RANKED: Which State Has The Best Food In America

By molly atherton 1 year ago

50. West Virginia

is there a more WV meal? : r/WestVirginia
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Content Originally Sourced: Femanin.com Other than that god awful song we all get stuck in our minds when we think of WEST VIRGINIAAAAA, it's also known for its signature food, which is better known as the Hot Pocket. Oh and road kill, this Eastern state is known for it's Hot Pockets and road kill.

49. North Dakota

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So coming in at 49 on the list, Buffalo burgers are a fan favourite amongst the people of North Dakota. However, when you compare it to its southern counterpart, South Dakota looks like France, doesn't it? Where's the culture? Where's the class guys?

48. Nebraska

Hot Pockets, Why? : r/mildlyinfuriating
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Nebraska, the home of the Runza - a gorgeous chain that can be described as selling gourmet Hot Pockets - claims to have invented the Reuben and delivers a steak right to your door. Not the most gourmet of states, but if that's your style, then there you go.

47. Delaware

I used light mayo as a spread instead of butter, keeps the bread moist and doesn't have a strong mayo taste either. Still count as a grilled cheese? : r/grilledcheese
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The signature food of Delaware is basically just as you imagined. It's a piece of un-toasted white bread with a dollop (medium amount) of mayonnaise on it. I mean, this is absolutely a joke, but that's the standard you're getting in this state according to many stats.

46. New Hampshire

Red Apple Farm - my first apple cider donut + New England farm experience! : r/boston
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Known as the Arkansas of New England, apple cider donuts and orange cake are a thing of beauty in the political t-shirt state. Coming in at 46 on the list, out of the 50 states of America, New Hampshire doesn't have that much to offer on the food front in comparison to others.

45. Iowa

Feliz Navidad! Spanish Iberico Pork Chop for my Christmas Feast this year. : r/seriouseats
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America's largest pork producing state (by far) should surely have an amazing barbecue scene? Well, say what you want to say, but their pork tenderloin sandwich is up there with one of the best. The meat to bun ratio makes it the perfect sandwich.

44. Utah

Mad Men Series: The Don Draper Old Fashion | The Modern Gelatina
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Utah is all about it's "fry sauce". What's fry sauce you ask? It's basically a mix of ketchup and mayo together and that's not the only famous delicacy in Utah! We're forgetting about sweet Jell-O molds, How could we forget about sweet Jell-O molds?!!

43. Wyoming

Pitchfork Fondue Western Cookout Restaurant - Pinedale, WY | OpenTable
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There's some great food in each city in every state of America and the Pitchfork fondue is a marvel of modern eating. But when it comes to the state where the cattle population more than doubles the humans, it's worrying that so many restaurants in this state don't actually push the boat out on the likes of their steak sandwiches.

42. South Dakota

Rump steak cooked to perfection in 4mins. It was seasoned with mixed herbs, garlic powder, smoked paprika,sea salt and black pepper. : r/airfryer
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South Dakota is an underrated state as a whole. They have the best Indian tacos, amazing steaks and fried steak tips and still manage to come in at number 42 on this list, so can you imagine how much better the food is going to get as we hit lower and lower down the list?

41. Idaho

The Instant Pot Wing Recipe You MUST Make for the Big Game
Boise is known as the Portland of Idaho, which means a lot of great food. Chicken wings, burgers, pizza, you name it! The rest of this state however, is not known for its food...(this is where the potato jokes start...)

40. Kansas

Joe's Kansas City bar-b-que. Pulled pork!!! : r/BBQ
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Areas of Kansas like the KC metropolitan area which is blessed with the likes of Joe's and other fantastic food chains. Without them, there isn't much going on on the food front, which may come as a surprise but y'know! There's 39 other states that beat Kansas on the grub front.

39. Alaska

Alternatives to a Turkey Dinner – Alaskan King Crab
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Juneau and Anchorage have some fantastic dining scenes - it's not all reindeer sausages and akutaq in Alaska. King crab is in fact, the king of the dinner tables in this state. There's also a great Thai food scene in Fairbanks too!

