The Rarest Baby Names In The US Right Now

By Juliet S 7 months ago
Ever wondered about the holy grail of baby names? Buckle up, because we're diving into the wildest, rarest, and downright most unique names gracing cribs across the US. These aren't your everyday, run-of-the-mill names—oh no. We're talking about the unicorns of the naming world, the ones that make you do a double-take and go, 'Wait, seriously?' So, get ready to explore the untamed, offbeat, and coveted names that are making waves in the land of baby naming.

1.  Aurelia

This sweet baby girl's name is Latin for "The Golden One" and dates back to the Roman Empire! Aurelia was a popular baby name in the 1950s but has only started to re-emerge more recently. So, if you want your little girl to remember that intellect and knowledge are worth their weight in gold, this is the name for you!Originally sourced from Femanin.
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Aurelia, a name echoing with the splendor of antiquity, encapsulates an era of grandeur and timeless elegance. Steeped in the heritage of the Roman Empire, this name holds within its syllables the golden essence of history. Once a darling of the 1950s, it’s now experiencing a renaissance!

2. Calliope

Do you want your baby to have a voice of an angel? ... then look no further than this beautiful name! Of Greek origin, the name Calliope means "Beautiful Voiced" and is the name of a Greek Muse. The name rose to popularity in the 90s when Disney's 'Hercules' was released.

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Its ascent to popularity in the 90s was propelled by Disney's 'Hercules,' where this name found its way into the hearts and imaginations of many. It's not just a name; it’s an identity, a nod to the awe-inspiring Greek Muse who presided over eloquence and epic poetry.

3. Esmeralda

Disney's 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ lead female character 'Esmeralda' made this a popular choice for parents in the 90s, but has become a rarer name in more recent years. Originally of Spanish and Portuguese descent meaning 'Emerald', this name will ensure your baby girl grows into a strong and independent little lady!

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Esmeralda embodies the essence of a fiercely independent and free-spirited individual. Choosing this name for your daughter is like gifting her a legacy that champions bravery, resilience, and an unyielding spirit. Esmeralda isn’t just a name; it's a story waiting to unfold

4. Liberty

From the land of the free comes the name Liberty! This American name is Latin for 'freedom' and will encourage your daughter to grow up to be whomever she wants to be. The name peaked in popularity in 2004, and as of 2021 was ranked 619th on the most popular baby names list.
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Liberty isn’t merely a name; it’s a promise of limitless potential, a canvas upon which your daughter can paint her unique story. It carries within it the spirit of the bold and the courageous, inspiring a life guided by personal choices, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams.

5. Jewel

Like most parents, we all think our babies are precious and naming your child Jewel was seen as a way to symbolise this back in the early 20th century. Although more modern twists seem to have become more popular in recent years, we can all agree this has a nice ring to it!
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Jewel, with its classic yet evocative nature, serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most precious things come in the simplest, most unassuming packages. It's a name that bestows a touch of elegance and a hint of sophistication while encapsulating the enduring worth of your child.

6. Mabel

This 'loveable' English-inspired name has stolen our hearts. The use of name Mabel was introduced in the US in the 1800s and was most popular in 1880! This rare and old-fashioned name can make your baby girl add loving energy to any room she may be in...
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The name Mabel signifies a gentle, kind-hearted energy that your child can carry with her into any space she enters. It’s a choice that embodies a legacy of love and tenderness, adding a touch of timeless elegance and affectionate charm to her identity.

7.  Nori

This attractive but simple name is of Japanese origin. Meaning "Seaweed, North or Small Person" this name is a cute choice for any parent! As of 2021, it was ranked 1,103 on US popularity charts and became popular after Kim Kardashian used it as a nickname for their daughter North West.'N is For Name' Crewneck Sweatshirt - Cream3-6 months in 2021 | Baby ...
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Choosing this name for your child aligns with a contemporary trend while preserving a touch of cultural significance. It’s a name that manages to be both understated and distinct, making it a delightful and adorable choice for any parent seeking a name that’s as special as their child.

