Rare Uses Of Vinegar That You Might Not Of Heard Of Before Today

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

1. It Makes Great Flower Feed

(Image Source/ gardening)You probably won't know this, but you can use vinegar to make great plant food to nourish your flowers. Now, you don't need to spend a lot of money on plant food when this simple mixture will work just as well, maybe even better. Just add sugar and vinegar to water and you're good to go!Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. But Make Sure To Double Check Which Plants/Flowers

Image Source / Gardening Know HowThat being said, vinegar might not work on every single plant or flower you have. As with any plant, they will all have different needs when it comes to light source and feeding. Plants which thrive from high acidity will relish a bit of vinegar, though! Rhododendrons and hydrangeas are a good example of this.

3. It's an AMAZING Eco-Friendly Weed killer

(Image Source/ myheavenly)There's no need for harsh chemicals being sprayed all around your garden. It puts nasty things into the earth that can be consumed by animals or will feed into your plants. Instead, spray vinegar on your weeds it will kill them and also keep away any bugs that are eating your plants!

4. And You May Want To Try Stronger Horticultural Vinegar For A Larger Effect

Image Source / Eco Farming DailyNaturally, the stronger the better when it comes to vinegar if you want it to kill your weeds and protect your garden, so you may want to switch up your household vinegar for a stronger, horticultural-designed one. Although household vinegar is still effect, the 25% acetic acid in horticultural versions will work even better!

5. It Gets Rid Of Rust

(Image Source/ youtube)Rust stains are impossible to remove...or are they? Try cleaning your rusty metal with vinegar and it will clean up nicely. Plus, it's cheap and you don't have to buy some fancy rust remover from the shop. It will work especially well on your garden mower!

6. But Rinse Your Metal Well Afterwards To Prevent Damage

Image Source / BarkeepersfriendAlthough vinegar is a great beneficial rust remover, that doesn't mean it's not capable of negatively impacting the metal if left exposed for too long, due to the acidic properties. So be sure that when you've rinsed your metal items in vinegar, you rinse them well with clean water to get rid of any vinegar deposits.

7. Brightens Your White Clothes!

(Image Source/ pinterest)Who knew that all you needed to brighten your clothes was half a cup of vinegar? Sometimes you can buy all the products in the world and none of them even work - so switch it out for some vinegar. Of course, you'll just need to rinse them through afterward.

8. Banish Clothes Creases

(Image Source/ megannielson)Okay so you might not want to iron, after all, it's a job that no one enjoys doing. So, mix a little bit of vinegar with some water and spray the clothes. Then, let it dry naturally in the air. The lines will be gone - but yes you may have a little bit of an acidic aroma left.

9. Then You Can Eliminate The Vinegar Smell!

Image Source / freshandflyinc.comThe most likely way to eradicate any vinegary aroma left after the previous method is to line dry in fresh air for as long as possible - even if you have to leave your clothes on the line a long time after their dry. The fresh air should usually work to eliminate any remaining smells, but you can also try baking soda on your items to get rid of any lingering scent!

10. Clean Your Keyboard

(Image Source/ pinterest)If you needed a cue to go and clean your dirty keyboard then this is it. No, you don't need any kind of spray, just a little bit of vinegar and water and the dirt will come right off. Plus, get a cue tip and clean right in between the nooks and crannies of the board.

11. Get Rid Of Glue

(Image Source/ medical)If you've ever spilled glue on something or not been able to get it off your skin, then all you need is a little bit of vinegar. You just need to put a little bit of vinegar on to let the glue soak right off. Now there is a remedy that we all needed.

12. Clean Out Your Kettle

(Image Source/ which)Your kettle naturally gets dirty and needs descaling every now and then. We don't want to be pouring dirty water into our tea and coffee. If you fill the kettle with some vinegar and water just let it sit overnight. In the morning rinse it through well (no one wants vinegar in their morning brew).