38. Montana

Local Montana beef with a blueberry honey compound butter. Cheers everybody! : r/grilling
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Some might say, Montana is known as the rich man's Wyoming. This state is known for its open expanses and beautiful wilderness resulting in exceptional food; bison, huckleberries, chokecherries, morels and some of the best beef in the country.

37. Arizona

Homemade] Bean and cheese burrito : r/food
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Arizona is apparently the state that invented chimichanga by deep frying a burrito, as well as the Pizzeria Bianco. These chains can be found dotted across the scorched landscape of Arizona so you're never really stuck for choice in this desert state.

36. Indiana

Homemade] Sugar Cream Pie : r/food
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Over recent years, Indianapolis has come a longgggggg way, in more ways than one. The extremely chain dominant dining scene offers a great range of desserts for all of those people who have a sugared cream pie addiction - which is the majority of Indiana.

35. Oklahoma

Homemade Fried Catfish, Hushpuppies, and Cajun Seasoned Fries : r/tonightsdinner
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A lot of people spend time debating Oklahoma's signature dish, is it the onion burger? BBQ food? Fried catfish? There are just a few too many. The onion burgers have a lot of people talking, they're full of juiciness, they're delicious and you can get your hands on one for as little at $3.

34. Rhode Island

The famous grilled pizza from Alforno in Providence : r/FoodPorn
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Del's frozen Lemonade, grilled pizzas, tasty Italian food and the different styles of clam chowder bring Rhode Island into the mix at number 34. It may be the smallest state but it definitely has plenty to offer on the food front.

33. Connecticut

Who invented the hamburger? Biting into the messy history of America's iconic sandwich. — A follow-up to a recent Washington Post article about Louis' Lunch. : r/newhaven
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Aside from the lavish homes and beautiful coastline, Connecticut doesn't have too much more to offer when it comes to the food side of things. With its rich hamburger history and pizza culture, that's about as much as you'll get out of the confederate state.

32. Nevada

Shrimp cocktail served in open Modelo cans : r/WeWantPlates
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The home of Las Vegas offers every single food and drink you could possibly imagine, often known as the Disney theme park of world cuisine. However, the rest of the state really doesn't have much to offer, it's basically the equivalent of a little cup of shrimp and ketchup. Tasty...

31. Arkansas

I am cooking a dish from each state in 2022. What do you consider Arkansas' signature dish? : r/Arkansas
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Arkansas doesn't have any signature dishes or styles of food that their neighbouring states do. However, thanks to the folks behind The Root and a few other joints, this southern state isn't completely off the podium. It's a warning to Mississippi not to get complacent because this state could come creeping up the list.

30. New Jersey

All The Best Food In New Jersey You Need To Eat In 2021 : r/newjersey
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New Jersey, also known as the poor man's New York, especially when it comes to Italian food. Definitely still better than being the poor man's Wyoming, or even the rich man's Wyoming. Plus, a lot of these restaurants in New Jersey let you bring your own wine. Ooh la la!

29. Kentucky

Kentucky Bourbon Balls : r/MealPrepSunday
Known for it's robust bourbon culture, Kentucky's chef,, Edward Lee has helped land Louisville on the map for anyone interested in eating well. However, when it comes to signature foods, the Hot Brown is a turkey sandwich that seems like it quit midway through being made...

28. Virginia

Actual Smithfield Ham from a neighbor's family farm in Smithfield, VA. 25 lbs and smoked 10 months. Must be soaked another 36 hours before final 8 hour oven roasting for eating. His
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There are a lot of exciting things happening on the dining scene in Virginia, however, there are also many other states ahead of it in this ranking so it's still got a lot to learn. Northern Virginia is the place to go though if you want a tasty meal!

27. Minnesota

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When it comes to the twin cities, you're never far from an unreal dining experience. From vibrant Korean, Somali and Hmong food scenes, you're always in for an exceptional and unique meal. And how could we forget about the Juicy Lucy AKA Minnesota's signature burger.

26. New Mexico

I Stopped in Hatch, New Mexico. : r/spicy
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Here we have the state that makes a HUGE deal out of green chillies. Unfortunately, Santa Fe Bite (IYKYK) shut down - the home of the best green chillies and cheeseburgers around. If you've ever been to New Mexico, you'll know just how much they're loved in this state.