8. Pearl

This baby girl's name rose to popularity in 1890 but has slowly declined in use over the years since. Pearls are normally described as gems of the sea and are associated with elegance and innocence. We can't think of a more precious and feminine name!
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The connection between this name and the purity and sophistication of pearls renders it a choice brimming with preciousness for your baby girl. It’s a choice that resonates with a timeless elegance, embodying the innocence and grace associated with these beautiful gems.

9. Roselyn

New parents will be inspired to use this unique name as it symbolises worthy attributes such as; endurance, freedom and spirit. Of old Germanic origin the name Roselyn translates to "gentle horse". The name was most popular in the 20th century but did not remerge on US popularity charts until 2003.Pin by Katherine Cornwell on Animals | Beautiful horses, Animals ...
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This resurgence speaks volumes about the timeless allure and enduring charm this name holds, drawing in new parents who seek a unique yet meaningful name for their child. Choosing Roselyn for your baby girl is like selecting a name that embodies a spirited resilience.

10. Sia

In 2014, the hit 'chandelier' by singer Sia saw a significant rise in the name being used for baby girls. However, by 2021 the use of this name had dropped to only 165 babies being named Sia. The uncommon name originates from Old Norse and means 'Victory'.This Mom Dresses Her Baby Up In The Most Amazing Costumes While She ...
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While its connection to the popular song might have initially sparked interest, the decline in usage by 2021 suggests that parents opting for this name are drawn to its intrinsic meaning and distinctiveness. Sia, with its short and impactful nature, encapsulates a sense of strength and triumph.

11. Vienna

'From wine Country' is the Latin meaning of the name Vienna. This pleasant-sounding European name comes from Austria and the US state of Virginia. In 1980, only five babies had this given name, this increased after Billy Joel released the hit 'Vienna' but it is not currently on the top 100 US baby names.Abi's blog: Cinderella Blue Fairy Princess Gown Flower Girl Tutu Dress ...
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This rarity adds to its allure, making it an exclusive and distinctive choice for parents seeking a name that resonates with elegance and cultural richness. Bestowing the name Vienna upon your child is like invoking a sense of beauty and sophistication.

12. Waverly

A new stylish name for baby girls! Waverly is of English origin and means 'meadow of quivering aspens" - how sweet! Described as the next 'Kimberley', the name became popular in the US in 2018 but has since steadily declined and is now ranked 843 on popularity polls.
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While its popularity may have waned slightly, Waverly remains a name that exudes sophistication and a touch of whimsy. It's a stylish choice that embodies both the tranquility of a meadow and the grace of quivering aspens, making it a name that resonates with a timeless yet contemporary allure.

13. Zoya

Welcome a little girl into the world with the name is a great way to celebrate her existence! This baby name means 'Life' and has Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian origins. This inspiring name only started to emerge in the US in 2020.
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This name, with its Eastern European roots, adds a touch of cultural richness to its appeal. It's not just a name; it's a declaration, an acknowledgment of the precious gift of life that your little one brings into the world. It's a celebration of life itself.

14. Faye

This magical name can be translated to 'fairy' and is considered a lucky name in various cultures. Whilst the name was very popular for little girls from the 1800s, it finally peaked popularity-wise in 1934. However, there has been a slow increase in baby girls being named Faye in recent years.Le déguisement fée clochette pour petites et grandes - ...
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This resurgence suggests a renewed appreciation for the name's timeless allure and its ability to evoke a sense of enchantment. Choosing Faye for your baby girl is like bestowing upon her a name that holds within it the magic of fairytales and the promise of good fortune.

15. Clementine

With a name that means 'Gentle' and 'Merciful', we can see the appeal of naming your little girl Clementine! Mainly used in the 1800s until 1952, the name seemed to drop off everyone's radar.  It seems to have made a reappearance again in 2021, with only 552 female babies being named after the orange fruit.Clementine Swaddle | Kids costumes, Baby costumes, Halloween costumes
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With its associations with both kindness and mercy, Clementine embodies virtues that stand the test of time. It's a name that feels both classic and fresh, offering a unique choice for parents who appreciate the beauty of bygone eras while wanting a name that feels relevant in the present.

Now It's Time For Boy Names... 16. Ares

An uncommon baby boy's name is Ares...which originates from Greek mythology! Ares was the god of war and is also one of the zodiacs. Although we may have heard this name before, it first entered the US top 1000 in 2013. This is the name for you if you want to show off your son's strength and restlessness!

