Real Life Partners Of House Of Dragon

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

1. Matt Smith

Image source/ seyrederizMatt Smith has made a name for himself in the acting world particularly in recent years. Now he is playing Prince Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon as he has landed one of the main roles of the new series which has everybody hooked.Original content sourced from

2. Matt Smith Girlfriend

Image source/ mandyrahotlinenewsAs we all know, Matt Smith was with actress Lily James for many years before the two of them sadly split. Now, it seems the actor has been dating Caroline Brady for the past year. She is not from within the acting field she is in fact an investment banker.

3. Graham McTavish

Image source/ robotsanddragonsGraham McTavish is currently playing the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard in the show - who is also known as Ser Harrold Westerling. McTavish was excited to land his role after being a huge fan of Game of Thrones initially. But what about his love life?

4. Graham McTavish Wife

Image source/ UPIGraham McTavish is currently very happily married to the famous filmmaker Gwen McTavish. The two to them have been married for decades, after meeting when the two of them were young. They now have two daughters together, Honor McTavish and Hope McTavish.

5. Olivia Cooke

Image source/ hobbbyconsolesUp and coming actress Olivia Cooke is currently playing Alicent Hightower in House of the Dragon. Alicent Hightower is a close friend and confidant to the Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. She was previously known for starring in the TV series Bates Motel...

6. Olivia Cooke Ex-Boyfriend

Image source/ taddlrOlivia Cooke is currently this single. That's not to say she has been without romance. In fact, in 2020 she was romantically involved with Ben Hardy. The two of the struck up a passionate whirlwind romance but then called it quits within the same year after career constraints in them both fizzled things out.

7. Paddy Considine

Image source/ wikiofthronesPaddy Considine is of course a famous and successful actor as well as a director and a screen writer. He has won many accolades throughout his career. He plays King Viserys Targaryen - who is the fifth kind of the Targaryen dynasty - in House of the Dragon.

8. Paddy Considine Wife

Image source/ zimbioPaddy Considine and his wife Shelley Considine have been married from 2002. The pair met when they were young and by the age of 18 years old the two of them were dating and have been together ever since. He has spoken publicly about his love and admiration for her. And the couple have three children together.

9. Rhys Ifans

Image source/ UniversalmoviesLong-time actor Rhys Ifans currently stars in the prequel to Game of Thrones as Ser Otto Hightower, who is Lady Alicient’s (Olivia Cooke) father. He is also known as the Hand of the King. Ifans has loved his role and described how close the cast have become which has made filming an amazing experience...

10. Rhys Ifans Ex-Girlfriend

Image source/ digitalspyActor Rhys Ifans has had a series of famous ex-girlfriends. He once dated famous model Kate Moss. Then, he struck up a romance with Sienna Miller. And, most recently he was dating Anna Friel who he met on the set of the tv series Neverland. But now the pair have recently split, and he currently remains single.

11. Steve Toussaint

Image source/ 720.noSteve Toussaint plays the role of Lord Corlys Valaryon in House of the Dragons. Toussaint described the experience as an amazing one and full-on one in terms of commitment and time and effort. He's found that his role has received some racist critics as well as support and excitement in equal measure.

12. Steve Toussaint Single

Image source/ gamepediaSteve Toussaint is either a very good secret keeper or he does not have a very dramatic love life. It seems as though Toussaint is single at the moment and has been for some time. However, he has a running joke with his co-stars that his current wife at the time is who he is acting alongside.

13. Emily Carey

Image source/ marketreserachthecastEmily Carey was previously known from the tv series casualty before landing her role as the young Alicent Hightower on House of the Dragon. She has now left the role as her character has grown up and she is replaced by Olivia Cooke. The role was bigger than she'd ever done before and very different to roles she is comfortable with.

14. Emily Carey Girlfriend

Image source/ popbuzzEmily Carey is currently dating her girlfriend Kellie Marie who is an English musician in the band Real Like You. She has been super supportive about her role and publicly spoke about how proud she was and how she was excited for people to witness her girlfriend's talent.

15. Eve best

Image source/ youflyEve Best plays Princess Rhaenys Targaryen in House of the Dragon who is part of the power hunt for the Iron Throne, Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. She is an actress who has succeeded in Broadway and won many awards; however, she also works in TV as an actress and director.

16. Eve Best Single

Image source/ captionsnationEve Best has turned her attention away from relationships and rather focused on her successful career within the world of TV and acting. So, she remains single currently. In 2012 she was in a relationship with Tom Bateman however this did not work out and that was the last publicised relationship she has had.

17. Bill Paterson

Image source/ vnexplorerBill Paterson is a very famous actor with years of experience in film and TV, having recently starred in the TV show Fleabag and having starred in movies such as Kingdom of Heaven. He plays Lord Beesbury in House of the Dragon; his character is a member of the small council.