13. Get Rid Of Drink Ring Stains

(Image Source/ rootsimple)Now, this is a vinegar use that everybody needs to know about. What do you do about those stubborn rings that appear from leaving your drink on the side (we all do it). Well now we know. Just wipe a little bit of watered-down vinegar over and it should disappear.

14. Get Grease Out Of Your Clothes

(Image Source/ apartmenttherapy)There's nothing worse than spilling down your clothes and being left with a nasty grease mark. Because they never come out of the wash. Try dabbing vinegar on the mark on your clothes and let it sit for a little bit before putting it in the wash. Vois La.

15. But Be Sure To Check Your Fabric Type First!

Image Source / High SnobietyJust like it's important to check your fabric label before you put it in the wash to see if it's a delicate fabric, you should also double check that the fabric you have is suitable to be used with vinegar. Certain fabrics may not react well or be far too delicate for a vinegar rub-down! Certain fabric will react with the acidity of vinegar in a negative way, so always check first.

16. Clean Your Shower Doors

(Image Source/ whiteglove)Shower doors somehow seem to look so gross so fast. Water-marks, shampoo residue...and none of it seems to come off without leaving more big smears down the glass. But, apparently, vinegar is the way to tackle this. It will remove the grime but won't leave the residue behind.

17. Creating A Spray Bottle Is Easiest For Your Shower Door

Image Source / YouTubeIf you're wanting to use a vinegar solution to tackle the previous point, then creating a mixture in a spray bottle is the easiest way to do this so you can spray over your door. You'll want to use white vinegar (preferably warm) combined with liquid dishwasher soap in a bottle and wipe away with a sponge. Take care not to scratch your glass!

18. Disinfect Your Bathroom

(Image Source/ homelikeyoumeanit)There's not always a need for these strong chemical bleaches and disinfectants. After all, they do kill the bacteria but they also have string chemicals that can be harmful to us too. If you want to disinfect your bathroom in an efficient but less harsh way then try vinegar instead.

19. Get Rid Of Smells

(Image Source/ lifehacker)This one may sound contradictory. Because one of the ways to get rid of a bad smell is to use vinegar. Now that may seem like it's replacing one bad smell with another. But, for example, if your car has a bad aroma, then leave a bowl of vinegar overnight and it will clean the air. So you aren't actually spraying anything with vinegar.

20. Remove Stickers

(Image Source/ stickeryou)Have you got some old bumper stickers that you regret? Or, some stickers left on your belongings that you did when you were younger and now wonder what you were doing? Soak them with vinegar and they'll peel right off. Now there's no need for those embarrassing stickers to stay.

21. Balance Your Soil PH

(Image Source/ livingproof)This of course will only work if you have soil that is alkaline on the PH scale. If your soil PH is off balance you'll know the struggle of growing certain things. But if it is too alkaline, then just try spraying some vinegar water around the soil now and then. It will help to balance it out.

22. Balance your OWN PH

(Image Source/ healthline)This one is a good beauty hack. And no, we do not mean rubbing vinegar all over your body. But, apparently, if your PH is out of whack then you can add a little bit to your bathtub (just a little) to help get things back in order and neutralise your skin.

23. Blemish Soother

(Image Source/ youtube)This vinegar use tip is for apple cider vinegar, it has anti-bacterial and fungal properties. So, if you have some spots or pimples on the skin then you can dab a little but (watered down of course!) onto the affected area. It will help soothe it and it should go away faster.

24. But You Might Want To Do A Test Patch First

Image Source / Guidelines in PracticeLike anything new you're putting on your face or even your hair, you should always do a small test patch first to see how your skin will react. You don't want to dab vinegar all over your face and realise too late that your skin is far too reactive or sensitive! Take it slow, and using a small tool like a Q-tip could help to control your application.

25. Get Rid Of Old Skin Cells

(Image Source/ whathifi)The gift of vinegar properties really does keep on giving. And if you were thinking about switching up your skin-care routine, then adding some watered-down apple cider vinegar would not be a bad idea. It will shed those dead skin cells and leave you feeling fresh faced.