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The resurgence of Ares in recent years suggests a growing appreciation for names that carry a touch of mythology. Naming your son Ares is like christening him with the essence. It's a name that harks back to a mythical era of power and valor, evoking images of a warrior spirit.

17. Benji

Benji which is normally a nickname for Benjamin or Ben has Hebrew origins and means 'son' - what an ideal name for your baby boy! This name is quite a rare first name for male babies, and it first entered lists in the 70s and is currently sitting at 1977 on US popularity lists.The Journey Continues...: Just a Baby Boy & His Dog!
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This name, with its simplicity and inherent affectionate feel, is ideal for parents who seek a name that not only signifies familial ties but also carries a certain charm. Benji, with its gentle sound, is an invitation to embrace a name that feels both friendly and classic.

18. Cassius

Of Latin origin, this ancient roman name means 'Hollow' or 'Vain'. Don't let this put you off...the name Cassius has been used in Shakespearean literature and is boxer Muhammad Ali's birth name! Becoming more popular in recent years this unique name will help parents show the world their son is the fairest of them all.

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Far from its literal meaning, Cassius carries an aura of strength, charisma, and timeless elegance. Despite its ancient roots, Cassius has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, marking a contemporary appreciation for its uniqueness and historical significance.

19. Deacon

With English and Greek origins, this baby boy's name means 'Messenger' or 'Pastor'. The name rose to popularity in the early 2000s but remains at 478 on US birth lists. Although the name Deacon is quite humble, it is an empowering name for your child as it is reserved for the most honourable and loyal!
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Deacon, with its dual linguistic roots, represents a harmonious blend of English and Greek influences, adding a touch of cultural richness. This name is an invitation for parents to celebrate the messenger or pastor within their child and also the qualities of honor and dedication.

20. Forrest

If you want your little boy to be an adventurer and love the outdoors… then look no further! Forrest is a French/English name which means "dweller near the woods". After the initial spike in popularity after the hit film "Forrest Gump" was released in 1994, there has been an incline in the use of this name in the US.Pin on Arthur & Sophia
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Forrest carries with it not just cinematic charm but also a sense of rugged individuality and a spirit of exploration. It's an invitation to embrace a life filled with outdoor wonders and a connection to the beauty of nature. this name suggests a timeless appreciation for its adventurous and earthy qualities.

21. Lachlan

A new name on the rise in the US is the Scottish name Lachlan! Originally used to describe the Viking invaders by the Scottish, this name translates to "from the fjord land". This unique and interesting name currently resides at 724 on US birth lists.Davidson Baby Kilt - Sport KiltImage Source: sportkilt.comLachlan, with its Scottish origins, invites parents to consider a name that brings a hint of Viking spirit and rugged beauty. It's a choice that feels simultaneously ancient and contemporary, offering a sense of heritage while resonating with a modern audience.

22. Moses

Most parents will know the biblical story of Moses and won't be surprised when I tell you that the name means "delivered from water" and is of Egyptian origin. It is no surprise that this name has been used since the 1800s but has become less popular over more recent years.Moses Basket | Natural baby, Baby sleep, Basket bassinet
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While the name enjoyed popularity in earlier centuries, it has become less common in more recent years. The ebb and flow of naming trends have seen Moses take a quieter place on birth lists, adding an air of rarity and historical depth to this timeless name.

23. Onyx

Like most parents, you may think your baby boy is an absolute gem! The mysterious name Onyx is one of the more masculine-sounding gemstone names and has become more popular in the US since 2016. As of 2023, only 56 new babies in the US have been born with this name!
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This name, inspired by a gem known for its deep, dark beauty, is a testament to the unique qualities that make each child special. Onyx is not just a name; it's a declaration of strength, uniqueness, and mystery. If you believe your baby boy is an absolute gem, Onyx is a fitting choice.

24. Rocco

Rocco is an inspiring name which has Italian origins. The name has been associated with a catholic saint and increased in popularity in the US when Madonna and Guy Ritchie named their first son Rocco! Reaching its peak in popularity in 2009, this name has become rarer in recent years.
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This name, with its robust sound and Italian flair, is more than just a sequence of letters. It's a declaration of character, evoking images of resilience and boldness. Rocco may be less common in contemporary times, but it remains a name that holds a touch of rock-and-roll spirit.

