Rules That Contestants Have To Follow On The Voice US

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Step into the electrifying world of "The Voice US," where the stage is set for vocal brilliance and raw talent to shine. Behind the scenes, amidst the glamour and the thrill of the spotlight, exists a labyrinth of rules and regulations that weave the magic of this iconic show. From the spine-tingling blind auditions to the pulsating live performances, these rules form the invisible threads that bind the journey of contestants, ensuring a fair and exhilarating musical showdown.

You Have To Be 13 Years Or Older

"The Voice US" stands as a beacon of opportunity, transcending age barriers and welcoming prodigious talent from diverse age groups. Its inclusivity allows budding young stars, as young as 13, to share the stage with seasoned adults, leveling the playing field solely on the merit of their vocal prowess.
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The Voice US is an amazing show because it allows young teens to compete alongside adults, providing they are at least 13 years of age. Many kids have experienced success since appearing on the show. The youngest winner up to now is Danielle Bradbury who won Season 4 when she was only 16 years old.Original content sourced from

Applicants Must First Audition Virtually

The audition process for "The Voice US" is a meticulously curated journey that begins long before the hopefuls set foot in the dazzling studio lights. It's not merely about joining a serpentine queue that winds its way through the city blocks, echoing with nerves and anticipation.
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Applicants don't just turn up at the audition venue and stand in the queue until it's their turn. If that was the case, there would be a stream of hopeful singers stretching for miles. They must record themselves first and submit the clip to the casting team for them to review.

Producers May Recruit Applicants

"The Voice US" isn't just about waiting for hopefuls to come knocking at its doors; sometimes, it's the other way around. Behind the scenes, the show's producers, armed with an unquenchable thirst for authentic talent, embark on their own quest, scouring the nation for hidden gems within the musical landscape.
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Producers have also been known to reach out to local musicians across the country and ask them to audition, says Season 1 contestant Vicci Martinez. She told Cosmopolitan, "What I realized is they wanted to make it a show that had real artists, people who were serious about doing music and not just people who sing in the bathroom." Interesting!

Hopefuls Have One And A Half Virtual Minutes To Impress

Imagine the pressure cooker of talent simmering within the confines of a virtual casting call for "The Voice US." Here, aspiring vocal virtuosos aren't just vying for attention; they're navigating a meticulously timed dance of introduction, explanation, and performance, all encapsulated within a mere 90 seconds.
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During the virtual casting call, singers are timed and have exactly a minute and a half to impress. That includes introducing themselves, explaining why they have chosen that particular song and then singing the chosen song, including at least one verse and a chorus...

Groups Compete Along With Solo Acts

The debate swirling around duos, trios, and the blurred lines between them in "The Voice US" is akin to a musical tug-of-war, where definitions and distinctions become pivotal in the pursuit of fairness and equality. The crux of contention arises from the eligibility of these musical configurations, particularly when trios stand shoulder to shoulder with duos in the battleground of competition.
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There has been backlash in the past as duos and trios can register and compete and it's thought the trios should be called "a group."  This is because they may have an unfair advantage on the duos. After the folk trio "A Girl Named Tom" won Season 21,  many fans debated this point but the process did not change.

The Call Backs Are Next!

The transition from a virtual casting call to standing in front of the producers marks a pivotal juncture in the exhilarating journey toward stardom on "The Voice US." For the chosen few who advance from the sea of hopefuls, this moment is akin to stepping onto a musical tightrope, balancing talent, charisma, and the elusive quality of being "TV ready."
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After passing the virtual casting call, it's then time to sing in front of the producers.  Thousands usually apply from Los Angeles but only a hundred will get to the next stage.  Following further discussions, it is determined who is tv ready and who is going to be brought on to the show. Exciting times!

There's Intense Training Before Blind Auditions

The evolution of contestant support and preparation on "The Voice US" across different seasons underscores the show's commitment to honing not just vocal talents but also the holistic skills necessary for navigating the multifaceted landscape of stardom.
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Kat Perkins from Season 6 revealed that The Voice US provided her with training on every possible scenario such as getting sick to managing social media. This appears to be something the show has implemented over time, as contestants in Seasons 1 and 2 didn't remember receiving such training.

