Rare Uses Of These Household Items

By Aaron Love 9 months ago

Book Page Wallpaper

Image Source: House Nerd
If you're planning on decorating your house or a specific room within your home anytime soon, you might want to consider this popular technique where you wallpaper with book pages. It might seem odd, but this has become all the rage on social media and it's supposed to be a great way to reuse old books you have no need for whilst also making a great accent wall. You'd have something to read on the loo too!

Sock Cleaning

Image Source: Reddit
Do you have one of those mops where you have to constantly go out and buy more refills of wipes to cover the bottom with? It can get quite expensive to constantly buy refills, especially coming up to the backend of the month. Well some people seem to have found a way to save cash, whilst also reusing some old socks that they don't plan on wearing anymore. Why don't you give this trick a go?

Alka-Seltzer In The Toilet

Image Source: Reddit
It's probably quite likely that you've got a couple of boxes or spare strips of these Alka-Seltzer tablets in your home, they're obviously useful when it comes to trying to fight off any aches and pains you have. But did you know that they can also help when it comes to helping unclog any problems you have with your toilet? Just drop a couple tablets down there and see what happens!

Newspaper In The Fridge

Image Source: Pinterest
You might not have heard of this one before, but did you know that by stuffing newspapers within your fridge spaces you can actually help remove any unwanted odors? It doesn't make any sense as to how it works, but if you stuff paper, or plug it in to empty gaps in the fridge it can actually help by absorbing some of the smells and by the time you take them out your fridge will be odor free!

Coffee Grounds In The Fridge

Image Source: Reddit
It turns out that it isn't just old newspapers that can be used to remove the unwanted odors from your fridge but also dry coffee grounds too! This might even be more beneficial as it takes up less room within your chilled storage too. All you have to do is put your dry coffee grounds in to an old margarine tub and make sure there's some small holes in the top of the lid. Easy done!

Floss Cutter

Image Source: Delish
You might buy floss to keep in your bathroom, pretty much everyone who buys floss will keep it there! But did you know that many people, including chefs have began introducing the item into their kitchens as well now! It has to be an unscented floss of course, but it can be great for cutting soft items like cheeses whilst ensuring that each cut comes out as smooth as possible!

Baby Powder On Leather

Image Source: Reddit
Did you know that by applying just a small coat of baby powder on some leather  for an overnight period you might actually be able to remove some of the stains? You might want to originally try this on just a small section of your leather item, usually a sofa before you cover the whole thing; the goal however is that you might be able to get it looking brand new all over again.

Olive Oil On Cutlery

Image Source: Reddit
It turns out that there are a whole range of household items that can be used to rid your other items of stains; just like baby powder, you might even be able to use the olive oil you find in your kitchen too! It might be a little expensive in terms of what you have to spend to get the olive oil, but you can actually try and remove the stains from your stainless steel cutlery by leaving them in the oil!

Baking Soda For Stickers

Image Source: Reddit
Have you ever struggled to get that adhesive from stickers off of your clothing or even off of kitchenware items that you've bought before? It's annoying when you try to remove a sticker but you're left with a few little scraps of sticker left behind. Well it turns out that baking soda, something most of us will have in our cupboards, will actually be useful in removing these adhesive bits.

Teabag Fertiliser

Image Source: Dorset Eye
Do you consider yourself someone with green fingers? Are you always looking for ways to keep your plants, both inside and outside, growing healthily and safely? Many people try to avoid buying some of the more common fertilisers for a number of reasons and in doing so they have found that using used teabags can actually be a great way to work as an organic fertilizer for those potted plants in your home.

Coffee Filter Stackers

Image Source: Pinterest
Have you ever stacked your pots and pans within your cupboard only to find that when you grab them out next time that the bottom of them are scratched? This obviously only happens with non-stick pans, but you can actually place individual coffee filters in between each pan to stop this from happening! Fortunately, they aren't too expensive to get your hands on them either! You can even use this trick on your plates too.

Coffee Filter Bowls

Image Source: Reddit
It turns out that coffee filters have quite a number of other uses that could make your life easier round the home instead of just filtering out your coffee! Are you often sick of having to do some extra washing up for small snacks like popcorn and chips? Well some people have decided to start rolling up the filters to create little disposable bowls they can throw in the bin straight after!

Coffee Grounds Fertiliser

Image Source: Reddit
It turns out that two of the most popular hot drinks can both be used in order to help fertilise our plants and used coffee grounds are actually the more popular of the two! They are only good for certain plants so you might want to give that a little bit of research before you throw them on, but typically you're looking to use them on plants that thrive on acidic environments.

Packing Peanuts Pillow

Image Source: Reddit
Okay, so I'm not suggesting that you go out of your way to go and buy some packing peanuts just to make a pillow, that would be silly. However, if you've recently moved home or have had a number of things delivered you might have an abundance of these little polystyrene peanuts. You can actually use these, instead of throwing them out, to make a pillow or a beanbag of sorts.

Milk Jug Scoop

Image Source: Family Handyman
I'm sure that once you're finished using your gallon milk cartons you probably aren't planning to do too much with them are you? Most of us choose to just throw them out or recycle them instead of trying to reuse them. But if you chop the top off of the carton you've actually got yourself a scoop to use for whatever you might need, maybe for some cereal or coffee beans!

