Scariest Things That Have Washed Up On Beaches

By molly atherton 4 months ago
Unveiling the eerie secrets lurking beneath the tides, our world's shores hold more than just seashells and sun-kissed sands. Brace yourselves for a spine-tingling journey along the coastline, where the sea surrenders its most enigmatic and bone-chilling treasures. From mystifying creatures to puzzling relics, join us as we delve into the murky depths of the scariest things ever to wash ashore. It's time to discover the haunting tales behind the ocean's most unsettling gifts!

1. A 150-year-old tombstone

Like a message from the sea gods, a tombstone belonging to 26-year-old Delia Presby Otter rose from the water one early morning. Allegedly, Delia's body was moved to an unmarked grave in the early 1910s after numerous municipal cemeteries...

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... were cleared out and moved elsewhere. But how did the huge stone for into the water? The old tombstones were reportedly used in temporary dams when the highway came in a direct threat to ocean water.Original content sourced from

2. The weirdest and most elusive fish

Behold! Picture a creature that seems like a blend of a fish and an ancient sea serpent, yet defies the conventional norms of fishy appearances. It stands out not for its vibrant colors or fearsome teeth, but for its sheer size, toothless grin, and a mysteriously absent tail.

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This must be one of the strangest fish you have ever seen because it is enormous, has no teeth, and it's missing a tail. This elusive peculiarity of nature has never been seen in the northern hemisphere, so its discovery in California alarmed experts as well as casual beachgoers.

3. A gigantic tree

Ah, the perplexing mysteries of the sea! Picture this: a tranquil beachscape interrupted by the appearance of an immense, behemoth tree—think a colossal titan among its wooden brethren. But wait, it's not just any tree; it's a colossal giant standing at a staggering 10 feet in breadth.Image Source: reddit.comYou might ask, what's so strange about a tree washed up on the coastline? Well, it just so happened that the piece of wood in question was a huge, enormous tree that was at least 10 feet broad and several hundred feet tall! You can't help but wonder if that enormous piece of driftwood is the biggest thing ever discovered on the shore.

4. A blast from the past

Beneath the celestial dance of the supermoon, the ocean's tides rise and fall, conducting an intricate symphony that shapes the destiny of objects adrift upon its currents. Hampshire's Calshot beach, a picturesque haven along England's coast, bore witness to a chilling revelation in 2011.

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Don't undervalue the supermoon's influence or the tides it causes. Nearly 100 World War II bombs washed up on Hampshire's Calshot beach in 2011 alone. Once called, the Royal Navy took matters into their own hands and destroyed them to make them not pose a threat anymore.

5. Shoes, shoes, shoes, many, many shoes

In the cold embrace of January 2019, the peaceful shores of the Dutch island of Terschelling unveiled an unexpected and peculiar sight—a montage straight out of a surrealist's dream. Picture this: furniture strewn across the sands, shoes in an abundance that rivaled a shop's inventory.

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The Dutch island of Terschelling awoke in January 2019 to find furniture, many, many shoes, and even automobile pieces littering the shores. They initially found the episode amusing, but once they saw the extent of the pollution, they realized the seriousness of the problem, swiftly organized themselves, and began cleaning.

6. Toxic tar balls

Imagine the Mediterranean coast of Israel waking up to an eerie invasion one fateful February morning—a sinister arrival that would shroud the idyllic beaches in a cloak of darkness. It wasn't a scene from a dystopian novel but a chilling reality: strange tar balls, remnants of an oil spill tragedy.

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Strange tar balls started to wash ashore along Israel's Mediterranean coastline one February morning. The tar balls, which were caused by an oil spill 31 miles off the coast, covered a distance of more than 100 miles. The beaches had to be closed to the public as a number of cleanup workers were taken to the hospital after inhaling harmful tar ball vapors.

7. A WWII fighter jet

This is surely a strange one! A Lockheed P38 Lightning jet from the USAF was spotted on Welsh Coast beaches in 2010. Apparently, a fighter plane by the name of Maid of Harlech fell into the Welsh Sea during a training exercise...

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The training exercise took place way back in 1942. It was hidden by the waves until 2010, but as the coastline and seabed changed, the plane's location on the Gwynedd coast became obvious. Its location is now a secret, though.