Applicants Are Free To Try Again

The journey of aspiring vocalists on "The Voice US" is an unpredictable rollercoaster, where the path to success often meanders through unexpected twists and turns. For those who face the bitter pill of rejection in the initial rounds, hope isn't lost; rather, it lingers like a beacon, guiding them back for another shot at their musical dream in future seasons.
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Some singers who don't make it to the blind auditions are obviously very disappointed but there is still a glimmer of hope as they are allowed to return in future seasons and try again. Ddendyl Hoyt tried out for Season 5, didn't make the cut but came back, joining Shakira's team the following year.

They Get To Rehearse Before Filming

Before the shimmering spotlight and the hushed anticipation of a live audience, contestants on "The Voice US" undergo a crucial phase of preparation that's as meticulous as it is essential. The transition from a hopeful vocalist to a polished performer is a journey that unfolds over several days.
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Wannabes are not stuck straight in the spotlight in front of a live audience as that would be extremely daunting for them. Several days leading up to their big moment, the singers are allowed to practice with the live band and camera-block with producers on the audition stage.

Coaches Listen To 20 Auditions A Day

The illusion of a whirlwind of auditions compacted into a single day is masterfully crafted on "The Voice US," yet the reality behind the scenes unveils a more intricate and thoughtfully paced process. Contrary to the seamless flow presented on television, the blind auditions unravel over a span of five to six days.
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To us, the viewers, it may seem as if the coaches are listening to hundreds of singers in a single day but that's not actually the vase. Blind auditions tape for 5 or 6 days, getting through around 18-20 auditions each day. This was confirmed by the former executive producer, Audrey Morrissey.

Singers Get To Choose Their Coach If More Than One Chair Turns

The moment a contestant earns the coveted honor of having multiple chairs swivel around, signaling the validation of their talent by not just one but multiple esteemed coaches, marks a pivotal crossroads in their journey on "The Voice US."
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If a contestant is fortunate enough to see at least two, or up to four judges turn around in their chairs, then he or she is faced with a difficult decision. Which judge should the singer go with? Performers will have to decide the coach they want to work with the most and that might not be easy.

Contestant Can't be Scared In Front Of Crowd

The transition from solitary rehearsals to the electrifying stage of "The Voice US" is a seismic shift, plunging contestants into a whirlwind of nerves, anticipation, and the pulsating energy of the live audience. No amount of preparation can shield them from the sheer magnitude of the moment.
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Despite putting in lots of hours rehearsing, nothing can fully prepare someone to audition in front of the four coaches.  Then there is the huge audience who are cheering behind them, making the room sound so loud. It's so important that the contestant doesn't get scared as this will show in their performance.

Contestants Get Offered Perks From Judges

The competitive spirit among the coaches on "The Voice US" isn't just about securing the most talented contestants; it's a stage for their own brand of showmanship and creative tactics. When the battle for a standout performer escalates to a fever pitch, these musical maestros unleash a treasure trove.
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This isn't exactly a rule but it is certainly worth mentioning. The coaches, stars in their own rights, often keep a few tricks up their sleeves from season to season!  When they are fighting over the same contestant, one of them might offer custom apparel or do an emotional serenade.

Everyone Gets A Makeover After Blind Auditions

The visual spectacle of "The Voice US" extends far beyond the vocal performances, weaving a tapestry of style and fashion that elevates the entire show. Behind the scenes, the meticulous work of fashion consultants like Donna Morrissey unfolds as they embark on a transformative journey.
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Fashion consultant Donna Morrissey told SheKnows that they shop for each artist so they can come up up with some great looks. Once the live shows are aired, the looks are customized for each individual performance. Hairstyles are often changed as well, to match the outfits.

Singers Should Trust Their Coaches

The bond between coaches and their teams on "The Voice US" transcends mere mentorship; it's a symbiotic relationship built on trust, guidance, and an unwavering commitment to fostering success. Within this dynamic, coaches often leverage their experience and intuition to guide contestants toward moments of brilliance, even when the artists might initially harbor doubts.
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Coaches want to see their teams succeed more than anything and more often than not, they do make the right call. John Legend came up for a song for Maelyn Jarmon in Season 16 and the singer wasn't sure about it. Turns out it was a smasher and the crowd went crazy!

