Rare Uses Of Olive Oil That You May Not Have Heard Of Before Today

By Nick Hadji 11 months ago

1 Eye Make Up Remover

Image source BeautilishBy dipping a cotton pad into olive oil you have an instant eye make up remover which can even tackle stubborn waterproof mascara.  Wipe it beneath your eyes and on your eyelids to remove all traces.. Rinse with warm water and a flannel and follow this up with your usual face wash.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Loosen Earwax

Image source Daily MailBefore you have your ears syringed at the doctor's surgery or health centre, you will be asked to make sure the wax is loose enough for the procedure to take place.  Simply apply a few drops of olive oil morning and evening for 5 days and this will soften the build up so removal can be done easily and painlessly.

3. Stop Wax Sticking To Candle Holder

Image source RadiopaediaIf candle wax drips on to the candle holder when lit, it can be a nightmare to get off.  You might normally scrape it off and leave a mess, as well as a few scratches, or pour boiling water over the candle and then the wax hardens in the sink.  If you rub a thin coat of olive oil on to the base of the candle holder, dripped wax will peel off easily.  I'm definitely going to try this one!

4. For Dull And Fly-Away Hair

Image source Self.comIf you rub a few drops of olive oil on the ends of your hair you'll be left with glossy locks and not have to purchase expensive hair serum.  Also, if your hair is fly-away or is prone to static electricity, spray a very fine mist of the oil over the hair will solve the problem.

5.  Shaving Cream Substitute

Image source Glamour UKIf your shaving cream has just run out and you're desperate to shave your legs, apply olive oil to your limbs.  This natural lubricant will give you a close shave and prevent those razor bumps.  As an added extra, it will moisturise your legs and get them ready to be exposed in public!

6. Unstick A Zip

Image sourceWhen the zip on your clothing won't budge and there doesn't seem to be any material getting in the way to stop it moving up and down then all you have to do is apply a couple of drops of olive oil on a cotton swab and rub it on the zip's teeth.  The zipper will now move easily in any direction.

7. Shine Stainless Steel

Image source Best ProductsInstead of using a harsh product such as ammonia to shine stainless steel, why not rub some olive oil on the outside of steel pots, pans and sinks and they will be gleaming like new in no time.  You can also use the same method on stainless steel hobs and extractor fans.

8. Preventing Hair Balls

Image source Reader's DigestHair balls in our feline friends can be quite upsetting to see.  Watching your moggy try to vomit the fur ball up or retching because it is struggling can be easily alleviated.  Put a quarter of a teaspoon of olive oil in your cat's food and it will help prevent the hair balls.

9. Remove Paint From Hair

Image source YouTubeDon't worry - you won't have to stick with the green paint that has got attached to your hair when you were painting the garden shed!  Dab some olive oil on to cotton wool ball and rub gently into your hair to get rid of all traces.  Wash your hair afterwards with your normal shampoo.

10. Dust Wooden Furniture

Image source The SpruceThere are so many products out there that each vow to shine your wooden furniture better than any other brand.  That's confusing because they can't all be right!  Ignore all their promises and get yourself a clean microfibre cloth, apply a little olive oil and polish away.  WE promise it's the best way!

11. Alleviate Cradle Cap

Image source Water WipesThis can look very unsightly on baby's head, even though it is harmless.  Many parents use a cradle cap shampoo but this can take up to 6 weeks to work effectively.  You can have the bonniest baby by applying a small amount of olive oil to his/her head, leave on the scalp for a few minutes and brush off the flakes.

12. Deal With A Squeaky Door

Image source Soundproof LivingIt's not the door that squeaks but the door hinges!  If you've cleaned any debris and rust from the hinges and they are still driving you mad, wipe the top of the hinges with olive oil (on a cloth) and allow the oil to drip down the sides.  The results are instant and you can apply the same method on ay creaky door knobs.

13. Ear Ache Relief

Image source Medical News TodayA little warm olive oil is an effective and fast means of relieving painful ear aches. Just place the bottle in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes and then pour a few drops into the affected ear.   For ear infections infuse the olive oil with a crushed clove of garlic, strain the garlic out and drip into the ear.

14.  Restore Your Wellies

Image source The SpruceWhen you've worn your rubber or vinyl boots in the winter snow, once they've dried out they will leave white marks.  To get rid of these marks, rub olive oil directly on to them and watch the stains disappear in front of your eyes. Remember not to get any oil on the soles or you'll go flying!

15. Remove Chewing Gum From Hair

Image source HealthlineGum shouldn't even reach your hair but for various 'bad habit' reasons, it occasionally does.  Don't start crying at the thought of having to cut off a section of your hair.  Apply some olive oil to the gum and the hair around it, leave on for 10 minutes and the gum will then slide off.