25. Sullivan

Staring into your newborn’s eyes for the first time can make any proud parent enamoured and what's a better way of reminding your baby of their beautiful eyes than naming him, Sullivan? Originally an Irish name which means "dark eyes" this name rose to popularity in the early 2000s when Monsters Inc character 'Sully' was introduced.

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Sullivan, a name that resonates with Irish charm, carries a beautiful meaning: "dark eyes." For any proud parent gazing into their newborn's eyes, naming him Sullivan becomes a heartfelt reminder of the captivating allure of those beautiful, expressive orbs.

26. Tripp

Tripp is a baby boy's name that originates from America and means 'The Third'. It was originally a nickname for little ones with the suffix III in their name. The double pp in the spelling of this name is what makes it unique and it currently resides at 445 on popularity lists!
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Tripp, with its concise and energetic sound, is a name that represents not just a number but a sense of continuity, familial connection, and a touch of modern edge. It's a name that speaks to the past, present, and future, making it a meaningful and stylish choice for your little one.

27. Valentino

Italian fashion designer Valentino brought this romantic Italian name to the US. This dramatic and dashing name originates from Spain and signifies 'Strength' & 'Health'. This name has increased in popularity since 2008 but is still currently ranked at 561!
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Valentino's climb in popularity suggests a growing appreciation for names that carry a blend of strength and elegance. It's a choice that aligns with a sense of timeless charm while maintaining a contemporary edge, making it a compelling and stylish option for parents.

28. Armani

Another desirable fashion designer name for baby boys is Armani. With Italian and Persian roots this trend-setting name means 'Solider' and 'Hope'. The name has been rising in popularity in the US in recent years and was ranked as the 547th name in the US in 2020.Pin page
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Inspired by the world of fashion, this name has been rising in popularity in the US in recent years, reflecting a growing appreciation for its stylish and meaningful qualities. This name's popularity suggests a contemporary appeal and a recognition of its chic sound and distinctive meaning.

29. Gunnar

The "Bold Warrior" is the Scandinavian meaning of our next baby boy's name! Gunner is the ideal name for military parents who wish their son to grow up fierce and brave -  a little warrior in the making. It is normally used as a surname making it quite a unique first name.
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Interestingly, it seems to be the go-to name of 2023, reflecting a trend toward names that embody courage and resilience. As a name that aligns with both tradition and modernity, Gunner stands out as a choice that is not only impactful but also resonates with a contemporary edge.

30. Santana

Lastly comes the spiritual name Santana! Of Spanish origin, this name caught parents' interest through the rock guitarist Santana and can be translated to 'Holy'. Reaching its peak of popularity in 1972, the use of Santana as a boy name has decreased over the last few years.Baby Boy Holding a Guitar · Free Stock Photo
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As of 2021, the name Santana was recorded at 575th on the US baby name list. Santana, with its Spanish origin and spiritual connotations, continues to carry a very unique and of course, distinctive charm, even as its popularity has evolved over time.

31. Amber

Baby names which come from precious stones are always a good shout, and with most people reaching for their healing crystals these days, Amber is a lovely name for a baby girl hailing from the precious metal. It may sound like a common name but it's actually quite rare!
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Despite its lovely and timeless quality, it hasn't become overly common, offering parents a distinctive choice for their daughter. In a world where many draw inspiration from healing crystals and nature, Amber stands out as a name that embodies a certain rarity and elegance.

32. Artemis

Artemis is a name which hails from Greek mythology, and why wouldn't you want to name your baby girl after a goddess? Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, of wild animals and even childbirth - so a great name for a newborn babe! It was also said that Artemis was the favorite goddess.
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The belief that Artemis was the favorite goddess adds an extra layer of significance to this name. It's a tribute to a deity who embodied various aspects of life and nature, making it a name that encompasses a broad spectrum of virtues, such as courage and grace.