26. Reduce Wrinkles

(Image Source/ blushin)Vinegar is starting to sound like a magic cream at this point. We all want to stop the wrinkles and fine lines setting in, and who knew it was as easy as washing diluted vinegar on your face. It definitely doesn't sound pleasant but it sounds worth it...just don't get it near your eyes.

27. Get Rid Of Scalp Product Build Up

(Image Source/ sweetonyou)Build-up happens to everybody's scalp, even if you change shampoo and conditioners regularly. It helps but it will still inevitably happen. It turns out that you can rinse your scalp with diluted vinegar and let it sit on your scalp for around 10 minutes. Then, wash off and you will notice the difference.

28. Heal Your Heels

(Image Source/ verywellhealth)Dry heels anybody? We've all experienced it. If you mix vinegar with curd and rub it all over your heels it helps heal the cracked skin. The curd will act as a natural moisturiser whilst the vinegar will heal them with its antibacterial properties. It sounds like a cheap and easy pedicure.

29. Soothe Your Bug Bites

(Image Source/ dengarden)If you've got an itchy bug bite and you need a remedy...vinegar is your best friend. It is naturally antiseptic and so rubbing a little bit on your bite will help stop the itching. We've all been on holiday and ended up with horrible mosquito bites with no remedy. Now you only need to reach for the bottle of vinegar at the dinner table.

30. Anti Dandruff!

(Image Source/ youtube)This is similar to preventing the product build-up and you use the vinegar in the exact same way. But this will also stop dandruff. If it's something you struggle with then it's definitely worth a try. Just massage it into your hair (watered down).

31. Clean The Inside Of Your Car

(Image Source/ headlightrestore)Whether it's bad odors or stains on your car's upholstery this is a good way to get everything looking like brand new...or almost. Spray diluted vinegar (around a 1/4 of a cup) with some water all over your car - wherever the problem areas. Then scrub at the stains and wait for the odor to vanish.

32. Clean Out Your Bath

(Image Source/ stayathomemum)Cleaning the bath can actually be really tricky. It's hard to clean the stains from it, the old water rings and the residue from products. Plus, it's big and difficult to scrub. If you fill the bath pour a few cups of vinegar in it and leave it for a few hours. Then, just rinse away and it should be sparkling again.

33. Clean Your Washing Machine

(Image Source/ cleanipedia)If we're honest, most of us neglect to clean the instruments that we use to clean things... But it has to happen or technically you're just washing everything in more filth. So, pour some vinegar into your washing machine and run a cycle - no soap. Then it will unclog all the pores in your machine and clean the scum.

34. Make Your Towels Fluffy

 (Image Source/ thespruce)Is there anything better than fresh fluffy brand-new towels... But they don't stay like this for long at all. Before you know it, the fluffiness has flattened, the whiteness is tinged with grey and they look like you've had them forever. Wash them with a little bit of vinegar and it will bring the whiteness and the fluffiness back!

35. Clean Ink Stains

(Image Source/ readersdigest)Ink stains...the most troublesome stain there is to remove of all time. Try soaking it with vinegar. This one really could be a very helpful hack. Because ink stains do not budge once they have set in. So be quick and grab the vinegar and soak it out.

36. Unstick Things

(Image Source/ which)When metal things rust, they stick together and you can try and prize them open all you want but they still won't work the same. If you soak them with a little bit of vinegar then they should be moving like new soon. It's worth a go for a natural and easy method.

37. Clean The Patio

(Image Source/ dailyexpress)If your patio is looking a little bit dull and the slabs or tiles are looking a bit grubby, pour over water with vinegar and scrub them. It should remove all of the grime and they should then end up looking much brighter again. Especially in time for the summer.

38. Regulate Blood Pressure

(Image Source/ blogspot.com)Blood pressure is a growing concern amongst people today, anything we can do to try and lower it is worth a shot. No, it is not medically proven but it has been discussed that apple cider vinegar (a little a day) will help reduce blood pressure due to its amino acids.