8. The all-seeing eye

Envision the awe and intrigue sparked by the colossal sight of a mysterious sea creature, its all-seeing eye a testament to the otherworldly nature of the ocean's depths. This eye, a prodigious marvel in its own right, challenges comprehension merely by its sheer size, invoking wonder.

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Picture the size of this sea creature that washed up on the shore, to whom this all-seeing eye belongs if its eyeball alone is that large. Due to the presence of bones around the eye, scientists concluded that it is not a squid. It most likely belonged to some spectacular deep-water fish.

9. It's bananas!

Ah, Terschelling, the enigmatic Dutch island that seems to have struck a curious deal with the ocean's currents, a clandestine pact drawing an eclectic array of lost treasures and peculiar cargo to its shores. This idyllic haven, nestled within the embrace of the North Sea, holds a mystique.

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Terschelling, the Dutch island we mentioned above, is a well-known location for lost at-sea items. In 2007, residents discovered hundreds of... bananas washed up on the shore. They proposed giving them to the zoo because they weren't sure if they were edible or not. Why in the world do things constantly wash up there?

10. Dinosaur jawbone

An enormous prehistoric mandible from an Ichthyosaur washed up on Lilstock Beach in Somerset, the UK, in 2018. Before this bone appeared on the shore, experts thought the maximum length of an Ichthyosaur was around 69 feet.

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The dinosaur whose jawbone originated from, however, would have measured at least 85 feet long. This unusual discovery has given rise to new scientific theories that suggest there may have been larger Ichthyosaur species than we currently don't know anything about!

11. Weird naval object

Imagine the picturesque shores of a Hawaiian beach, the crystalline waters gently kissing the golden sands, interrupted by the arrival of an enigmatic and perplexing visitor. This mysterious object, an enigma cocooned in maritime mystery, captured the attention of a vigilant witness.

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When a weird, mysterious object washed up on a Hawaiian beach, a witness posted a picture of it on Reddit, where users made educated guesses as to what it might be since the media withheld any information. Nobody knows for certain how ancient it is, but it might be a submarine communications buoy.

12. Hundreds of manta rays

In February 2011, hundreds of manta rays washed up on the coast for no apparent reason, eerily resembling the terrifying buildup of a Stephen King apocalyptic story. Although there is no evidence to support it, scientists hypothesize...

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... that an electrical impulse or a storm might have caused the rays to become disoriented. Whatever transpires next in this book will have to wait until every animal in the zoo is facing north at the same time.

13. A huge LEGO man

Imagine strolling along the serene stretches of various global beaches, only to stumble upon an unexpected sentinel standing at a towering 8.2 feet—a colossal figure fashioned entirely from LEGO bricks. This larger-than-life creation, a whimsical yet profound artistic statement, bears a message...

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The 8.2-foot giant LEGO man that has appeared on numerous beaches across the world says, "No real than you are." Fortunately, we know the origins of this one: It was created by a Dutchman who goes by the moniker Ego Leonard and has been released in the Netherlands, the UK, the US, and Japan.

14. A message... in a melon

Picture the scene: a serene beachscape bathed in sunlight, the rhythmic lull of the waves, and amidst the flotsam and jetsam, an unconventional messenger emerges—an ordinary melon concealing an extraordinary secret within its moist confines.

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We've heard stories about messages in bottles that have washed up on a shore. However, there was a time when a melon with a note ended up on a beach. Given that the entire purpose of placing a note in a bottle in the first place is to maintain it dry, the fact that someone thought to put it inside a melon — which is moist inside — is extremely strange. We're baffled by this one.

15. A lethal jellyfish

Ah, the treacherous beauty of the Portuguese man o' war—a creature that exudes an alluring charm while concealing a venomous secret. Often mistaken for a jellyfish due to its ethereal appearance, this captivating sea dweller drifts effortlessly through the ocean's currents.

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Unaware that it is capable of killing them, many people regard this seemingly innocuous animal to be attractive. You should, at all costs, avoid the fascinating Portuguese-man-o-war, a sea creature that resembles a jellyfish. These sea animals often float around in oceans, but they can be spotted on beaches as well.

16. A 250-year-old gun

During an extremely low tide at Dundee Beach, Australia, in 2010, a weird object was seen sticking out of the sand. You guessed it! Or maybe not: It was a 250-year-old Swivel gun. Given that Captain Cook's landing in 1770 was...