16. Remove Stickers

Image source Kitchn.comHow annoying is it when you are trying to remove a sticker from, say, a new item of crockery and all that happens is that you ruin your nails and the sticker stays well and truly put!  If you apply a tiny amount of olive oil on to a label or sticker and wait a few minutes, it will peel off in one go, leaving no residue.

17. Soothes Chapped Lips

Image source Medical News TodayEither in the winter when it's freezing or the summer when its too hot, your lips are one of the first things to suffer.  Mix some course salt with a teaspoon of olive oil and a splash of lemon juice and you have your own soothing lip balm.  Add a few drops of peppermint oil for minty freshness.

18. Lice Treatment

Image source HealthlineOlive oil has long been a natural treatment to get rid of those dreaded head lice. It helps to dissolve the exoskeleton of these little parasites and smother the ones that are resistant. Pour a liberal amount of olive oil on to dry hair and comb out the visible lice with a nit comb.  Then coat the hair in apple cider vinegar and put a shower cap on overnight.  Shampoo as normal and comb out the remaining eggs.

19. Protects Your Liver

Image source HealthCentralStudies show that extra virgin molecules can repair or prevent liver destruction.  The compounds the oil contains reduces inflammation, insulin resistance, stress and other effects that can lead to liver damage.

20. Helps Depression

Image source HelpGuide.orgOlive oil can be used to reduce depression and anxiety.  Evidence shows that people who eat trans fat (fats in fast food and baked goods) are likely to suffer more with depression than those who eat unsaturated fats like olive oil.  Use olive oil in cooking as much as you can to help you feel good.

21. Repairs Cracked Heels

Image source NBC NewsGive rough heels the attention they deserve - after all, you stand on them all the time! Firstly exfoliate with a pumice stone and then apply olive oil to the feet.  Lock in the moisture by wearing cotton socks while you sleep.  The difference is noticeable after two applications.

22. Make-Up Brush Cleaner

Image source A Clean BeeWe never clean our make-up brushes nearly as often as we should so the unseen bacteria builds up until just dipping them in soapy water won't even scratch the surface.  Use olive oil and a little antibacterial soap mixed together to clean your brushes thoroughly.  It's so easy and will save you time and money.

23. Lamp fuel

Image source Daily MailIf you are looking for a cheap alternative to using a torch with expensive batteries, get a bottle of olive oil and pour it into a glass jar.  Poke a hole in the lid of the jar and inert an oil lamp wick.  Da da and you have light!

24. Stretch Marks

Image source eMediHealthStretch marks can make us feel embarrassed about our bodies.  They shouldn't because lots of us have them but if you are really wanting to fade them then you can't go far wrong than by using olive oil.  Massage into the affected areas morning and night and you will notice a difference within 2-3 weeks.

25. Rejuvenates The Face

Image source Real SimpleFor skin that looks a bit dull and is missing that natural glow try this easy home remedy.  Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with a mashed avocado and half a lemon.  Cover the face with the paste and leave on for 5 minutes. Remove and rinse in cool water.  Because the impurities in your skin will have been drawn out, your complexion will look healthy and bright.

26. Unstick A Ring

Image source Jewellers MutualIsn't it annoying when the ring that slipped easily on to your finger at the start of the day is refusing to budge at night when you want to remove it.  The more you try, the more the finger swells up.  Refrain from calling the Fire Dept. (!) and put some olive oil all around the ring, getting as far under the ring as you can.  It will then slide off easily and you wish you hadn't been so dramatic about it!

27. For Dandruff

Image source First DermDandruff is only the result of a flaky scalp but it's a word that we don't want to use if we can help it.  Dandruff shampoos will get rid of it along with fading any dye you have on your hair.  Take the natural route and massage olive oil into the scalp and leave on for 10 minutes.  Wash with gentle shampoo afterwards.  After a few times of doing this, your dandruff will be a thing of the past.

28. Metabolic Syndrome

Image source Medical DialoguesFollowing a large study in 2019 it was concluded that olive oil compounds improve the features of metabolic syndrome, for example blood sugar, inflammation, low-density lipoprotein, triglycerides, and lipoprotein.  A daily intake of a teaspoon of olive oil is all it takes!

29. Cardiovascular System

Image source The GuardianOlive oil is the main source of fat for those who have a mainly Mediterranean diet.  Research shows this group of people have a higher life expectancy rate and more importantly have a lower chance of dying from heart related illnesses.  If you change the way you cook and follow a Mediterranean way of eating, your heart will be happy.

30. Snoring

Image source HelpGuide.orgIf you lie awake for hours every night because of the constant snoring from your partner or you are the snorer and your other half is forever nudging you to stop, then cancel the divorce lawyer and follow the easiest instruction on the planet.  Take a large sip of olive oil before bed which will lubricate the muscles in your throat and give you both the best sleep you've had in ages!