25. Vermont

8 Vermont Ice Cream Shops — Besides Ben & Jerry's | Kids VT | Seven Days | Vermont's Independent Voice
If you're happy to live off a diet of maple syrup, fancy ice cream and artisanal cheeses then Vermont is the place to be. Burlington is a great place to start but all jokes aside, Vermont actually has some amazing restaurants and diners for anyone visiting from out of state.

24. Ohio

As an Clevelander, Who loves polish boys 🙋🏾‍♂️ : r/StraightFromThaOH
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Cleveland has established itself as the Midwestern leader of the rust belt food revival. Here you'll find regional foods like the Polish Boy and Columbus style Pizza, but depending on how you're feeling you can also indulge in chili spaghetti or ice cream from Jeni's and Graeter's.

23. Mississippi

Southern Fried Chicken [Homemade] : r/food
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Mississippi is the home of some deep fried soul food gems, like catfish and pork chops, not to mention étouffée. poboys and jambalaya. Due to the blending of African American and Mexican cultures, there's a reason why Mississippi is one of the tastiest states on this list.

22. Florida

Sandwich fans of Reddit, I give you the Slobby Robby, from Slicers Hoagies in Naples Florida : r/Sandwiches
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Florida has a lot more to often other than oranges and sunshine. Conch fritters and stone crabs are amongst some of the tasty delicacies you can get your hands on - as well as their glorious sandwiches stuffed with pork, pastelitos, arroz con pollo, vaca frita and coffee.

21. Maryland

Extra Ordinary Food: Iconic Maryland Crab Cake elevates any spring brunch | The Gazette
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If crab cakes and football tickle your fancy, then look no further. Joking, Maryland has a lot more to offer than just that, it is possible one of America's most underrated states when it comes to food. There's something called the Smith Island cake that EVERYBODY should try in their lifetime.

20. Missouri

Shrimp St. PAUL Sandwich : r/StLouis
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Both Kansas City and St. Louis have their fair share of perfectly delicious BBQ joints that would get anyone's taste buds tingling. Some would say that the burnt ends of the meal are the tastiest parts.

19. Colorado

Bison ribs and poblano mac at Roaming Buffalo, damn good : r/denverfood
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Colorado has some of the best edibles in the USA and in some diners they're considered as the perfect appetizer. This state doesn't have a specific signature dish or "thing" that defines why its rated the 19th best state other than its unbelievable meats like buffalo and Colorado lamb. Just go and check it out for yourself!

18. Hawaii

bbq beef and kalua pork combo at L&L Hawaii : r/FoodLosAngeles
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The Polynesian and East Asian influence in Hawaii gives it that bit of magic that other states don't have. With its incredible seafood and Kalua pork which is a real rival to the Carolina throne. Sushi and hamburger patties covered in gravy also make this state very different from others.

17. Alabama

Ribs and pork from Archibald and Woodrow's in Tuscaloosa, AL. : r/BBQ
Both Frank Sitt and Highlands Bar and Grill have deservedly won most outstanding restaurant in America at the James Beard Awards. And Birmingham itself, specifically the Avondale area has always been a great place to eat for years now.

16. Wisconsin

The Simple Golden Crunch of a Wisconsin Fish Fry - Eater
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Wisconsin has a lot to offer in terms of cheese and sausages and fried things. But this states edible culture does  disservice to it's sophisticated restaurants scenes in particular the areas of Milwaukee and Madison - fried things and cheese, just go try them for yourself.

15. Massachusetts

I ate] Whole Belly fried clams w/fries and slaw : r/food
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Some of the glorious things we have to talk about when it comes to Massachusetts are; clam chowder, lobster rolls, fried full belly clams and the cannoli triangle in Boston's North End. Oh and the "Dirty Italian" grinders at Pajer's in Agawam are just some of the few delicious delicacies.

14. South Carolina

South Carolina whole hog BBQ feast at Sweatman's. $14 all you can eat : r/ BBQ
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There's Charleston which is known for holding the Hot New Food Town crown for years now and outside of Charlestown, Greenville is slowly creeping into the world of food conversation with its inventive restaurants and small batch of distilleries.