39. Reduce Cholesterol

(Image Source/ thehealthy.com)Similarly with cholesterol, these two go hand in hand with one another. It is thought that vinegar slows down the deposit of cholesterol into the arteries and blood vessels. Therefore, it helps prevent heart conditions which lead to very serious things like heart attacks.

40. Promotes Digestion

(Image Source/ goodhousekeeping.com)Some of the active ingredients that are found in rice vinegar can soothe inflammation in the gut - which in the long run helps digestion and therefore bowel movement. And a healthy gut makes everything run smoothly and feel better. Vinegar is packed full of benefits.

41. Liver Tonic

(Image Source/ badgut.com)This is not a new found use, it's actually been going for centuries in Japan and is seen as a perfect remedy. It is believed to have detoxifying qualities which can work in the liver and help it function normally. So, you're not only getting one health benefit but multiple in one go.

42. Boost Your Energy

(Image Source/ treehugger.com)There are amino acids in vinegar which are really important for our overall health and our energy levels. Taking a little bit of vinegar - watered down of course- everyday may just boost your energy levels. Let's face it, we all need a kick start in the morning even if vinegar is not as conventional as coffee.

43. Salad Dressing

(Image Source/ kitchn.com)This may seem obvious. But, rice vinegar isn't often associated with being used as a dressing as much as other kinds such as apple cider vinegar. It's a healthy and perfect option to drizzle on your lettuce leaves and spice up any old salad. It offers a change from the usual so it's worth a try.

44. Hiccup Cure

(Image Source/ healthclinic.com)There's an old wives tale which says that if you have a bad case of hiccups, then just swallow about a tea spoonful of vinegar and the hiccups should clear up. After all, we all how annoying they are especially when you can't get rid of them and the old tricks don't work.

45. Get Rid Of A Sore Throat

(Image Source/ stylecraze.com)We've tried all of the sore throat remedies..soothers, throat drinks...do they work? No. So, it's worth trying this one. Gargle a little bit of vinegar as it will act as a disinfectant and should help clear it up. Make sure you put some in a cup of water so that it is diluted.

46. Clean Thermoses

(Image Source/ etsy.com)These things are ridiculously hard to clean. They may be designed perfectly to keep things warm or cold - but when it comes to cleaning them it's just impossible. Fill it around three quarters to the top and then fill the last third with vinegar. Leave it in there a while and then shake, rinse and then air dry.

47. Clean Your Drain

(Image Source/ simplemost.com)By combining a little bit of baking soda with some vinegar you have got the perfect drain cleaner. No one wants to be sticking their hands down a drain and drain cleaners rarely seem to have that much effect. Here's a more effective way to clean your drains.

48. Polish Furniture

(Image Source/ blogspot.com)If you want your furniture to be clean and sparkle, mix a bit of vinegar and oil together and then give it a rub - it works like a dream. They will work together perfectly - particularly on leather furniture. They'll look better than ever after this simple solution.

49. Fabric Softener

(Image Source/ blogspot.com)If you add a little bit of vinegar with your washing and it will act as a fabric softener. Fabric softeners aren't cheap, and especially considering the fact that they don't last long. So, if we can us vinegar as an alternative we are all here for it.

50. Vinegar As Candle Wax Remover

(Image Source/ ipsnews.com)Candle wax ca be a pain to shift once it's dripped all over the surfaces. And, as fun as it is to pick it off and scrape it with your finger nails (we all do it) it's not an effective cleaning method and actually makes it better. Try vinegar - it's much cleaner.

51. Stop Denim Bleeding

(Image Source/ byrdie.com)When denim bleeds...it ends up running out forever, draining your clothes of colour and then staining the clothes you don't want with denim dye. Try dabbing a little bit of vinegar over the area that is running and it should stop it right away.

52. Dusting Spray

Don't bother with branded solutions anymore. Try adding a bit of vinegar to some water to spray over things that are dusty, not only will it clean it will disinfect so it's a win win. Add some lemon to take away the smell and everything will be lemony fresh.

