey Finn - and we're glad that he did!

And the screenwriter also appeared in the movie as a character...

Speaking of the screenwriter - did you know he actually appeared in the movie? And we're not just talking a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo, he actually had one of the main roles!
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He played Dewey Finn's roommate, Ned Schneebly! And we mean the real Ned Schneebly, not the one Dewey pretends to be, of course. Mike White is an American writer, actor and producer.

Jack Black actually wrote most of the songs there and then in the classroom

One of the beautiful things about the movie is the 'stupid made up' vibes of some of the best songs, including Jack's song about Math and his asking all his students what they're really ticked off about.
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Though you could think all these songs were planned and composed ahead of time, Jack Black was actually responsible for making up most of them on set in the classroom.

The deleted scene of Dewey singing Happy Birthday

If everything we got in the movie was so awesome, then think how good the deleted scenes must be too! There was actually one deleted scene where Dewey actually goes to the house of his brother to ask for money.
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At the time, they're in the middle of his nephew's birthday celebration, and Dewey ends up singing Happy Birthday on his guitar in way of a gift.

And another of Dewey and the principal making out!

We know that in the movie there is obvious chemistry between Dewey and Principal Mullins, though we never see them do anything at all about it.
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That underlying chemistry might have something to do with the fact that they were actually supposed to make out - in Dewey's van but it was changed to what Mullins thinks about herself.

Jack Black has said this was his most demanding role

People in show business will tell you that you should never work with kids or with animals - and Jack Black has said this was his most demanding role because of having to work with so many kids ......
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This was as well as acting and playing music with them. Luckily, he was joking - as he does - but it still must have been quite a lot of energy needed on set!

But he stuck around and played games with the kids

He never got tired of being around the kids though and didn't clock off set completely when his scenes were done - he hung around between takes to play games with the young cast instead!
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This must have made a huge difference in their chemistry on screen and for the kids to get comfortable around such a big star as Jack Black.

Summer was supposed to be blonde

Summer - our favorite band manager - was originally supposed to be a blonde who could sing exceptionally well, a sort of 'Britney Spears' type of girl.
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Obviously that changed a lot in the end, not only with her looks but also the fact that she couldn't sing very well, when in real life she could!

Lawrence's actor would ruin a lot of shots by laughing

In a film like this, you wouldn't blame the adult actors for cracking up laughing all the time, let alone the young actors still finding their experience.
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The actor who played Lawrence on keyboard, Robert Tsai, was one of the worst for breaking into laughter during takes, so much so that he would ruin a whole bunch of shots!

Jack Black loved the scene where he talks about his weight

Of all the memorable scenes in the movie, there's one in particular where Dewey has a heart to heart with classmate Tamika, where she thinks people will laugh at her because of her weight.
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Dewey then has some inspirational things to say, including about his own weight (and thereby Jack Black's weight) and the actor himself has said that's one of his favorite scenes from everything he's done!

There was a reunion in Austin, Texas

Such a big hit movie like this wouldn't be complete with a reunion, especially because we want to see all the young cast all grown up!
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There was in fact a reunion for the movie that took place in Austin, Texas - funnily enough, the state the movie was originally going to be set before it switched to New York.

Some thought Jack Black might be a 'negative influence'

In a real life situation not so distant from what happens in the movie, some of the real life parents of the student cast actually had misgivings about the movie.
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They thought Jack Black might be a negative influence on their children! Some people obviously have ideas about that 'rock n roll' lifestyle and the fact that Jack Black was known for his out "full on" performances.

Could a sequel be in the works?

Of all the movies in the world, this is one we REALLY need a sequel for - and it's good and bad news. The good news is there has definitely been a sequel in discussion Black and screenwriter Mike White.
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The bad news is we don't have any more information about it or any idea of a production or release date! Fingers crossed it's going to happen so we can rock out again.

The movie was actually inspired by a cult recording

The Langley Schools Music Project was something that happened back in the '70s where a teacher did recordings of songs with his students which doesn't sound too strange but .......
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As the records weren't well known, when they were re-discovered they were considered kind of eerie and became a cult phenomena. When they were found again, they were a main source of inspiration for School of Rock.

The stage-diving moment was based on a real event

There is a memorable moment in the movie when Dewey Finn tries to stage dive during his performance but - unfortunately for him - nobody catches him.
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While a comedy moment for the movie, and very in-keeping with the character, this was actually inspired by a real life event where Jack Black had seen it happen!

Lawrence's actor didn't think he could do it

In the movie, Lawrence has a heart to heart with Dewey where he tells him that he doesn't think he should be in the band because he's not cool enough.
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This scene was taken from a real life moment where the actor who played Lawrence told movie runners that he didn't think he should be cast as Lawrence because he didn't look cool enough!

They only really used one hallway

The school in the movie is HUGE, and in reality it was a college building that ended up playing the location for Horace Green Prep.
image source: Daily Mail
In the movie, we see many different hallways and rooms, but there was only one main hallway that was used for filming that just had its appearance changed each time.

Jack Black came up with all the nicknames

Dewey has a great ton of names for all the members of the band, and his character seems to come up with them off the fly, like 'Fancy Pants', 'Turkey Sub' and 'Posh Spice'.
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While you might have thought that was in the script all along for them to be called that, Jack Black actually came up with all the nicknames for the students off the cuff!