They Don't Get To Choose Their Own Songs

The delicate balance between coaches and their contestants on "The Voice US" extends beyond vocal guidance to the realm of song selection—a pivotal aspect that can either elevate a performance to new heights or become a stumbling block in the contestant's journey.
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For the most part, coaches will pick the songs for their acts throughout the season, even if the contestants are not always in agreement. Occasionally, the song goes against the singer which can be frustrating and the coach has to hold up their hands and take responsibility.

Those Red Chairs Aren't As Dramatic In Person.

The pulsating energy of "The Voice US" fills the room as contestants pour their hearts into their performances, enveloped in a cocoon of melodies and emotions. Amidst the nerve-wracking anticipation of the blind auditions, the sound of the iconic chairs turning isn't as pronounced as the TV audience might perceive.
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The chairs aren't as loud as they appear to be on television.  The "whoosh" noise that happens when a coach hits their button and spins around is added in post production. The contestants would hardly be aware when they are focussing on their performance and singing to the audience.

Rehearsal Times Depend On Each Coach's Schedule

The glamorous world of "The Voice US" often demands an unwavering commitment to excellence, even in the most unconventional and demanding of circumstances. For contestants like Vicci Martinez, navigating the erratic schedules of high-profile coaches becomes a testament to their dedication.
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When dealing with high profile celebrities, singers have to be ready to perform, no matter when. Vicci Martinez, in Season 1, recalled she once waited until 3 o'clock in the morning for coach Cee Lo Green.  She had to rehearse and record three songs to be uploaded to iTunes following that particular week's episode.

Contestants Won't See Carson Daly Much

The life of a TV host, especially one as multifaceted as Carson Daly, is a whirlwind of activity that spans coast to coast. Juggling the responsibilities of hosting "The Voice US" and anchoring the Today show injects a frenetic pace into Daly's weekly routine, leaving him with a schedule that's as dynamic as it is demanding.
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The host has such a crazy busy schedule that he doesn't have lots of time to mingle with the contestants. Carson Daly flies back and forth each week, spending Monday and Tuesday with The Voice US in LA and the rest of the week he is back in New York with the Today show.

Things Move Fast During Live Shows

The adrenaline-fueled chaos behind the scenes of "The Voice US" during commercial breaks is akin to a carefully choreographed ballet, where precision and swiftness reign supreme amidst the controlled chaos of set changes. As the broadcast pauses for commercials, an army of unsung heroes springs into action, transforming the stage with a flurry of activity.
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Contestants have to be quick on their feet and remain ready to perform at a moment's notice. The iconic show has anywhere between 30 and 50 crew members performing set changes during the commercial breaks and it gets very hectic, especially against the clock.

Teams Get Advice From Everyone

The magnetic aura of talent that pervades the atmosphere of "The Voice US" extends far beyond what the viewers witness on their screens. Beyond the stellar performances, a hidden layer of mentorship and guidance takes center stage, shrouded from the audience's view yet integral to the contestants' growth.
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Being surrounded by such talent is certainly a huge learning opportunity.  What isn't shown to the viewers is the amount of coaching provided by the whole staff.  That includes the vocal coaches, of course and the band director and producers who all get involved in the process.

The "Instant Save" Changes Everything

"The Voice US" injects an element of unpredictability into the elimination process, defying the conventional rules of a mere popular vote. When the contestant with the lowest votes faces the looming threat of elimination, a captivating twist known as the Instant Save competition emerges as a beacon of hope.
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Just because a contestant on the show receives the lowest amount of votes, that doesn't automatically mean that they will be eliminated. The instant save competition, where the two singers with the lowest votes perform new songs for America's re-vote, will be the decider on who stays and who goes.

After Elimination, Contestants Leave Immediately

The camaraderie among contestants on "The Voice US" isn't just a fleeting connection; it's a bond forged through shared aspirations, relentless training, and intense preparation. In the lead-up to the blind auditions, these budding artists often find themselves in an immersive world of musical camaraderie.
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Some contestants strike up friendships with other singers when they are preparing for the blind auditions.  They can spend weeks training and it is very intense.  Once a singer is eliminated, that's it!  They are out on their ear and are not allowed to even call or text.

But Not Before Speaking To A Mental Health Professional

The whirlwind journey of contestants on "The Voice US" isn't just a musical odyssey; it's a rollercoaster of emotions, spotlighting their talent on a national stage amidst the glare of media attention. However, when the inevitable moment of elimination arrives, the emotional toll can be profound.
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After being eliminated, contestants will speak with a psychiatrist who has been hired by the show. "It's very needed because you'll never go through anything like it again," said one of the producers.  It can be an emotional and traumatic experience to be thrust into the spotlight with so much media attention.