53. Clean Suede

(Image Source/ youtube.com)Suede...such a luxurious material and it does look great. But when it comes to cleaning it's a different thing entirely and it seems pretty impossible. In fact, if you so much as try to rub it it looks grey and dirty as though you've had it for 40+ years.

54. Clean Screens

(Image Source/ misswish.com)Now before you go spraying anti bacterial sprays or bleaches onto screens quickly think again. You will probably end up with a bigger and more permanent screen stain. Instead, try vinegar very diluted and wipe gently with a cloth. It will lift the dirt and have it shining again.

55. Get Pet Stains Out Of The Carpet

(Image Source/ porterscleaning.com)If you've had a pet...then you've certainly had some kind of unpleasant kind of pet stain on the carpet at some point in time. Often it never goes until the carpet is removed. So, try a little bit of watered down vinegar it may just be the perfect remedy.

56. Glass Cleaner

(Image Source/ bustle.com)Cleaning glass is one of those thankless tasks where is ends up looking more streaky after being wiped than before and you wonder why you started. But, using a little bit of vinegar will clean it and should not leave those murky lines that you get with other cleaning products.

57. Skin Toner

(Image Source/ pinterest.com)Brands are constantly trying to sell us products that are around 50 pounds when it turns out some products we can make at home for just a couple. So, never mind purchasing that fancy skin toner, just dilute a few drops of vinegar and water and wipe it over your face.

58. Hair Conditioner

(Image Source/ Beautylish)We know this sounds odd, it's not exactly the floral or sweet scents that we tend to gravitate towards when picking out the smell of our hair conditioner. I mean vinegar may not sound appealing, but it softens your hair just as well...if not even better.

59. Remove Sweat Stains

(Image Source/ kellysdrycleaners)A bright fresh white T-shirt - there's nothing like it. Until you've worn it a few times and the yellow stains will not shift no many how many times you wash it. At this point apart from trying a whole host of products there's not much you can do. But, try soaking the patches in undiluted vinegar. It's your best chance.

60. Ant deterrent

(Image Source/ westernexterminator)

It's summer time, the garden's looking green and lush, the bbq is on and...there's ANTS. Everywhere. They're impossible to get rid of and when you start finding them climbing all over you they're impossible to ignore. Spray the ground with vinegar and they won't want to go anywhere near.

61. Relieve Sore Muscles

(Image Source/ divinitynutra)Apple cider vinegar helps draw out lactic acid from your muscles, so if you've done some hard exercises get a soak in the bath with a little bit of vinegar. After the soak, the acid won't build up in the muscles so much so you won't be as sore the next day!

62. Clean Hardened Brushes

(Image Source/ Divinitynutra)We've all done it - used a paintbrush and forgotten to clean it afterwards so that when you come back to it it is rock solid and completely unusable. There's not much else to do apart from throw them away...oh no. Actually all we need is some vinegar boiling in a pan, dip the brushes in and the bristles will start to separate and clean.

63. Get Rid Of Stale Odours

(Image Source/ thegoodgreatsby)Once you've had your tub for a while you do start to notice the whiff. And it's not like we aren't cleaning them. But they just get that stale like odour that will not go away. Try soaking them in pure vinegar overnight and it will draw out the smell.

64. Tone Down The Spice

(Image Source/ simplesassyandscrumptious)There's nothing worse than when you've made a dish or ordered a dish with just too much spice that it becomes inedible. Once you've put it in there is no going back. But, if you want to neutralise it then try adding some vinegar! Not too much - but it really works.

65. Clean Stained Food Tubs

(Image Source/ tipsandtricks)Let's face it these tubs can stay clean forever if all you have is a dry sandwich for lunch. But as soon as so much as a hint of curry or tomato pasta touches the sides of these plastics tubs...the sides will turn yellow. BRIGHT yellow. But, pour undiluted vinegar in them and let them soak overnight and it should restore them.