13. Georgia

Atlanta's Lemon Pepper Wet Wings. : r/bingingwithbabish
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Atlanta has always held a spot high up on the list, especially when they've got their lemon pepper wet wings in the mix. You'll also find yourself plenty of contemporary dining as well as southern fried joints. Savannah in particular deserves a shoutout!

12. Maine

Maine Lobster Roll : r/FoodPorn
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Maine does some things better than everywhere else on this list. Namely: Blueberries, Lobster rolls, Clambakes and Clams! Not to mention Maine's outlets in Kittery which offer some cut-price Maple Syrup - what more could you want?!

11. Michigan

Costco Hot-Dog : r/food
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Home of the Coney hot dog, enormous pasties and Detroit style pizza, Michigan's diverse cultures are the main reason why this state lands at number 11 on the list. Detroit metro area has a massive wealth of Polish, Greek and Middle Eastern food and as well BBQ and soul food.

10. North Carolina

What's So Special About North Carolina's Oysters?Savoring the NC Oyster Trail | NC Oyster Trail
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Not only is North Carolina known for having one of America's greatest barbecue traditions but the abundant seafood shacks lining the coast from Nag's Head to Calabash make this state increasingly popular each year.

9. Pennsylvania

i ate] cheese steak : r/food
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Philadelphia boasts an extremely rich food scene, from Vernick Food & Drink and Vetri Cucina and Zahav and Serpico to cheesesteak and roast pork it isn't hard to understand why Pennsylvania is in the top 10 - especially when they have the likes of Lancaster and Berks county.

8. Washington

Help Adjusting a Sour Cherry Pie Recipe : r/AskCulinary
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It probably comes as no surprise to hear that this western coastal state boasts some of the best seafood in America. You'll probably never taste salmon like it and it's fine dining is something you should definitely call home about. Seattle's basically Portland's more refined older brother.

7. Illinois

My submission for a perfect sandwich: The “What The?” from Nonna's : r/chicagofood
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If someone has something bad to say about Chicago's deep dish pizza, then you do not need that negativity in your life. The rest of the state might lag behind a little, but Chicago has enough to offer to bring Illinois in at number 7 on the list.

6. Oregon

I ate] A huge pile of Alaskan King crab legs : r/food
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Central and western Oregon is known for it's prized beef, The coast, it's crab (obviously) and southern Oregon for it's mountainous landscape and legendary off high way restaurants. Let's not forget about it's Tillamook cheese, all that Tillamook cheese, god damn!

5. Tennessee

Tennessee hot chicken : r/FoodPorn
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Memphis is arguably better for it's poultry, but let's not forget about Nashville's barbecue joints. With some vibrant yet connected food cultures, places like Yazoo's and Wiseacres make Tennessee one of the best states to stuff your face.

4. Louisiana

First time jambalaya. The homemade shrimp stock really elevates it I think : r/cajunfood
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If New Orleans was it's own state, it would probably end up in the Top 10, with it's muffulettas, po-boys, oyster Rockefeller, beignets, king crabs, pralines, sno-balls, turtle soup and babana fosters (just to name a few) these unique dishes set Louisiana's food culture miles apart from other states,

3. New York

I just absolutely love real New York Pizza : r/food
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The big apple has so many advantages that come from being a major immigration hub for generations. The foldable pizza is just the tip of the iceberg, with Michelin star restaurants, fresh seafood joints and buffalo wing, the New York state of mine is one that induces a food coma.

2. California

Best tacos in Los Angeles? : r/LosAngeles
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Sonoran hot dogs and fresh fish tacos drizzled with crema and burritos stuffed with fries are just a few of the amazing meals you can get your hands on in most food joints around the Golden State. Sacramento is highly underrated for it's food scene.

1. Texas

I Ate] Texas Barbecue : r/food
Texas has one of the most diverse immigrant populations in the country making it easy to understand why it comes in at number 1 on this list. The best places to eat are always where the most different people collide and bring their delicious delicacies together. This is what happens all over Texas and this is why it's voted time and time again, the best state by a country mile.