Contestants Watch Other Performances From Separate Building

The glitz and glamour of "The Voice US" seen on screen conceal a hidden world that's equally fascinating and integral to the show's dynamics. While the audience is captivated by the performances and the intense coach interactions, what transpires offstage remains a mystery.
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As viewers, we never really know what goes on behind the scenes on of our favorite shows, The Voice US.  Fans may be surprised to know that when they aren't on stage, singers watch their competition from a Press room, a golf cart ride away, in another building.

Team Members Can Seek Support From Coaches Any Times

The dedication of the celebrity coaches on "The Voice US" goes far beyond the televised performances and extends into a realm of unwavering support and commitment to their contestants' success. Adam Levine's exemplary dedication, as an illustration, showcases the depth of mentorship and support offered off-camera.
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Even after the show gained traction, the celebrity coaches stayed supportive to their acts. Adam Levine was supposedly available 24/7 through a special email he set up through The Voice US.  His assistant also offered to take calls during the night before a performance.  That's commitment!

Singers Develop Close Bonds With Their Coaches

The genuine camaraderie and connections showcased on "The Voice US" extend far beyond the confines of the stage. Behind the scenes, the relationships forged between coach and contestant aren't just for the cameras; they're rooted in genuine care and mentorship.
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The relationships you see on the show are not just for the tv - they are very real.  It has been reported that Blake Shelton had even given his personal phone number to his team so they can text him.  Blake has also been known to invite his performers to his home for barbecues.

Some Relationships Last After Show Is Over

The relationship between coaches and contestants on "The Voice US" often extends far beyond the confines of the show's finale. For many contestants, being mentored by established industry stars like Blake Shelton offers a gateway to a world of incredible opportunities even after the competition ends.
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Coaches can remain mentors for their singers way after the finale.  It can even lead to incredible work opportunities, whether or not the singer has won. In 2017, Blake tapped season 6 semi-finalist Sundance Head and Season 2's RaeLynn to open for him on his last tour...

Singers Can Find Fame Without Winning

"The Voice US" has been a launchpad for numerous artists who, despite not clinching the winner's title, managed to carve out incredibly successful careers post-show. Contestants like Melanie Martinez and RaeLynn are shining examples of how the platform provided by the show propelled their careers.
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From Melanie Martinez to country artist RaeLynn - there have been many contestants who were not crowned the winning voice of their season but still grew a huge fan base after appearing on the show. Not having the pressure of living up to the win, they were more relaxed and grateful for any opportunities.

Winning Doesn't Always Guarantee Success

Winning "The Voice US" and securing a record deal with Universal Music Group is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement, often perceived as a significant stepping stone in an artist's career. However, the reality is that post-show success and longevity in the industry are not solely guaranteed.
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The $100,000 prize from the record deal with Universal Music Group is quite mind blowing but does not guarantee continued success. The very first winner of The Voice US, Javier Colon, left Universal after just one year, apparently due to differences between the label and himself.

Secrets Behind The Voice US: Contestants Have To Sign Crazy Contracts

The world of reality competition shows like "The Voice US" is governed by intricate legalities and contracts, designed to protect the show's interests and outline the parameters within which contestants operate. These contracts, often comprehensive and detailed, encompass various clauses...
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Competition shows are known for having to be very careful and cover every avenue in terms of liability, and The Voice is no different. The contestants have to sign crazy contracts which stipulate what the show can and can't do at the expense of the contestants.

Judges Are Replaced So Much To Keep Costs Low

The rotation of judges on shows like "The Voice US" can indeed lead to some heartache for fans who grow attached to their favorite coaches, and there are various reasons behind this revolving door of talent on the panel.
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You might have been wondering why judges are replaced so often on the show - there have been so many amazing judges, and it's hard to see your favorite go so quickly! Well, the show constantly replaces judges to keep costs down - because new judges cost less than long-time ones!

There Was An Apparent Feud Between Christina Aguilera And Blake Shelton

Rumors of tensions or disagreements between judges on shows like "The Voice US" often capture the attention of fans and media alike. In the case of Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton, speculation arose regarding a potential feud, particularly surrounding the circumstances of Aguilera's departure from the judging panel.
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There was an alleged feud between Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton, and people thought that was the reason that Christina didn't return as a judge. The feud came about when Shelton apparently wanted his partner Gwen Stefani to to stay on the show instead.