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... the first known foreign interaction with Australia, the ancient artillery likely predates that event. The antique bronze canon, which is said to have been produced in Indonesia, was lost at sea and was buried for many years beneath the sands.

17. Whale with plastic in its stomach

The heartbreaking saga of whales washing ashore, an increasingly frequent narrative in today's world, weaves a complex tapestry of natural phenomena and human-induced tragedies. Each year, news outlets resonate with tales of these magnificent leviathans meeting an untimely fate.

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More and more news reports of whales washing ashore around the world are published each year. In some ways, the occurrence is natural, while in other instances, it results from careless human action. This time, the whale had fatal levels of plastic inside its stomach.

18. A robot hand

Picture the serene expanse of Great Kills Park in Staten Island—a haven where nature meets the urban landscape, a tranquil respite where unexpected mysteries occasionally find their way ashore. In this idyllic setting, amidst the usual flotsam and jetsam, an enigmatic visitor emerged...

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Given that this beach is located in Great Kills Park in Staten Island, it is probably not surprising that a robot body part showed up on it. The robot hand resembled the metallic, skeletal hand of the terminator in some ways, although it was missing a few digits. The fact that the hand was the only robotic body part to wash up is the strangest aspect of the whole situation.

19. A 10-pound of weed (not seaweed)

Picture a serene morning on Orange Beach in May 2015, where a vigilant crew, dedicated to safeguarding endangered turtles, stumbled upon an unexpected treasure that diverged starkly from their usual ecological pursuits.

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A crew observing endangered turtles on Orange Beach in May 2015 discovered a 10-pound bag of marijuana worth up to $8,000 washed up on the shore. According to Orange Beach Police, they couldn't figure out who the owner might be or how long the pack has been in the ocean.

20. A scary mutant

The enigmatic shores of Long Island bore witness to a puzzling and disconcerting arrival—an inexplicable creature, a bewildering amalgamation of a turtle and a raccoon, sprawled across the sands, an unsettling enigma amidst the coastal tranquility.

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Is it a turtle or a raccoon? A really strange mutant creature washed up on Long Island and was discovered to be burning in the sun. The picture gained instant notoriety, but we must say its inexplicable disappearance is perhaps more unsettling than its abrupt arrival.

21. Two Air Force drones

In the tranquil embrace of Fort Morgan beach in April 2008, an unexpected and rather perplexing sight greeted the shores—not one, but two BQM-167 "Skeeters" subscale drones, washed ashore a mere week apart, their metallic frames stark against the backdrop of the sandy expanse.

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A week and 300 yards apart, two BQM-167 "Skeeters" subscale drones washed up on Fort Morgan beach in April 2008. The drones were apparently misplaced during training at Tindall Air Force Base in Panama City, Florida, that same month. An Air Force official claimed that the tough waters prevented their recovery at the time.

22. Giant oarfish

A creature that emerges from the ocean's depths like a mythical behemoth, defying expectations and shattering the mundanity of a typical fish tale. While a fish washed ashore might initially evoke thoughts of mundane marine encounters, the oarfish—an anomaly among sea creatures—defies convention.

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We know what you're thinking... "Wow, a fish washed ashore? Pretty boring!" But did you take a peek at this one's size? Oarfish usually reside in the deepest parts of the ocean, where they may survive at depths of up to 3,000 feet. These dangerous creatures, which may grow to a height of 30 feet, may have been the source of old "sea serpent" legends.

23. A horrendous smell... which is used to make perfumes

Ah, the curious and peculiar world of whale vomit, or as it's elegantly termed, ambergris—a substance that straddles the realms of repulsion and allure, eliciting a strange fascination among beachcombers and perfumers alike.

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Whale vomit, usually referred to by the more glitzy-sounding term ambergris, can occasionally be a disturbing yet thrilling beach find. If you manage to find it and get past the nauseating stench, you might be able to sell it for a lot of money because the substance is used to produce perfumes. Pretty gross, no?

24. A German war U-boat

The residents of the English town of Hastings received a bit of a shock one morning in 1919, just after the end of the First World War, when they discovered a whole German U-Boat stranded on their shores. Here's where it gets scary:

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(as if it wasn't already scary to begin with.) Two coastguards began offering tours of the interior before falling ill and passing away soon after — it was assumed that their deaths were caused by the boat's batteries leaking chlorine gas.

