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Firstly, how did you get there?
  • The Hawkins Lab
  • Eddie's Trailer

Would You Survive The Upside Down?

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It all started the day Will Byers disappeared and Eleven escaped Hawkins lab. Since then, the Upside Down has wreaked havoc on not just our trusty Stranger Things pals, but the world, closing the border between the Upside Down and our Earth.

Will survived the Upside Down much longer than his stolen counterpart Barb (#justiceforBarb). Since then, most of the Stranger Things characters have had their own stint in the Upside Down, more recently to murder the venomous instigator Vecna.

How do you fancy your chances under Vecna’s hold? What about against the Demobats and Demodogs? Do you think you stand a chance at surviving the dreaded Upside Down?