The Winner Of Season 1 Gave Up His Prize

The story of the winner of Season 1 of "The Voice US" serves as a poignant reminder that success in the music industry isn't solely guaranteed by winning a talent show or securing a record label. Javier Colon's journey after winning the inaugural season highlighted the complexities and challenges that artists might face post-victory.
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It sounds strange to think you can actually win a talent show but then backtrack and give up all you've worked hard for. But that's exactly what happened to the winner of season 1, showing it is possible to give up that fame and victory. It just goes to show that having a record label doesn't result in success.

There Was A Voting Glitch In Season 6

A voting glitch disrupting the iTunes charts during a critical phase of the competition could have spelled disaster for the fairness and outcome of the show. However, the silver lining emerged when the contestant affected by the glitch emerged victorious despite the unforeseen technical issue.
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This one would have turned out a lot worse if it didn't turn out that the victim of the voting glitch ended up being the winner anyway! The glitch came from purchases on the iTunes charts, which were supposed to count as votes towards the three remaining contestants, but not all the iTunes purchases were logging.

Gwen Stefani's Marriage Drama

The dynamics between Gwen Stefani and her then-husband Gavin Rossdale on "The Voice US" offered an intriguing glimpse into the complexities of working together in a professional capacity within the show's high-stakes environment.
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Whilst working as a judge on the show, Gwen Stefani had her then-husband Gavin Rossdale as an 'advisor' to her contestants on the show. But apparently they didn't play - or rather, work - very well together, and apparently got into a fight over the decision.

The Live Tour Of The Voice Was A Failure

The failure of "The Voice" official tour, despite featuring a lineup of exceptionally talented and professional singers, sheds light on the challenges that live tours and events can face, even with a pool of renowned performers.
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How could a tour of professional and talented singers banding together ever be a failure? Well, apparently it can be, because The Voice official tour was a big fat failure. While some locations sold a lot of tickets, the sales were ultimately disappointing and the tour was cancelled.

There Was Controversy Over CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green's tenure as a judge on "The Voice US" indeed coincided with his popularity and success in the music industry. His decision to take a break from the show initially left the door open for a potential return, as he was reportedly told that he'd be welcome back anytime.
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CeeLo Green was a judge on the show who was popular at the time, and after deciding to take a break, was told that he'd be welcome back anytime. But that was before he became embroiled in accusations of assault and certain controversial tweets and he didn't officially come back as a judge after that.

Contestants Don't Get To Say Goodbye If They're Eliminated

The departure of contestants from shows like "The Voice US" can indeed be a heart-wrenching experience, particularly after investing time, effort, and emotions into the competition. The process surrounding eliminations often unfolds abruptly, leaving contestants reeling from the suddenness of the news.
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This one has to hurt - you've come all that way as a contestant and made friends and you don't even get to say goodbye after getting that soul-crushing news! Apparently it's very abrupt because they're asked to leave the set immediately, and also to leave the hotel they've been staying in!

The Judges Pick Songs For Contestants

It's an intriguing aspect of shows like "The Voice US" where contestants often find themselves in a delicate position when it comes to song selection. While it might seem logical for contestants to have autonomy over their song choices, the reality within the dynamics of the show might differ.
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This makes it all the more hilarious when judges clapback at contestants for saying that they didn't think the song was right for them or suited their voice - when the judges are the ones who chose the song! You'd think as a contestant you'd at least be able to pick your own song.

The Contracts Actually State That The Show Can Expose Contestants To Ridicule

Contracts for reality TV shows like "The Voice US" often contain clauses that cover various aspects of the contestants' participation. These agreements, which can be quite extensive, aim to outline the rights and obligations of both the contestants and the production, including provisions related to the show's content and portrayal of contestants.
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One of the things the contracts for contestants state is that the show has the right to publicly ridicule or expose them to humiliation, which makes sense these days seeing as it's a talent show for 'drama' and ratings. The contract made it clear contestants could be facing public embarrassment!