Margarine Tub Storage

Image Source: Reddit
I suppose this is one that you might have seen already in the past, and it's actually quite a common hack used by people like artists and teachers for decades now! Margarine tubs are another thing that often get chucked in the rubbish but you might not have been aware that they're a great way to store your supplies, things like pens and coloured pencils are a common thing found within them.

Candles For Labels

Image Source: Reddit
Have you ever had to add labels to items within your home, or perhaps you put labels on your clothes (or you kids school clothes) or but seen them quickly rubbed off as a result of the rain? If you rub the label with a candle the label will be covered in something known as paraffin wax and it'll then become waterproof; it'll keep your writing on the labels safe too!

Rubber Glove Hair Remover

Image Source: Reddit
Most of us will only associate the use of rubber gloves with cleaning duties like washing the dishes or even the ones we hate doing the most, like cleaning the toilet or maybe unblocking the shower or sink. But did you know that if you have pets, rubber gloves could be the way to ensure you never have to worry about pet hairs ever again; just one quick rub with the glove and the hairs will be gone.

Pillow Case For Fans

Image Source: ABC7 News
If you've ever had the unpleasant task of having to clean a ceiling fan then you'll know that dust and other particles can get thrust all over the place when you wipe each individual fan blade. But by wrapping the fan blade with an old pillowcase you can efficiently pull the dirt and dust from the blade without having to worry about hoovering afterwards, or getting anything in your eyes!

Toothbrush To Clear Velcro

Image Source: Reddit
Most of us don't tend to wear clothes that use Velcro in our daily lives, but it's something that might come on some household items or your kids shoes. Over time, Velcro can quickly lose it's stickiness as a result of dirt and other small items getting trapped in it. To get rid of this efficiently you can actually use an old (or cheap) toothbrush to help clear out the debris.

Ice Cube Tray Herbs

Image Source: Reddit
In the summer months, the ice cube tray really can be our best friend, there's nothing like dropping a couple of ice cubes in to a soda or iced coffee. But did you know that you could actually stop some food wastage with the device too? If you ever have any leftover fresh herbs you can freeze them into little cubes with a little water and then defrost them one by one when you need them!

Book Doorstops

Image Source: Expert Home Tips
We all have that one door in the house that we want to remain open for period of the day, but things like the wind or just people walking through might result in it closing or being left ajar. Many people go out and buy their doorstops from the store but you can use a load of household items to do so instead; one of the most common choices is the use of books at the foot of the door instead.

Cotton Swabs On A Laptop

Image Source: Reddit
This hack is one that has gone around the internet for years now, but that doesn't mean that it still isn't one of the best ways to use a household item for good. You might notice that your laptop is really good at collecting dust and hairs which is incredibly annoying; you can actually use your cotton swabs to get between the keys easier, probably with something like a rubbing alcohol at the end of it too.

Rubber Bands To Open Jars

Image Source: Reddit
We've all been there, don't lie! We have definitely all found ourselves trying to open a jar from our kitchen cupboards before and been unable to do so; that might be because we're too weak or we might be a little greasy or sweaty. In order to get a better grip on these jars though, you can wrap an elastic band around the top and soon enough you'll have the lid off in no time.

Rubber Band Paint Stopper

Image Source: ThriftyFun
It turns out that rubber bands are actually very useful when it comes to acting as something they weren't originally intended for. If you're going through a period of redecorating within your home this might be a trick that you want to keep your eyes on. You can wrap the elastic band across the top of your paint tub and use it to remove any excess pain that you have on your brush.

Aluminium Foil Funnel

Image Source: Home Addict
If you don't have a funnel lying around your home then you might want to use this quick and easy trick to help avoid any minor (or major) spillages from ruining any of your worktops or furniture. It's such a simple way to use something we all have in our homes too! By simply rolling up some aluminium foil you have easy access to a disposable funnel. It'll save you an extra job in the long run!

Cotton Balls As Firestarters

Image Source: Reddit
Now I'm not suggesting that you go out and start lighting fires everywhere you go with this common household item, but it's a great way to get a little campfire going without having to buy any of the common fire starters. It might be that you've gone out camping, or you're just having a little gathering in your yard, but cotton balls make for a great piece of material to get one going.

Vinegar In Your Kettle

Image Source: Reddit
Kettles, as a result of them always being filled with water, are commonly found to be rusting a little bit and so you might be looking for a way to descale the inside quickly. One of the ways that people online have claimed to be the best to do this is by using vinegar. By pouring vinegar on some cleaning devices it can quickly pull the scale away from the sides of your kettle.

Petroleum Jelly Freeze Deterrent

Image Source: Reddit
If you live in a part of the US that is constantly hit by those terrible winter seasons, the ones where you're locked in because of the snow or you've always got your big puffer coat on this might be a great hack for you. If you put quite a small layer of petroleum jelly on the insulation of your car door you won't have to worry about finding yourself locked out of your car ever again.

Toothpaste Hole Filler

Image Source: Home Appliances
If you're working on your home for whatever reason and you've had to take what was hanging on the wall off to do so, then you might have some holes in the wall that make your painting job a little more difficult. Some life hackers online have come to the conclusion that using toothpaste as a temporary way to fill these holes can be a great way to avoid any problems.