25. An army of ducks... plastic ones

Ah, the captivating tale of the 29,000 rubber ducks that embarked on an unexpected odyssey across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, voyaging far and wide after their serendipitous release from a cargo ship in 1992. These whimsical yellow emissaries, initially scattered by mishap, evolved.

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In 1992, 29,000 rubber ducks were released into the Pacific after a cargo ship sailing from China scattered its contents. Since then, they have been traveling with the tides across the ocean, appearing in the UK, Australia, South America, and everywhere else. The good part? They are now used by scientists to track ocean currents.

26. Plenty of crabs

Amidst the serene beauty of Hawaii's coastal landscapes, a phenomenon unfolds that tugs at the heartstrings—the annual migration of countless larvae belonging to the aptly named 7-11 crabs, a spectacle both mesmerizing and disconcerting.

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The larvae of 7-11 crabs are plentiful in Hawaii, but when you find hundreds (perhaps thousands) of them in an unsafe region (for them), it makes everyone feel kinda tense. Allegedly, the air bubbles found in their shells prevented the little crabs from diving, leaving them stuck on the sand. Sometimes, it's a short life.

27. A human-like monster

Given the state of technology today, this may easily be fake news. However, it was claimed that this human-like creature had been discovered in Australia on a beach. C'mon, you need to admit that it resembles an alien more than a person.

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Again, it's difficult to say whether it's real or not, but if it is, wouldn't that be one terrifying-looking monster? Although it may have simply been edited and posted online to spark conversation, it still looks sinister.

28. An enormous rubber fender

Imagine the juxtaposition—a car parked innocuously on a beach, standing starkly alongside a colossal ship's fender, a sight that skews perspectives and triggers an illusion of menace where none inherently exists. This oversized maritime accessory takes on an intimidating aura.

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When compared to a car parked on a beach, a ship's fender appears extremely menacing, even though it doesn't appear as terrifying when it's next to the vessel itself. Nobody has reported this one missing, though. As time went by, it actually became a regional tourism destination once people grew accustomed to the sight and learned about it.

29. A truck-size shark

In January 2021, a male basking shark with a length of 26 feet washed ashore on Bremen, Maine's coastlines, startling fishermen nearby with its truck-sized mass. Even though they are enormous, basking sharks aren't actually a threat...

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... and are not believed dangerous to people. They typically prefer to float through the water with their jaws open, filtering delicious food through their gills. Scientists aren't sure what exactly caused the death of this shark.

30. A ghost ship

The mysterious arrival of a ship without lifeboats or survivors, silently docking in a harbor off the coast of Liberia, unfurled a perplexing tale that continues to intrigue and baffle maritime enthusiasts and investigators alike. The enigma surrounding this vessel's journey...

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There were no lifeboats or survivors aboard this ship when it reached a harbor off the coast of Liberia. What is the plot? Nobody knows for sure, but some theories say it may have been robbed by pirates or abandoned because the owner could not pay his workers.

31. A bag of human hands!

The grim and inexplicable discovery of severed hands, bundled together in a haunting parcel that washed ashore on a Siberian coast, stands as a chilling testament to the macabre mysteries hidden within the tides. The shock and horror felt upon finding not just a single hand...
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This is grim, to say the least! We don't know what's worse, the fact hands were rolling up on shore, or the fact that all the severed hands were stored together in a bag! There were 54 hands in the bag that washed up on a Siberian shore. Medical equipment was also discovered nearby, which suggests they were stored and then disposed of incorrectly!

32. Giant snowballs

Imagine a surreal scene along the shore—a landscape reminiscent of a snowman graveyard, adorned with an array of snowballs of diverse sizes, ranging from petite orbs akin to tennis balls to colossal boulders of ice scattered across the beachscape.
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It looks like a snowman graveyard, doesn't it? These snowballs varied from tiny tennis ball sized, to massive huge boulders of ice! The reason all these snowballs washed up on shore was because of ice forming on the waves which were then rolled into balls due to the wind and momentum of the water!

33. A huge die

Picture the surprising scene—a stretch of beach, an unexpected terrain for a surreal discovery: a colossal six-sided die, an incongruous apparition nestled on the shores of Idaho in the United States. This unconventional beachcomber's find defied expectations.
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If there's one thing you don't expect to randomly see on a beach, it has to be a giant six-sided die. It was made of rusty metal, and found on a shore in Idaho in the US. It turns out that the rusty metal box was an old storage tank that had washed up, and some budding artist decided to put white spots on it!