The Contestants Speak With A Psychologist Before They're Allowed To Go Home

After an elimination on a show like "The Voice US," the well-being and emotional state of the contestants are given paramount importance. The show's protocols often include a mandatory post-elimination session with the show's psychologist or mental health professional.
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After a contestant is eliminated, they have to speak with the show's psychologist straight away so that they can determine whether the contestant is doing okay after the elimination. If they're deemed 'okay', then they're sent away from the show immediately.

The Famous 'Whoosh' Is Added Later

Yes, that iconic "whoosh" sound effect that accompanies the dramatic chair turns on "The Voice US" isn't actually the sound made by the chairs in real-time. It's a post-production addition included during the editing stage of the show.
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One of the most iconic things about the show is the whooshing sound as the judges press that button and swing their chairs around. But the 'whoosh' sound is actually added later during the editing stage, so the chairs don't actually make a noise that moment they're turned!

Contestants Are Trained To Face Issues Like Feeling Sick

Contestants on shows like "The Voice US" undergo comprehensive training that extends beyond honing their vocal abilities or understanding the audition process. They receive coaching and guidance to prepare for a wide array of scenarios they might encounter throughout their journey on the show.
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Contestants who get through to the audition stage aren't just trained about performing or how the audition works - they also undergo training for problems they could face on stage, like feeling sick and fainting, as well as training on how to deal with success or failure on the show.

Months Can Go By Between Audition Call And Blind Audition

The period between the initial audition call and the blind audition on shows like "The Voice US" spans several months. This timeline allows contestants the necessary duration to undergo extensive training, coaching, and preparation essential to refine their skills and ready themselves.
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The time between an audition call and the blind audition is actually quite lengthy - imagine waiting all that time with knots in your stomach waiting for the next round! That's because all that required training mentioned above takes place during these months.

Kelly Clarkson Prefers The Voice To Idol

Kelly Clarkson, who gained immense fame and recognition through her victory on "American Idol," indeed holds a unique perspective on talent shows. Despite her roots and initial success tied to "American Idol," she has openly expressed her preference for "The Voice" over other talent shows.
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Kelly Clarkson became a celebrity sensation thanks to her appearance on American Idol - so you think she'd have a soft spot for this talent show in particular. But actually she's admitted that she much prefers The Voice to American Idol - or any other talent show!

The 'First Female Coach To Win' Confusion

While Christina Aguilera's win as a judge on "The Voice US" marked a significant milestone in the US version, she wasn't the first female judge to guide a winning contestant across all iterations of "The Voice" globally. Indeed, various international editions of "The Voice" have seen female judges or coaches emerge victorious with their mentees before Christina Aguilera's win on the US show...
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When Christina Aguilera won The Voice US as judge to the crowned contestant, she was labelled as the first female judge to win the show. While this might be true of the US version, it's not true of all series of The Voice around the world, as female judges have won before!

The Biggest Success of The Show Didn't Actually Win It

Melanie Martinez's journey after "The Voice US" Season 3 has indeed been an exceptional success story, even though she didn't secure the winning title or make it to the final rounds of the competition. Despite her elimination in Week 5 of the show, Melanie Martinez managed to carve out a remarkable career path.
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Superstar singer Melanie Martinez has arguably been the show's biggest success, but it's surprising because she didn't even win the show. She wasn't even in the final or down to the last two! Melanie appeared in season 3 and she was eliminated on week 5 of the show.

And The Show Has Been Criticised For Its Lack Of Success

You're right that "The Voice" winners and contestants might not dominate the charts as frequently or prominently as some winners from other talent shows. While some contestants from "The Voice" have achieved success in the music industry, the show's winners and participants often follow a different trajectory after the competition.
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When you think of other talent shows, you've definitely heard at least one of their songs in the charts, and you usually see a lot of them for a while before they either hit the big time or fade away. But the thing with The Voice is that it's hard to recognise any of its winners or contestants in the charts when you think about it.

Kelly Clarkson Has Been Considered The Show's Best Coach

Kelly Clarkson's success story from a talent show contestant to a highly regarded judge and coach on "The Voice" is indeed remarkable. Her experience as a contestant on "American Idol" and subsequent rise to stardom brings a unique perspective and depth to her role as a coach on "The Voice."
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Unsurprisingly, talent show success Kelly Clarkson has also been considered the best judge and coach on the show - not just because of ratings or likeability, but because she had the highest percentage of winning the series. It's also great to see a judge that's been through the process themselves!