18. Bill Paterson Married

Image source/ greatesthitsradioBill Paterson has been married to his wife Hildegard Bechtler (a famous German stage designer) since 1984 and the two of them have a long and successful married life with one another. They also have a son and a daughter together. The couple currently live in North London together.

19. David Horovitch

Image source/ mubiDavid Horovitch is best known by many for playing Inspector Slack in the famous long standing tv show Miss Marple. Horovitch played the part of Grand Master Mellon in House if the Dragon, who is a part of the small council as well as a close friend of the king.

20. David Horovitch Ex-Wife

Image source/ YouTubeDavid Horovitch - currently 77 years old- married Jane Elizabeth Gwynn Roberts in 1967. They spent a decade of married life with one another and then in 1985 the two of them decided to part ways. He remains single and has done ever since he divorced from his ex-wife.

21. Emma D'Arcy

Image source/ businessinsiderEmma D'Arcy plays Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen in H0ouse of the Dragon. She graduated from Ruskin School of Art at The University of Oxford and been involved in acting ever since. She does not have a dingle genre and loves all kinds of acting, having had several experiences on the stage as well as some on screen roles.

22. Emma D'Arcy Single

Image source/ ventruenoobEmma D'Arcy is single and is not currently dating anyone. She has never been reported to be dating in the past either or keeps her private life away from her publicised life. She is nonbinary and prefers to go by the gender-neutral pronouns, They/Them.

23. Matthew Needham

Image source/ YahooMatthew Needham appeared in seven episodes of The Game of Thrones prequel The House of the Dragon as Larys Strong. Needham's character Larys Strong is one of the strong schemers with a very secretive personality in the series creating an air of mystery.

24. Matthew Needham Wife

Image source/ superstarsbioMatthew Needham has a wife named Rosey Needham. The two of them have been together solidly for many years now and they share two children together. While Rosey may stay out of the public eye unlike her husband, she is very supportive of his career and his lifestyle.

25. Ryan Corr

Image source/ colliderRyan Corr is a famous Australian actor. He appeared as Ser Harwin Strong on the show. Harwin Strong is the younger brother of Larys Strong. He is also known in the show as Harwin Breakbones as he is considered the strongest man of all the seven kingdoms.

26. Ryan Corr Ex-Girlfriend

Image source/ liverampupRyan Korr is currently single and has only have one publicised, serious relationship which was with his ex-girlfriend, Kyla Bartholomeusz. Bartholomeusz was a dancer and up and coming actress. After a few years of looking like they were meant to last, the pair sadly broke.

27. Fabien Frankel

Image source/ seyrederizFabien Frankel played the Kingsguard Ser Criston Cole in the series. His part took a lot of work and focus, in particular the scene which was filmed with Milly Alcock (Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen) which was an intimate scene filmed in a brothel setting.

28. Fabien Frankel Girlfriend

Image source/ speakezeIt is not fully known whether Fabien Frankel has an official girlfriend. What we do know is that he had a romance with Jenna Coleman in which the two were pictured in a series of cosy snaps. This was very recent however it seems the two never took off seriously as Coleman is rumoured to be now dating Jamie Childs.

29. John Macmillan 

Image source/ gkbasicsJohn Macmillan is a British actor as well as an author. He plays Laenor Velaryon. Before he landed this role, he was probably the most well-known for playing Julian in the tv sitcom Mitchell and Webb. He also recently starred in The Nevers and previously King Lear.

30. John Macmillan Single

Image source/ therokuchannelIt seems that John Macmillan is amongst many int he cast without partners. He is an up-and-coming actor who is putting his time and focus on his blossoming career and fame, rather than setting his sights on a relationship. Yet, with his newfound stardom there may be one on the horizon.

31. Jefferson Hall (Ser Tyland Lannister)

Image Source / Radio TimesActor Jefferson Hall brings to life a Lannister in the new show, and he's already doing an exceptional job - because we hate him already. The tousled haired lion was very eager to marry the princess, and had his poor ego hurt when it didn't happen. Sad face.

32. Jefferson Hall And Girlfriend Anita Maleek

Image Source / IMDbJefferson Hall is in a relationship. He is very private about his personal life, and doesn't appear to have been pictured out with his girlfriend Anita Maleek, but the pair have been in a long-term relationship. No marriage or children (yet?) though!

33. Gavin Spokes (Lord Lyonel Strong)

Image Source / Radio TimesLord Lyonel Strong started out, well, strong when he was one of the king's advisors before being made the official Hand of the King after Otto Hightower was told to shoo. He seemed a decent man, always giving fair and found advice, until he and his son met a grim fate.

34. Gavin Spokes And Wife Emma Annetts

Image Source / NsemwokromIn real life, actor Gavin Spokes is married to Emma Annetts. Spokes is an English actor and producer, known for his great drama roles, and he is married to Emma Annetts, who was his long-time girlfriend. They have been married 17 years, and together 22 years.

