Ranked: The Most Attractive Accents In The US

By Lynsey 8 months ago

30: Pittsburgh accent

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The Pittsburgh accent is ranked one of the least popular in the US thanks to the bizarre use of vowels. It is common to hear words such as 'yinz', 'n'at' and 'jagoff' with newcomers finding these words and the pronunciation of others surprising and a little hard to understand.

29: New Jersey accent

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Coming from New Jersey has some people thinking you have a character defect. The dropping of 'r's and 't's leaves people infuriated and has the state ranked bottom of the pile for favourite accents. It can be hard for overseas visitors to understand too and often leaves people questioning what you're saying or what you're asking for.

28: Florida accent

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Distinctive features of the Florida accent are the long 'I' sounds in words like 'feet' where the it pronounced like 'f-ah-ee-t. Other features include pronouncing 'th' sounds as 'd' and 'v' sounds as a 'b'. It is a distinctive dialect, heavily influenced by Spanish, African-American and English heritage.

27: Southern Ohio accent

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The Southern Ohio accent is almost, but not quite, a Southern accent. Many residents in Ohio would say they don't have an accent however they are known to pronounce a distinct 'A' to make 'cat' sound like 'cayat'and vary their pronunciation of 'O' to make 'pop' sound like 'pahp'.

26: Chicago accent

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The Chicago accent has been one that has been notoriously rated low when US accents are discussed. It often referred to as bland and having not much to it other than the removal of 'th' words and replacing them with 'd's to create... 'dis', 'dat', instead of 'this', 'that' - a very slang way of talking!

25: Long Island accent

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The Long Island accent has been heavily 'tasked' about, however the majority of the time it falls to the bottom of the list. The 'Lawng' Island accent is a confusing blend of abbreviation and elongation in the pronunciation of words, however the backwards way of thinking means they elongate already long words and abbreviate already short words - confusing, huh?

24: Georgian accent

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The Georgian accent is said to be one that is fading fast, according to recent speech studies. Younger generations appear to be losing the distinctive drawl meaning they don't sound like their parents, who don't sound like their parents either. It is said that eventually it will be replaced with the likes of a British accent thanks to migrating families.

23: Oklahoma accent

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The drawl of a Oklahoman accent is said to come from 'Okie' ancestry where they have their very own dialect. Trouble is, it is also appearing to be fading away with less and less of the younger generations being able to speak the native dialect with many common phrases being extinct in today language.

22: Cleveland accent

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The Cleveland accent can be a hard one to spot until you stop and listen and realise the person you're talking to said 'dahd' instead of 'dad' and 'cahllege' instead of 'college'. It is unsurprisingly not as common to identify as a Southern accent or a Jersey twang.

21: Connecticut accent

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Another subtle accent award goes to the Connecticut accent. People from Connecticut don't particular struggle with pronunciation but rather simply just miss out the 't' on their words paired with the habit of mumbling, leaving out spaces between their words which can make it hard to understand.

20: Kansas accent

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Kansas, one of the cheapest states to live in, has encountered a large amount of newcomers who have migrated over over the last few decades. The levels of migration have increased over the last forty years, leaving the accent sounding like a blend of English with a Latin feel.

19: Tennessee accent

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That Nashville sound! An accent that is finding its way moving up the rankings as years go by. No-one is sure whether that's because some of the best famous people come from Tennessee or whether that's the accent alone - I mean, who doesn't love Justin Timberlake or Megan Fox!

18: Virginia accent

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The Virginian accent is a blend of many words and expressions found throughout the South. It finds itself in the upper rankings because everyone tends to rate anything to do with a Southern accent highly, and this state is no different! Its an older Southern accent and loved by many.

17: Baltimore accent

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The Baltimore accent, also known as Baltimorese, is an accent that is most notably nasally stresses the 'o' in words and use the word 'hon' a lot (mostly in the city). It is a strong, regional dialect that can be hard to understand if you are hearing it for the first time.

16: Alabama accent

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Sweet home Alabama! A strong southern accent that can be noticed and recognised anywhere. Fun fact: theres no such word as 'pop' or 'soda' in Alabama as they simply call things as they see them: a 'coke' is a 'coke. They are known however to not say 'hello' and 'goodbye' and instead say 'roll tide' or 'war eagle'...

