Real People Behind The Voices Of The Simpsons

By Jack Clark 11 months ago

1. Homer Simpson - Dan Castellaneta

Image Source: Simpsons Wiki - Fandom
Probably the most famous cartoon character to have ever existed, there won't be many people who own a TV who don't know who this guy is. This iconic character is brought to life by Dan Castellaneta who has been voicing him since the show's inception in 1989. From his catchphrase "D'oh!" to his love of donuts and beer, Homer Simpson is infamous in the world of cartoons and pop culture.

2. Marge Simpson - Julie Kavner

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The lesser-known Marge Simpson still plays a vital role in the show. She's the devoted and incredibly patient wife of Homer and deals with his continuous antics. Voiced by Julie Kavner, Marge has a distinctive voice that fans of the show would recognise anywhere, and Julie has been voicing her for over three decades. That's some dedication right there.

3. Bart Simpson - Nancy Cartwright

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"Cowabunga, dude!" - Bart Simpson, pretty much every single The Simpsons episode ever. The rebellious son of Homer and Marge is voiced by none other than Nancy Cartwright. Since the beginning of the show, Cartwright has been lending her voice to Bart, with iconic catchphrases like "Eat my shorts!", some of which have literally become cultural phenomena.

4. Lisa Simpson - Yeardley Smith

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The intelligent and compassionate Lisa Simpson is voiced by the talented Yeardley Smith. Lisa is known for her wit, sense of justice and, of course, her saxophone skills. Smith's voice perfectly captures Lisa's youthful idealism and emotional maturity, making her one of viewers most beloved characters. Smith has given life to Lisa Simpson and continues to do so to this day.

5. Maggie Simpson - Elizabeth Taylor

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Although Maggie Simpson doesn't speak like her family members (I mean, obviously, she's a baby), she plays an important role in a number of different episodes. Whilst she was voiced by various baby noises, in one episode the legendary Elizabeth Taylor lent her voice to Maggie and it became a memorable and unique moment in The Simpsons fandom.

6. Ned Flanders - Harry Shearer

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You're going to see Mr. Harry Shearer crop up quite a few times on this list - he voiced a LOT of characters in The SimpsonsOne of the most popular characters he voiced was none other than Ned Flanders, the cheery and seemingly unshakeable neighbour who has become of the most popular characters in the series. Ned Flanders remains an integral part of The Simpsons' charm.

7. Mr. Burns - Harry Shearer

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The consistent antagonist who has appeared throughout the lifespan of The Simpsons, Mr. Burns. This not-so-loveable character owns the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, and has featured in the cartoon series forever. This character is voiced by Harry Shearer - told you he'd be back. His vocal range is exceptional, and it really lends itself to voicing this iconic character.

8. Moe Szyslak - Hank Azaria

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Another voice actor that you'll see continually repeated on this list is none other than Hank Azaria. Let's start his exhaustive list with Moe Szyslak, the grumpy yet endearing bartender who owns Moe's Tavern. He has continuous interaction with the main protagonist, Homer, who visits the pub on a regular basis. Azaria voices Moe expertly with misery and sarcasm, but with a hint of vulnerability.

9. Krusty The Clown - Dan Castellaneta

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Oh look, the talented Dan C is back, this time voicing everyone's favorite cartoon clown, Krusty. Krusty The Clown is a favorite among the shows fanbase, and he's never failed to entertain the audience in every episode he's been a part of. Castellaneta brings Krusty The Clown to life with his iconic cackle and larger-than-life personality, and the show wouldn't be the same without him.

10. Chief Wiggum - Hank Azaria

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Chief Clancy Wiggum, the bumbling and donut-loving chief of the Springfield Police Department. Hank's back, and this time he lends his voice to Wiggum. His unique voice and hilarious police antics have him a memorable figure in The SimpsonsAzaria's ability to bring out the absurdity and charm in Wiggum's personality has made him one of the most loveable characters.

11. Apu - Hank Azaria

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Guess who's back, back again, Hank is back, tell a friend. This guy doesn't stop, and yet another iconic character under his belt. Apu, the owner of Kwik-E-Mart, is friendly and hardworking and is featured in a number of different episodes. Despite some controversy surrounding the character, Apu's humor and charm have resonated with many Americans over the years.

12. Comic Book Guy - Hank Azaria

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"Worst episode ever!" The Comic Book Guy, known for his sarcastic wit and seemingly infinite knowledge of pop culture, is yet another gem in Hank Azaria's vocal repertoire. With his monotone voice and cynical demeanor, the Comic Book Guy has become and iconic representation of comic book store owners everywhere. Azaria's portrayal of this character has made him a fan-favorite.

13. Barney Grumble - Dan Castellaneta

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Springfield's loveable yet perpetually intoxicated resident. Voiced by Dan C, Barney's slurred speech and comedic misadventures have provided many laughs throughout the series. Despite his struggles with alcohol, Barney's friendship with Homer remains a heartwarming aspect of the show. Castellaneta's portrayal of Barney's personality has made him a beloved character.

14. Millhouse Van Houten - Pamela Hayden

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Bart's loyal best pal and consistent underdog, Millhouse. He's voiced by Pamela Hayden, and his high-pitched voice and awkward charm make him one of the most recognizable characters on the show. He represents the quintessential geek of the show, and has been a consistent character throughout The Simpsons, and Hayden voices him absolutely perfectly.

15. Principal Skinner - Harry Shearer

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Principal Skinner, Springfield Elementary's strict and by-the-book principal, voiced by the highly-skilled Harry Shearer. Skinner constantly clashes with Bart Simpson and it provides continuous humor throughout the show. Shearer has a great ability to capture Skinner's authoritative and often neurotic personality, and it has made him a very memorable character in The Simpsons.