33. Bellamy

Bellamy is a name that has popularity in the UK, too, and also has French roots. Bellamy means 'good friend' in French, so it's a great name if you want good vibes for your child who can hopefully make lots of besties as they grow! It's a beautiful name for a baby girl.
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The popularity of Bellamy in the UK suggests a widespread appreciation for its appealing sound and meaningful origin. Beyond its linguistic beauty, this name is a wish for your child to be a beacon of friendship, spreading positivity and building meaningful connections with others.

34. Caspian

If you're a fan of the Narnia books and films, you might already know about this one! While you'd think it'd be popular as a boy's name thanks to the character in the franchise, it's actually quite rare. Caspian is also the name of a sea, and it's been associated with strength!
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Despite its potential ties to popular culture, Caspian retains a sense of individuality and distinction. It's a name that invites curiosity and imagination, making it a beautiful and rare choice for parents who appreciate both the literary and the powerful connotations.

35. Falconer

While Falcon itself would be a cool name, Falconer is a very rare name for a baby boy. It could also be a premonition of the job title they'd like to do in future if you want your child to grow up loving birds! It's a unique name that gives a sense of strength and determination.
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For parents who envision their child growing up with a love for birds or perhaps even pursuing a career related to falconry, Falconer becomes a name that aligns with aspirations and dreams. It's a moniker that carries a sense of determination and a connection to the natural world.

36. Wolfram

Any name that has 'wolf' in it is going to be pretty cool, right? But we bet you've never really heard of this one before! Wolfrum is actually another name for Tungsten, which is one of the strongest metals in the world - so if you're looking for a strong baby name, this is it!
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If you're in search of a name that exudes strength and coolness simultaneously, Wolfrum stands out as a rare and compelling choice. The wolf element adds a touch of mystique and wildness, while the association with Tungsten reinforces the idea of robustness and fortitude.

37. Kiernan

Kiernan is an Irish name, and we know Irish names can be really beautiful! The great thing about this name is that it's not only a great-sounding name, but it's gender neutral, so you can give it to a baby of any gender! If you're a fan of the latest Sabrina, the lead actress has this name, too!
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Choosing Kiernan for your baby is like embracing a name that not only sounds elegant but also reflects a sense of inclusivity and modernity. Its Irish origins bring a touch of cultural richness, while its gender-neutral nature makes it a name that suits any child, regardless of gender.

38. Lapis

Lapis Lazuli is a very beautiful blue gemstone, so this is another name for a baby you could use if you're a fan of of healing crystals - and also if you particularly like blue. Lapis is also a gender-neutral name so it's great if you don't know what sex your baby is going to be but you think this name is perfect!
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The versatility of Lapis as a gender-neutral name adds an extra layer of appeal, making it an excellent choice for parents who prefer names that transcend traditional gender norms. This makes it particularly fitting for those who want a name that feels perfect regardless of their baby's gender.

39. Monet

You don't have to be a fan of art to appreciate this name - though, of course, if Monet is your favorite painter then it's a no-brainer to call your new baby this! Monet is another gender-neutral name, so perfect for a girl or boy, and could be a great one if you're an artistic person!
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For those who have a special affinity for art, especially the works of Claude Monet, naming your baby Monet becomes a delightful homage to creativity and aesthetic expression. It's a name that evokes images of serene landscapes and vibrant water lilies!.

40. Tamsin

Tamsin, though a rare name, has been associated as a female baby name - but it can actually be a girl or a boy's name. Not only that, but it means 'twin' - so perfect if you're expecting more than one baby! Though you might not want to call both of them 'twin'... could get confusing.
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It's a rare gem that exudes uniqueness while offering a charming connection to the concept of twins. Whether you have one child or are expecting multiples, Tamsin is a name that blends rarity with meaningful symbolism, making it a perfect choice for parents seeking a distinctive and inclusive name.

41. Wren

Bird names are always great names, there's something really pretty about them, and a great shout out to nature. But if you're not a huge fan of the more common options like 'Robin', why don't you try this rarer bird name, Wren? It can be used for a girl or a boy!
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Whether you're a nature enthusiast or simply drawn to the mellifluous sound of Wren, this rare bird name brings a sense of individuality and charm, making it a wonderful option for parents seeking a name that stands out with a touch of natural beauty.

