Ranked: The Smartest People From Each State

By Aaron Love 8 months ago

Thomas Edison, Ohio

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Ohio, or the buckeye state, can actually proudly claim that one of the most iconic inventors of all time, Thomas Edison, is their own. Throughout his lifetime he claimed more than 1000 patents and the most popular of those include the phonograph and the lightbulb. Genius.

Richard Feynman, New York

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New York has been blessed with many genius' in it's time, but Richard Feynman has to be up there as one of the greatest. He was a physicist who made some groundbreaking steps in to the world of quantum mechanics and his work continues through his legacy to places like Cornell and Caltech.

Grace Hopper, New York

Image Source: Time
Grace Hopper is yet another genius hailing from New York City; she was a pioneer in the world of computer science and she played her pat in the development of the first ever computer programming languages. Without her we wouldn't have the tech we do today!

Carl Sagan, New York

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Yet another genius that New York can claim as its own is Carl Sagan, perhaps one of the most legendary astrophysicists and science commentators of all time. He was able to explain to the masses his own ideas, all through the medium of his own books and television series'.

Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania

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One of the founding fathers of our country, Benjamin Franklin, was born in the state of Pennsylvania. Although he is well known as the drafter of the declaration of independence, he was also a scientist, inventor and author whose work contributed to the lightning rod and even eyeglasses.

Linus Pauling, Oregon

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The two-time nobel laureate, Linus Pauling actually comes from Oregon and he is definitely one of the smartest people in the history of our country. The legacy he left and the work he contributed to both chemistry and peace in general, has left a mark on many fronts across the world to this day.

Bill Gates, Washington

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We all know Bill Gates in the current day and age, the Microsoft founder and one of the brightest minds in technology was born in Washington. His leadership and dedication to technology has basically transformed the world and not only that, but he's become a force in philanthropy too.

Warren Buffett, Nebraska

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You might not be aware of the story behind Warren Buffett and his path to wealth, but he began with the selling gum originally. These days he's worth more than $100bn and is the seventh richest man in the entire world as the president of the textile firm Berkshire Hathaway.

Steve Jobs, California

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Like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs is often recognised as being one of the leaders of the current generation of people in to the future of technology. Despite his premature death, he is still widely associated with being the co-founder of Apple and he helped create some products that are integral to our daily lives now.

Jeff Bezos, New Mexico

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People might not like the CEO's of some of these conglomerate companies, but it's hard to deny that Jeff Bezos was and is a genius. He founded Amazon from his basement and has watched it grow into a multi-billion dollar company as well as being the man at the forefront of the re-shaping of internet shopping.

Maya Angelou, California

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Back to California again, and this time with Maya Angelou, one of the most prolific poets and authors behind civil rights movements. We unfortunately lost her in 2014 although her work continues to resonate with readers around the world and make her a real luminary.

Toni Morrison, Ohio

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Ohio is also able to claim a literary giant like Toni Morrison as one of their own too! She was the first Black woman to win the Nobel Prize within literature and touched the hearts of many with her ability to pull the heartstrings with her work. We also unfortunately also lost this bright light in 2019!

Martin Luther King Jr., Georgia

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Georgia will always celebrate the legacy that one of their most iconic residents left following his death. Martin Luther King Jr, as you already know, was the iconic civil right leader that helped transform America. His tireless pursuit of equality helped reshape the nation and inspire millions.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, New York

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I've already mentioned a few famous astrophysicists, but perhaps the modern favourite is Neil deGrasse Tyson. He often shows some unmatched pride in his work and his enthusiasm doesn't tend to fall much further than that. He makes it his goal to make complex science accessible to those less educated in the matter.

Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts

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Noam Chomsky is the genius behind a multitude of linguistic theories that people will learn today and for many more years to come. His theories were ground-breaking and pretty much reshaped the entire field. Don't ignore his openness in the critique of some government policies too!

George Washington Carver, Missouri

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George Washington Carver is perhaps one of the most intelligent people in history born in the state of Missouri. Many of his contributions were pioneering in the world of botany and agriculture and his sustainable farming practices continue to inspire those used in the current day and age.

Jon Stewart, New Jersey

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Although you might not initially notice Jon Stewart, comedian and satirist, as a true genius, it's hard to ignore the work he put in to his life. Throughout his run on the Daily Show he has been able to combine real humour with an analysis of current events in order to create some scathing and important views.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Massachusetts

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Ralph Waldo Emerson (what a name by the way) was quite the prominent philosopher during his time and his essays on the transcendentalist movement (how organized religion corrupted individuals) helped leave quite the mark on philosophy and further literature in our country.

Gloria Steinem, Ohio

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Another of Ohio's genius residents was Gloria Steinem, she was once an icon in the feminist world and her work in journalism and social activism had such a profound impact on society here in the US. Her dedication has definitely paved the way for similar work to continue to this day.

Robert Oppenheimer, California

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Robert Oppenheimer might be the mind behind one of the most devastating bombs of all time, but it's hard to ignore his genius. His work has been in the media recently thanks to the film titled after him, bit his development of the atomic bomb has played a role in the past and present of our world.

Margaret Mead, Pennsylvania

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The work of Margaret Meda helped reshape our understanding of human culture and societies. She worked across the South Pacific to understand human beings and ultimately contributed massively to the world of sociology and anthropology. Why don't you put a little research into her to see just how smart she really was!

John Nash, West Virginia

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John Nash is one of the greatest mathematicians of all time and his work on game theory even earned him a Nobel prize. His insights into strategic thinking influences a number of fields and his legacy remains in showing us how boundless the potential of the mind truly is.

Steve Wozniak, California

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It seemed unfair to mention one of the co-founders of Apple without bringing up the other too. Wozniak, alongside Jobs, played a huge role in the engineering of the personal computer and he helped transform the way that we all spend our lives and live the way that we do today.

Harriet Tubman, Maryland

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Harriet Tubman was and always will be an iconic figure in the state of Maryland and her work helping guide enslaved individuals via the Underground railroad will never go unnoticed. She managed to outsmart her many pursuers and inspires generations still to this day.

Robert E. Lee, Virginia

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Virginia boasts Robert E. Lee as one of their own, one of the best military strategists of all time who was able to lead his army during the American Civil War. Although his association with the confederacy leaves him with some controversial roots, his smarts on the battlefield were great.

Susan B. Anthony, New York

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Susan B. Anthony worked tirelessly throughout her life for the rights of Woman and her undying commitment was instrumental in the changing of the 19th amendment. Without her passionate speeches we might not have had female voters for many, many more years.

Rachel Carson, Pennsylvania

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Another female from the US, Rachel Carson of Pennsylvania was influential within her work. This time she played a huge role in raising awareness around pesticides and her work ultimately ended up with the establishment of the EPA. She might have started saving our planet long ago!

Amelia Earhart, Kansas

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Kansas will always continue to honour the legacy of Amelia Earhart who, as I'm sure you'll already know, was a pioneering aviator. Her determination to break the barriers around gender were important and helped inspire many other generations of females working in aerospace and flight.

Langston Hughes, Missouri

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Langston Hughes was one of the leading figures behind the Harlem Renaissance and his perhaps one of the most celebrated poets and novelists in the history of the US. His intelligence and talent helped contribute to US literature and he remains a powerful voice in challenging some odd societal norms.

Georgia O'Keeffe, New Mexico

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Georgia O'Keeffe is one of the most iconic American artists and one who is known for her paintings regarding the southwest. She shows her smarts outside of the norm and instead through her paintings where she is able to evoke so much conversation by captivating audiences worldwide.