35. Sonoya Mizuno (Mysaria)

Image Source / TwinfiniteMysaria is the chosen lover of Prince Daemon after he spends quite a lot of time in a brothel, and she travels to Dragonstone with him, where he claims to the king that she's pregnant, and steals a dragon egg for the alleged child.

36. Sonoya Mizuno Is Single

Image Source / Refinery29In real life, actress Sonoya is not the lover of any prince, and appears to be single at this time! She was born in Tokyo and has since become an actress, model and ballet dancer, starring in huge movies as well as TV shows, including La La Land and Ex Machina.

37. Milly Alcock (Young Princess Rhaenyra)

Image Source / EsquireYoung Princess Rhaenyra stole the show before the age-up episodes happened and the actresses were switched. She introduced us to a young princess that just wants to do Hot Girl Sh*t instead of being forced into marriage and pushing out kids. But, this is the world of GoT, so obviously that happens eventually.

38. Milly Alcock And Rumoured Boyfriend Ari Kwasner-Catsi

Image Source / InstagramActress Milly Alcock appears to be single at the moment, but there was a time she was linked to Ari Kwasner-Catsi as her boyfriend - especially after posting a certain black and white photo of the pair of them together through her Instagram.

39. Daniel Scott-Smith (The Crab Feeder)

Image Source / The Daily DotThe Crab Feeder on the show is a very enigmatic character indeed, and although he never said a word, he's certainly got amazing on screen presence. His rotting Greyscale-looks, creepy mask and chosen way to torture his victims made him a great on-screen character.

40. Daniel Scott-Smith Is Single

Image Source / TwitterThe actor who plays The Crab Feeder is Daniel Scott-Smith, and he appears to be single at the moment. As well as playing The Crab Feeder - real name Craghas Drahar - the actor has appeared in other TV shows and movies, including Jungle and Men in Black: International.

41. Wil Johnson (Ser Vaemond Velaryon)

Image Source / Game of Thrones Wiki - FandomThe character of Ser Vaemond Velaryon differs a little in the TV show from the original book. He's the nephew of Lord Corlys Velaryon in the books but is shown as the younger brother of him in the show. Actor Wil Johnson portrays the character in the show.

42. Wil Johnson And Wife Camilla

Image Source / TwitterActor Wil Johnson was married to ex-wife Alexandra Spiegel from 2001 to 2010, and he also has six children. Since splitting from Spiegel, Johnson went on to meet his new wife, who we only know as Camilla, and married her in 2014.

43. Kurt Egyiawan (Maester Orwyle)

Image Source / NerdistThe king has many advisors on his council, and Maester Orwyle is just one of them. He helps to care for the ailing king, and after the 10 year time jump, has now become the Grand Maester at the keep, maintaining an important role in the king's health and council.

44. Kurt Egyiawan Is Single

Image Source / MicrosoftEnglish actor Kurt Egyiawan doesn't appear to be married or in a relationship at the moment. He's known for huge movies like Skyfall and Pan, as well as hit TV shows like the most recent The Exorcist TV series.

45. Steffan Rhodri (Lord Hobert Hightower)

Image Source / Game of Thrones Wiki - FandomThere are so many lords in this show you're probably struggling to keep up with names, but actor Steffan Rhodri plays one such lord: Lord Hobert Hightower. He is actually the head of the house of Hightower, and therefore quite an important ally for the king.

46. Steffan Rhodri Is Single

Image Source / Tardis Wiki - FandomYou may recognise Steffan Rhodri from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when he played Reg Cattermole in the ministry - in real life, the actor is also currently single (or is very good at hiding his private life!). The 55-year-old has worked in TV, film and theatre.

47. Ty Tennant (Prince Aegon Targaryen)

Image Source / Radio TimesIn what seems to be House of the Dragon's version of Joffrey, Prince Aegon Targaryen is a little brat who also seemed to have gotten the cheap wig from the pile. He's the son of the king and queen, and also already seems to be 100% done with everyone, especially his siblings.

48. Ty Tennant Is Single

Image Source / The MirrorIf the name rings a bell, that's because Ty Tennant is the adopted son of acting legend David Tennant. In real life, the 20-year-old actor doesn't appear to be in a relationship with anyone at the moment, but no doubt he's enjoying being young and having a pretty cool dad.

49. Rachel Redford (Lady Rhea Royce)

Image Source / TVLineIn the very short time we got with Lady Rhea Royce, she left an impression - not least because of the way she died (RIP). The woman so affectionately called "The Bronze B*tch" by Prince Daemon was his wife who met an untimely end because Daemon didn't want to be married to her anymore.

50. Rachel Redford Is Single

Image Source / CelebMafiaActress Rachel Redford appears to be single at the moment, and busy with work, too, as she's also appeared in the hit Netflix show Shadow and Bone, and movies Gap Year and The Riot Club. Hopefully she has more luck than her character in real life when it comes to romance!