66. Perk Up Your Cut Flowers

(Image Source/ organicauthority)It's a shame that cut flowers only really look good for one or two days, especially when they are certainly not cheap. Then you notice that the petals start falling everywhere. But if you add some drops to the water, you will find that they'll last a lot longer.

67. Treat Fungal Infections

(Image Source/ cleavelandclinics)Ever had a bout of Athlete's foot or a problem with fungal nail? It's not the most pleasant. It can also be a little embarrassing. Here's a natural and simple treatment for you. Soak them in water with some vinegar every night and you will soon notice a big difference1

68. Tenderise Meat

(Image Source/ prepper)No one likes chewy meat. And tenderising meat might sound like some kind of fancy chef move...but actually it's as easy as soaking it in vinegar overnight. Try it overnight and you'll definitely notice the difference the next day when you cook and eat it.

69. Kill e-coli

(Image Source/ Academyofnutrition)Not only will it soften the meat, but if you marinade the meat in vinegar overnight and it is reported that the vinegar will kill the e-coli and the bacterias. If you want to be extra safe then give it a go. This is not a sure way so don't be testing it on any old meat.

70. Freshen Your Bins

(Image Source/ wheeliebins)The inside of a wheelie bin is never going to be pleasant. But there's a way to make them less rancid and that little bit more fresh. Fill it up with water and add a load of vinegar and let it soak overnight. Then just rinse it all away. It will be fresher than it ever has been before.

71. Clean Your Dishes

(Image Source/ organizedmom)This one sounds obscure - washing the dishes with vinegar. And we aren't saying ditch your dish soap and use vinegar instead. But if you have ran out of dish washer tablets one time, vinegar will be string enough to cut through the grime. So give it a go instead of letting the dishes pile up.

72. And Your Dishwasher

(Image Source/ dishwashersreviewinuk)And not only that...but if will clean your dishwasher while you are at it. After all we rely on the dishwasher to make our appliances clean enough to eat off. Yet when do we clean the dishwasher? Vinegar will do this for us by adding it into the cycle.

73. Whiten Your Teeth

(Image Source/ dentalcare)Fancy a set of pearly whites? There's no need to pay ridiculous prices for whitening strips or professional whitening. Not when you can use white vinegar. Wet your brush and dab a little in...just try it a few times and wait to see the gradual results.

74. Get Rid Of Fleas

 (Image Source/ housemethod)Fleas...those pesky little creatures never go away. Once you have a flea problem it feels like nothing will work and they will never go away. Try putting some water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray your pets with it regularly. Then after a couple of days wash it off and repeat.

75. Get Rid Of Bruises

(Image Source/ runner'sworld)If you soak a little bit of white vinegar onto a paper towel and wrap it around the bruise for a while then it will help speed up the healing process.So if you want a bruise to go away this will certainly help it do so faster than it would do without it.

76. Clean Fruit & Veggies

(Image Source/ nipnoos)Fruit and vegetables are the worst for going off fast. Want to make them last longer? Just soak them in warm water with vinegar and remove the dirt and all the unwanted outside stuff. It will make them last around a whole week longer. Saving food and money.

77. De-scratch Disks

(Image Source/ pepnewz)Okay so we know not many people use CDs anymore. But most of us have a couple as nostalgic memories, or the home movies we have from our childhoods. You may find they are too scratched to work. If so, rub a little bit of vinegar on them and then give them a try...

78. It Can Help With Sun Burn

Image Source / WikipediaWhen you're thinking of extremely painful sunburn and peeling skin because you forgot to apply lotion AGAIN, the last thing you might want to do is consider putting acidic vinegar all over yourself, right? Surely that's gotta sting! But nope - white distilled vinegar, and especially if it's been kept in the fridge, can help to calm the burn.

79. Give Your Rugs New Life

Image Source / therugstudio.co.ukRugs see a lot of dirt and foot traffic, which obviously means they're doing their job, so it's good news for a practical home but bad news if your amazing rugs are suddenly looking a little worn. A cup of white distilled vinegar with warm water applied to the rug with a gentle push brush can help to breathe new life into them!