34. Bits of whale

The discovery of random pieces of a decomposed whale strewn along the shore evokes a uniquely unsettling sensation, quite distinct from encountering an intact carcass or whale-related remnants. In the wake of such a disconcerting find, one's mind instinctively wanders...
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We've had whale vomit and whole dead whales being found on shores, but it's also not unheard of to find random pieces of whale which have decomposed. What makes the whale bits more scary to find compared to a whole one is that you have to think what other sort of sea creature was responsible for the whale ending up in bits...

35. E.T - yes, that E.T!

Ah, a tale that straddles the realms of science fiction and reality—a poignant and unexpected journey of a very special E.T., not the extraterrestrial luminary from Spielberg's iconic movie, but an intricately crafted and cherished prop, born from the creative endeavors of a woman's daughter.
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So this wasn't the original E.T from the Spielberg movie - because we all know he went home - but it was a very realistic prop that a woman's daughter had made as part of her stage makeup course. The treasured alien possession was then stolen when the woman's home was robbed, but E.T later washed up on the shore near her home!

36. A bunch of human feet

The unsettling saga of severed feet washing ashore along the Canadian coastline stands as a haunting and inexplicable enigma, a macabre series of events that have left investigators and beachgoers alike grasping for answers amidst the eerie discovery of these severed appendages, complete with shoes.
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This is worse because we've just had a bag of severed hands washing up, so are we basically just getting every body part delivered separately? In Canada, there have been over 12 severed feet washing up on shore, complete with shoes. No one knew where they were coming from!

37. Mayan human remains

The astonishing discovery nestled within a coastal cave, unveiled only after the melting of ice caps granted access to uncharted territories, unfolded a chapter of human history steeped in antiquity and mystery. Scientists seized the newfound opportunity to explore previously inaccessible realms.
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This one didn't exactly wash up on a public beach, but it was found in a coastal cave due to scientists being able to explore after ice caps melted and the cave became accessible where it wasn't before. Inside were discovered Mayan remains at around 9,000 years old!

38. Bones from the Ice Age

The Mexican coastal cave, shrouded in enigma and secrets, continued to unfold its mysteries, revealing an astonishing tapestry of human and prehistoric remnants coexisting within its ancient chambers. Amidst the remarkable discovery of Mayan remains dating back 9,000 years.
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Not only that, but this coastal cave revealed other secrets - and remains - too. In the Mexican coastal cave, there were also discovered a bunch of bones, which were later revealed to be bones dating back to the Ice Age! Why Mayan and Ice Age remains were together, we have no idea.

39. Thousands of jellyfish

Imagine a beach transformed into a surreal seascape, blanketed by an otherworldly carpet of thousands upon thousands of jellyfish strewn across the sand—a spectacle both mesmerizing and daunting in its sheer magnitude. The unsettling sight of these gelatinous creatures...
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Now one jellyfish is bad enough if it's a dangerous one you have to watch out for - but can you imagine stumbling across thousands of jellyfish littered along the beach? Unfortunately it's just one of those natural things where the jellyfish easily get washed on shore and can't get back again.

40. A beached killer whale

Encountering a live and potentially dangerous ocean predator stranded on a tranquil shore can indeed be a nerve-wracking and daunting experience, fraught with both concern and awe for the unsuspecting beachgoer who stumbles upon such an unexpected sight.
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Nobody wants to see a live beached animal on the shore, and luckily for this one, rescuers actually arrived in time to save it! But stumbling across a dangerous ocean predator on the beach had to be scary for whoever first found it. It was discovered on a beach in Scotland!

41. A basking shark the size of a truck

Encountering a massive basking shark, a creature the size of a truck, sprawled lifeless on the sandy shore, presents a truly daunting and eerie spectacle for anyone who chances upon such an astonishing sight. The juxtaposition of the ocean's colossal titan.
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One thing you don't want to see when you've opted to stay out of the ocean in the first place is a massive shark on the sand in front of you. In this case, this shark - which was a basking shark the size of a truck - was actually already dead, but it must have been a fright for the person who found it!

42. A weird, twisted pile of rope

Encountering a massive tangle that appears to be rope strewn across the beach can evoke a myriad of thoughts and concerns. The mind may race through scenarios—did a vessel lose this, was it used as a tool or a weapon, or was someone clinging to it in distress?
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Many things might go through your head if you stumble across a massive tangle of rope on the beach: has a boat lost it? Was someone holding onto it? Is it some weird weapon someone tried to dispose of? In this case, it wasn't even rope at all, but a type of coral known as the colorful sea whip!