16. Groundskeeper Willie - Dan Castellaneta

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Yup, this guy is back again - this time voicing the iconic Groundskeeper Willie. "Oh Aye!", the tough and rugged Scotsman who is the school janitor at Springfield Elementary. His thick Scottish accent and no-nonsense attitude adds a delightful humor to The Simpsonsfrom his love for haggis and his continuous grudges with those around him, Castellaneta has made Willie a staple of the show.

17. Reverend Lovejoy - Harry Shearer

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"Can I get an amen?" Springfield's reverend, Lovejoy, is constantly stressed out and is another one of Shearer's standout performances. This character definitely adds a unique charm to the show, and Shearer captures Lovejoy's spiritual struggles and various predicaments brilliantly. Shearer has made Lovejoy an essential character in The Simpsons' community and he's a constant source of comedy.

18. Kent Brockman - Harry Shearer

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The animated and dramatic news anchor, Kent Brockman, is yet another brilliant character portrayed by none other than Harry Shearer. He's the face of channel 6 news, and his memorable catchphrase "This just in!" has become an integral part of The SimpsonsShearer's skilled voice acting brings out Brockman's exaggerated personality and hilarious character traits.

19. Sideshow Bob - Kelsey Grammer

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Voiced by the talented Kelsey Grammer, Sideshow Bob is the well-educated yet evil former sidekick of Krusty the Clown. Grammer's refined voice and Shakespearean references add depth to Sideshow Bob. His endless pursuit of Bart Simpson has created some of the show's most memorable moments, which in turn showcases Grammer's skill in bringing the character to life.

20. Ralph Wiggum - Nancy Cartwright

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The loveable and naive Ralph Wiggum is a student of Springfield Elementary. Ralph is voiced by Nancy Cartwright, and his childlike innocence and bizarre statements have made him a highlight of The Simpsons. Cartwright's portrayal of Ralph's sweet personality has won the hearts of the show's fans, and Ralph's character adds a certain to the series.

21. Patty & Selma Bouvier - Julie Kavner

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Marge's identical twin sisters, Patty & Selma Bouvier, are voiced by Julie Kavner. She lends her vocal talents to bring both Patty and Selma to life. Patty is the sarcastic but more reserved of the twins, and Selma is the more outgoing one with a dry sense of humor. Kavner skilfully brings both of these characters to life and provides fans of The Simpsons with some memorable moments.

22. Dr. Hibbert - Harry Shearer

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Does this guy basically voice everyone? I mean, he's rivalling Hank Azaria at this point. Dr. Hibbert is the Simpson's family doctor, and he works at Springfield Hospital along with owning M.D. Family practice - what a busy man! He is actually one of the most normal characters on the show, but he does seem to laugh at fairly inappropriate times.

23. Mayor Joe Quimby - Dan Castellaneta

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Dan C also voices a LOT of the main characters on The Simpsons, but when you have a talented voice actor like Castellaneta it's no surprise that the show get their use out of him. Quimby is a smooth-talking and questionable decision making is inspired by our real-life politicians, and Castellaneta does a great job of making Quimby seem very realistic.

24. Professor Frink - Hank Azaria

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The socially awkward but incredibly intelligent Doctor Frink is Springfields local scientist. He works at Springfield University, and his strange inventions often help the local town when a crisis strikes. He often shouts complete nonsense that has nothing to do with his current situation, which plays into the idea of him being a mad scientist, voiced brilliantly by Hank Azaria.

25. Nelson Muntz - Nancy Cartwright

Image Source: Simpsons Wiki - Fandom
With his tough exterior and troubled home life, Nelson's character evolves throughout the series. Cartwright expertly portrays Nelson, capturing his tough-guy persona along with his vulnerable side, making him an unexpected multi-dimensional character. "Ha-ha" is his signature phrase, and is synonymous with The Simpsons.

26. Superintendent Gary Chalmers - Hank Azaria

Image Source: The Independent
"Skinner!!!!" This brings back memories. Superintendent Chalmers is Skinner's boss, and is voiced by - you guessed it - Hank Azaria! Chalmers is stern and often very temperamental, and always loses his rag with Skinner or Bart Simpson. He is one of the only characters in The Simpsons that has a good deal of authority, and Azaria once again brings the character to life.

27. Disco Stu - Hank Azaria

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Disco Stu is the resident party animal of Springfield, and is the final character on this list voiced by Hank Azaria. Stu owns a disco, called Stu's Disco, and pretty much refers to himself in the third person. He isn't a major character, but he has made several appearances throughout the show. Also, Disco Stu was apparently once married to Marge's sister, Selma.

28. Fat Tony - Joe Mantegna

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Hey, forget about it! Fat Tony is Springfields resident mob boss, and is voiced by Joe Mantegna. With his distinctive New York accent, Fat Tony embodies the classic mafia boss persona. Whether he's running Springfield's organized crime or engaging in hilarious mob-related situation, Fat Tony is a great edition to the show, and Mantegna's portrayal makes him a fan-favorite.

29. Hans Moleman - Dan Castellaneta

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You can say what you want about The Simpsons character names, but the mole-like Hans Moleman is a pretty accurate name. Once again, we see that Dan Castellaneta voices the final character on this list, bringing his grand total up to six characters. Not quite Azaria and Shearer levels, but close. His vocal range is one to be marvelled over!

30. That's A Lot Of Characters

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There are many different characters in The Simpsonsand many different voice actors. Castellaneta, Azaria and Shearer make up the bulk of this list, but there are plenty of characters throughout the history of the show that haven't been mentioned here - we could continue writing this list until it reached 100 points. The Simpsons is a timeless cartoon show and it continues to make audiences laugh today.