80. Get Your Windscreen Wipers Back To Good As New

Image Source / InstructablesOne of the most annoying things to happen when you're driving is to realise that your window wipers aren't doing their job properly. If you're finding they're starting to squeak and streak, and failing to do what they should, don't be so quick to spend money replacing them. Instead, wipe them down with white distilled vinegar and see the difference.

81. Mask Scratches In Your Wooden Furniture

Image Source / Business InsiderIt's so easy for furniture to get scratched, especially if you have pets or young children. It isn't practical to try and make them never touch any item of furniture, of course, so you'll want a good solution if your favorite wooden items do get a little scratched. If you mix apple cider vinegar with iodine, you get the perfect solution!

82. Fight Against Fruit Flies

Image Source / Modern FarmerFruit flies are pesky and unwanted, but it's always tricky trying to catch them! The solution is to tempt them with a trap, which in this case is - yep, you guessed it - vinegar. Pour some apple cider vinegar into a small saucer or bowl and add a small amount of dish soap. The flies will be attracted to the smell but drown in the solution.

83. Handy If You Happened To Want To Turn A Chicken Bone Into Rubber!

Image Source / ThoughtCoThis sounds random, but it's more for those 'oh wow cool!' moments, or for your next party trick. Did you know that if you actually soak a chicken bone in white distilled vinegar for a few days, the bone will eventually become as soft and bendy as rubber! Not much you can do with it other than admire it, though.

84. Cat Proof Your Home

Image Source / The SunEven cat lovers will admit that trying to control a cat from scratching everything in your home, or going into rooms they shouldn't, can be an impossible task, so this one's for those who might want to control their kitty - or, if you're kitten training. By putting some white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle, you can spray the things or areas you don't want them to go - because they'll hate the smell!

85. Clean Your Microwave

Image Source / Business InsiderWe all know how disgusting the inside of a microwave can get, even when you clean it regularly, because of the type of food that likes to explode on every inner wall for no good reason. For built up food flecks and stubborn stains, mix a solution of 50/50 white vinegar and water and heat it in the microwave for a few minutes. The steam created will loosen up everything you need to clean!

86. Give New Life To Old Socks

Image Source / GearJunkieWe all have at least one pair of those grimy socks we swear used to be white but now look distinctly sorry for themselves. It's usually sweat-covered gym socks that have taken a beating. Well, don't throw them out - instead, fill a saucepan with water and one cup of vinegar and boil it. Leave your socks in the solution overnight, then wash in the morning.

87. Clean Your Kitty's Litter Box

Image Source / YouTubeLitter boxes can sure get stinky, and it's just unfortunate they have to be kept in the house. Even when you clean them, the smell always seems to linger. Pour half an inch of white distilled vinegar into the bottom of the litter tray to neutralize any odours. Be sure to clean it thoroughly before replacing the litter (because as mentioned in a previous point, cats hate the smell!).

88. Stop Your Pup From Scratching Their Ears

Image Source / Dr. Ron's Animal HospitalDog's ears can sure get itchy, and it's as annoying for you as it is for them to watch them constantly scratching and flapping behind their ears. This has nothing to do with fleas, of course, as the ears are just general itchy places. You can wipe down your pup's ears with vinegar and clean to make it less itchy for them.

89. Perk Up Your Brick Floors

Image Source / brick-floor-tile.comIf you have a driveway, patio, garden area or even if you have brick floors in a room of your home, then you can bring them back to life by using a solution of vinegar. Use a solution of one gallon of warm water mixed with one cup of vinegar, and then mop along your brick floor.

90. Make The Perfect Poached Egg

Image Source / RedditCooking the perfect poached egg is a talent spoken of only in legend for a lot of people. There's nothing worse than getting your hopes up only to create a mediocre poached egg yet again. But this is where vinegar can help. If you add a few teaspoons of vinegar to the water you're poaching your egg in, it will help the whites to become whole.