43. 49 whales!

The startling scene of 49 whales stranded on a remote beach in New Zealand paints a haunting picture of a dramatic and distressing event in the natural world. The sheer magnitude of this mass stranding, reminiscent of an otherworldly and unsettling spectacle.
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Can you believe that not 1, but 49 whales became stranded on a remote beach in New Zealand? Imagine what that looked like! Scary to say the least. Rescuers and volunteers managed to help as many as they could - 9 sadly died after being beached, but 40 managed to get back into the water!

44. River monster

The startling discovery of a mysterious and colossal river monster's carcass on the shores of Florida sent shockwaves through the community, sparking initial fears of an unexpected and unnerving visitor from the Amazon River potentially making its presence felt in new territory.
image source:
The body of a strange river monster was found on the shore in Florida, and people were initially afraid this scary monster from the Amazon river was going to relocate! Its rotting body turned up near the Gulf of Mexico, and is one of the largest freshwater fish, making it pretty intimidating.

45. A strange moonfish!

Encountering the majestic and striking appearance of the moonfish, a creature renowned for its vibrant and captivating beauty, presents a paradoxical mix of wonder and bewilderment when discovered on the shores of Oregon, USA. The sight of this colossal and distinctive species!
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As majestic-looking as this colorful fish is, you wouldn't want to stumble across it on the beach! Just look at it! Known as the moonfish, this strange species weighs 100 pounds and was found on a beach in Oregon, USA. It was found 100 miles from where it was usually supposed to be!

46. A fish trapped inside a jellyfish

The astonishing sight of a stranded jellyfish on a UK beach, akin to a peculiar aquatic Russian Doll, drew widespread attention and fascination due to its uncanny and unexpected contents—a completely intact and undigested fish visible within its translucent gelatinous form.
image source:
Like some weird aquatic Russian Doll, this beached jellyfish was noticed on a beach in the UK, but caused a stir because it had a completely intact and undigested fish visible through its translucent shape. The fish was dead and would have been digested had the jellyfish not beached and died itself!

47. Sacks of milk powder

The idyllic scene of a New Zealand beach, typically a haven of tranquility and natural beauty, took an unexpected turn when it became inundated with an unusual and bizarre sight—bags of milk powder strewn across its shores. The surreal transformation of the beach into a landscape littered with cargo...
image source:
You'd have to wonder what on earth was going on if you went for a nice day at the beach and saw this! This beach in New Zealand was covered in huge bags of milk powder - it later turned out they'd come from a cargo ship that had unfortunately hit a reef and spilled its cargo!

48. A whale carcass that smelled like death

The discovery of a deceased minke whale sprawled across the beach in Plymouth, Massachusetts, conjured a distressing and disconcerting sight that instigated a visceral and pungent assault on the senses. The sight of the whale carcass was eerie and unsettling in itself.
image source:
A whale carcass is bad enough - but one making the whole beach smell like death? Nightmare fuel. This dead minke whale was found on a beach in Plymouth, Massachusetts, but while the sight of it was scary enough, the local residents explained that it smelled so bad it was like "death in a dumpster".

49. Huge pipes

The serene and peaceful ambience of an early morning walk along the shores of Norfolk, United Kingdom, was disrupted by a peculiar and unexpected sight—a scattering of enormous plastic piping sprawled across the beach.
image source:
On a beach in Norfolk, United Kingdom, early morning walkers saw random pieces of huge plastic piping lying on the shore! We hope that the sun had fully risen at that point because that must have been eerie to see a massive weird shape in half-darkness! The pipes had apparently come loose from tug boats and drifted to shore.

50. Toy eggs

The serene shores of a beach in Germany were transformed into an unexpected and vivid display, as thousands of colorful toy eggs blanketed the sand—a scene that spoke volumes about the ongoing challenges posed by plastic pollution in our oceans.
image source:
We all know that plastic on the beach is a bad enough situation at the moment, but this is something else. Thousands of colorful toy eggs washed up on a beach in Germany, and it turned out that they'd been lost from a freight container that had hit a storm. Luckily, volunteers helped with shifting the plastic eggs off the beach!