Rebecca Loos Breaks Silence After David Beckham Addresses Their Alleged Affair For The First Time

By Aaron Love 8 months ago

Rebecca Loos

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It seems important to know everyone involved in this story first, Rebecca Loos was born in Spain although she holds Dutch citizenship. She previously worked as a glamour model although following the entire David Beckham debacle she embarked on a career in the media instead.

David Beckham

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David Beckham is probably the most well-known member within this story and the man who is believed to have had an affair on his wife. We all know David as being one of the greatest soccer players of all time and he has since continued building his legacy in the sport.

Victoria Beckham

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Victoria Beckham is the unfortunate soul who had to sit back and watch as this whole debacle rumbled on across the media. Although she was famous for being David's partner she also had an incredibly successful career in the music industry as part of the pop group 'The Spice Girls'.

She Worked As His PA

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Shortly after David Beckham made a transfer from English side Manchester United to Spanish side Real Madrid in 2003, Rebecca Loos was hired as his personal assistant. Supposedly, in the months that followed Loos has alleged that the two of them engaged in an affair.

The Bombshell

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After Loos left her role as David's personal assistant she quickly got in contact with some news publications to reveal the alleged affair that took the world, particularly the UK by storm at the time. Everyone seemed to love enjoying reading about this scandal that had taken place.

The News Of The World Story

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The news publication that seemed to create the most conversation around the scandal was that of the News of the World. That's because Rebecca Loos sold her story exclusively to them and in the context of history this was one of the last major cheating stories to hit the front pages.

The Sky News Interview

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Soon after the story broke via the newspapers, Rebecca Loos went on to appear on the UK's Sky News to further discuss the affair for the first time on our screens. Throughout the interview she revealed numerous bits of information, including some details surrounding the affair.

It Was A Mutual Thing

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Within the same Sky News interview, Rebecca Loos also revealed to the presenter, Kay Burley, that their was some strong chemistry between both herself and David. She also claimed that the whole thing was his idea, but that she felt strongly enough about him that she wanted to go ahead with it.

Rebecca And Victoria Were Friendly Before

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One of the most devastating parts of the alleged affair for Victoria was that it was something supposedly happening right beneath her nose. Rebecca and Victoria had managed to build a somewhat close relationship thanks to the two of them being close to one another round David.

Rebecca Was Shamed By Many

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In the aftermath of the story breaking and her various appearances on the pages of newspapers and on our screens, Rebecca Loos ended up revealing that she was being shamed by pretty much everyone. This occurred in person, online and even further on the front pages of our newspapers.

It Supposedly Happened More Than Once

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Amongst all of the details that Rebecca Loos revealed in her interviews, she dropped the bombshell that this affair wasn't just a one off thing but something that occurred multiple times before she ended up leaving her job as David Beckham's personal assistant in 2004.

There Was No Legal Challenge

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One of the most damning pieces of evidence against David Beckham throughout this whole scandal was that he never launched any form of legal challenge against Rebecca Loos for her claims. Usually, to defend themselves, celebs accused of cheating might take their accuser to caught for defamation.

Rebecca Clearly Agrees With This

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Clearly this is something that Rebecca Loos agrees with as she recently responded to a commenter on her Instagram post who made the same comment. She has kept fairly quiet since the incident but these little comments might make you think she could have more to say soon!

The Beckhams Have Always Denied It

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From the weeks and through the years since the affair was originally alleged, both David and Victoria Beckham have both continued to deny the allegations. They released statements at the time and even through the documentary they never really revealed whether or not it was true.

Victoria Hated David

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Throughout the David Beckham documentary on Netflix there was a lot of discussion around the alleged affair and the effect it had on the couple. Victoria revealed, unsurprisingly, that at the time she felt a hatred towards her husband because of the emotional turmoil she was put through.

They Nearly Split Up

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David also addressed the allegations within the documentary and claimed that some of the stories in print and media were far-fetched and quite difficult to deal with. He also said that the whole process was one of the most powerful bits of pressure that either of them had ever been put through.

Victoria's Opinion Now

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Continuing to open up on the alleged affair in the documentary, Victoria claimed that the whole period was the hardest in her life. The whole process made her question whether or not she was with the right person and if she would be able to continue on the path she was on.

David Struggled To Cope

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Further in to the conversation in the documentary, David Beckham became extremely emotional and explained that he didn't know if they were going to be able to get through it all. He claimed that they both had to fight for one another to keep the relationship going.

He Wanted To Quit Soccer

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The whole affair came at a bad time for David, he was in a country he didn't speak the language of and he spent a lot of time alone. New stories were arriving every day and for a period he felt as though he was scared to play football as he didn't know how the relationship would cope through the crisis.

It Boosted Rebecca's Career

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Despite receiving a lot of slack for her role in introducing the affair to the public, in the long run, the whole scandal benefitted her career massively. In the years following the allegations Rebecca Loos made a career for herself appearing on reality shows like Celebrity Love Island and The X-Factor.

They Stuck Together

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Despite everything that went on, both David and Victoria were able to continue through their respective careers following a difficult period for the duo. David carried on playing soccer for the foreseeable, even ending up playing and owning a team here in the US eventually.

David And Victoria Now

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Obviously, David and Victoria didn't allow the alleged affair to have an everlasting impact on their marriage and they now have four children together, one maybe even following in his dad's footsteps. We also see them fairly regularly in the media for their roles in business ventures and other activities.

Rebecca Loos Now

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Following 2009, Rebecca Loos took a little bit of a backseat from the public eye and has kept herself to herself. After meeting her husband on the reality show 71 Degrees North, she moved to Norway where she lives with her 2 kids and she actually works as a yoga and meditation teacher.

The Rebecca Loos Instagram Story

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In the week after the Netflix documentary was released Rebecca posted this story to her Instagram where she asked her followers if they wanted her to speak out. She seems slightly at war with herself as to whether to get back involved or just remain taking the back seat in life.

Her Instagram Comments

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She has also seemingly addressed the documentary within her own Instagram comments too. After it was released she received a lot of negative attention in her comments and when someone supported her she chose to say she was 'taking in the nasty comments' with as much humour as possible.

She Has Been Appreciating The Support

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Amongst all of the negativity she has been receiving on her social media platforms, Rebecca Loos has also had some people coming up to support her too. I'm sure in this period in which she's being constantly being vilified she would appreciate anyone with some kind words to say.

She's Just Trying To Get On With Life

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In the midst of all this going on, it's also clear that Rebecca Loos is also trying to keep going ahead with her life to try and avoid the distractions. Her Instagram has been littered with negativity so she has been trying to show it isn't affecting her too much by going about her personal life still.

Rebecca Writes Blogs

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On her blog, Rebecca has posted a lot about how energy has been provided to her by a new moon and that she now lives a happy and healthy life. Before this all came back to the forefront of the media she believed that she had found the place where her heart was the fullest.

She Hasn't Hidden Anything From Her Family

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She has also revealed and reflected on her former life, claiming that she obviously has loads of regrets. In fact, she hasn't even chosen to hide her negative side from her family, even her kids. They know everything about her so that they won't be surprised when they see or hear about it in the public.

She Even Worked As A Covid Tester

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In order to truly show how her life has changed from her wild days of reality TV and affairs, Rebecca Loos posted during the Covid-19 pandemic as to how she was involved in volunteering to help keep people tested and safe from the virus, she even considered turning to a nursing degree!