15: Yooper accent

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The Yooper accent and slag has found itself middle of the pack for the sexiest accent in the US. The Yooper accent (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) is known for its long vowels and accenting the first syllables as well as simply dropping the connectives 'to' and 'the' in their sentences. Its a well-loved hybrid you won't hear anywhere else!

14: Miami accent

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The Miami accent is an ever-evolving English American accent: known as Miami English. Those from Miami are gifted with that Southern drawl yet influenced by the range of cultures that reside there, including that of: Spanish, Latin Americans, Cubans etc.

13: Northwestern accent

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Northwestern states are a group of states with similar accents. They tend to pronounce the 'e' more clearly like an 'ay' in words like 'beg' and 'egg' to turn them in to 'bayg' and 'aygg'. The accent is tricky to pinpoint on its own and rather describes a group of blended accents.

12: St Louis, Missouri accent

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The Missouri accent is said to be a strong one and linked to the Southern drawl. Missouri is influenced by being located near the South and Midwest, making it a very distinctive blended dialect which showcases its culturally mixed background and ability to adapt to the surroundings of those living there.

11: Philadelphia accent

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The Philadelphia accent is one that is changing and evolving every day. Some would say its disappearing but recent studies have shown that it is simply just changing shape instead. Those who remember the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air' days will remember the long to have a Philly accent.

10: Hawaii accent

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Hawaii is known as a bilingual state, showcasing both English and Hawaiian, so of course the accent will do the same. This said, it is a rather a subtle accent in that it is not too 'American' and rather sounds like 'non-native English' when speaking. The younger generations are trying to strengthen the accent by honouring Hawaiian pidgin and its origins.

9: Mississippi accent

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The strong Mississippi accent bares the same Southern twangs of missing out 'r's from common words. The accent also drops the 'ng' from many words, making 'swimming' - 'swimming'. People from the state, known as the 'hospitality state', say please and thank you A LOT.

8: Minnesotan accent

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Films like 'Fargo' have made the Minnesotan accent popular. Many Minnesotans emphasize long vowels and create a sing-song style of talking which sounds romantic to those that hear it. They are known to extend the 'ah' sound, making words like 'father', sound like 'faaaahther'.

7: Midwestern accent

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An important part of the midwestern accent is that the people there don't believe they have an accent. This accent is referred to as the 'neutral English accent' and is why its ranked so highly. It is known for phrases like 'doncha know' and 'oh ya'.

6: Texan accent

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Texas boasts several accents within its boarder which helps in its quest for being the most attractive state as it has many accents to offer up. Accents vary from an East Texas drawl to Spanglish, known as Tex-Mex. The noticeable feature is that the vowels are all made to sound the same!

5: Southern Californian accent

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Northern Cali and Southern Cali are two different worlds which is why Southern Cali has its own placing in the attractive states ranking. Its a little tricky to link words to either region to tell them apart, however both have their own slang variations. Southern Cali tends to be heavily influenced by its surfer culture - no wonder it's ranked so highly!

4: Bostonian accent

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The Boston accent is everywhere. From movies, to TV shows to late night talk shows, you can't really escape it - good job most people love it then, hey? Its a strong dialect that is easily recognisable for its deleted consonants. This said, it's often imitated in a larger than life manner so don't take what you see on the TV as an accurate representation and rather find someone from Boston.

3: New Orleans accent

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New Orleans is said to be one of the hottest spots in the US for immigration - this of course affects the ever-changing accent. Some say it has a Southern drawl but that's not correct and rather it boasts its own dialect, and in fact is actually home to a large population of French speakers - what a romantic accent to be placed near the top of our attractive list!

2: New Yorker accent

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The big apple with its big accent! The New York accent is probably one of the most recognisable accents in the US, hence its top placing for the most attractive accent. Listen out for the added 'w' in words like 'coffee', making it 'cawfee' and you'll know you're talking to a New Yorker.

1: Deep Southern accent

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Theres something about that Southern drawl that pulls people in. Any Southern accents has been rated highly with 'y'all and howdy' being ranked at the most sexiest slang words of all time. One of the main reason the Southern accent does well is that it is the most famous with movies and television shows displaying it regularly.