42. Luz

This name not only sounds really cool (and simple to spell), but it also has a lovely meaning behind it. Luz means 'light' in Spanish, so it's the perfect name to give the little light of your life when they're born. It's also another great one for either a girl or a boy, so have at it!
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Whether you're welcoming a baby girl or boy, Luz is a name that resonates with universal warmth and positive energy. Luz is not just a name; it's a poetic expression of the joy and brilliance your child brings into your life. It's a choice that aligns with simplicity and elegance.

43. Quinn

Quinn is another great gender-neutral name that's rare these days. Quinn means 'chief', so it's a great name if you want a strong baby name to make them into a leader, future CEO or maybe just running circles around you when they get into their toddler phase!
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The rarity of Quinn adds an extra layer of uniqueness, making it stand out among more common names. Whether you're welcoming a baby girl or boy, Quinn is a name that transcends gender norms and exudes a timeless appeal, perfect for a child destined for leadership and success.

44. Sage

Names that take after flowers and herbs really are some of the best, and while you often heard of 'Rose', 'Daisy' or 'Basil', Sage is a lovely name that's very rare as a baby name - and while it is a herb, it doesn't sound too herb-like to not just seem like a really pretty name!
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Despite its herbal origin, Sage doesn't carry an overtly herb-like quality, making it a versatile and charming name for either a baby girl or boy. It's a name that brings a sense of tranquility and timeless beauty, perfect for a child destined to bloom with grace and individuality.

45. Amari

Amari is a beautiful and rare name that can actually be found in quite a few countries outside of the US, including in Hebrew and Thai culture. Amari might sound like a girl's name but it's actually a great gender-neutral option. It has quite a few different meanings, including 'to be loved' and 'strength'.
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Its multicultural roots add an extra layer of richness, making it a name that transcends borders and celebrates diversity. Or the meaningful qualities it embodies, Amari is a name that stands out as a wonderful choice for a child destined to be loved and filled with strength.

46. Branwen

The name 'Bronwyn' is a common one in the Welsh language, so it's one you can find often in the UK and Wales. But outside of those countries in the US, Branwen - which is a variation of Bronwyn - is just as rare, but it's a great gender-neutral name, strong-sounding.
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Choosing Branwen for your child is like selecting a name that embodies cultural richness while standing out as an uncommon choice. Whether you appreciate its Welsh origins or simply love the strong and unique sound, Branwen is a name that carries a sense of distinction and potential for any child.

47. Ferris

We all know the classic movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off (and if you don't, you should go watch it right now) but thinking about it, have you ever actually met anyone called 'Ferris' in real life? Ferris is a great gender-neutral name that hails from Ireland, and it means 'rock'.
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Whether you're a fan of the iconic movie or simply appreciate the rarity and strength associated with the name, Ferris is a name that exudes character and individuality for any child. It is a distinctive choice for parents seeking a name with a touch of cultural richness.

48. Arden

Arden is a beautiful name for either a girl or a boy, and it's ideal for you fans of bird names who actually don't want to name their child directly after a bird. That's because the pretty name 'Arden' translates as 'valley of the eagles', so you can call your baby that without calling them, you know.. 'eagle'.
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The translation of 'valley of the eagles' not only adds a touch of natural grandeur but also symbolizes strength and majesty. Arden becomes a name that carries a sense of character and grace, perfect for a child destined to soar through the metaphorical valleys of life with resilience and beauty.

49. Zosia

This name is a strong name for a baby girl, and that's because it means 'wisdom' in Slavic. The strong-sounded 'Z' at the beginning also helps it sound like a more powerful name - as well as a very rare one! It's inspired by the Greek name 'Sophia', which is more common.
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Its uniqueness adds an extra layer of allure, perfect for parents who seek a name that exudes both strength and wisdom. It becomes a timeless and individualistic choice, celebrating both cultural roots and the essence of wisdom that the name carries.

50. Rivka

Rivka is another rare baby girl's name, which actually translates to 'to bind or link together' in Hebrew. So this is a great name if you want to create more of a 'bond' with your baby, or feel like having your baby is the new link that will bring your growing family together!
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This unique name adds an extra layer of depth to the bond between parent and child, embodying a sense of connection and unity. Its rarity contributes to its individuality, making Rivka a standout choice for parents who appreciate names that carry both cultural and personal meaning.