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What Does Your Palm Say About Your Love Life

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We’ve all noticed the shape, size and many lines of our hands, and most might not question it – but the hands can reveal a lot about a person where palmistry is involved, especially regarding their love life and romantic personality – if you’re willing to look a little closer.

The main lines on any person’s palm are: the Heart Line, the Head Line, the Life Line, the Fate Line, the Health Line, the Marriage Line and the Sun Line. But there are many more subtle lines, and most people will have either all of these lines or only a few. The main ones to focus on are usually the Heart, Head and Life lines.

A person skilled in palmistry can analyse these lines to reveal details about the individual’s personality, fortune and future. And it doesn’t just stop at the lines – it extends to finger length, shape and even flexibility. The best way to get an accurate reading is to use the dominant hand – the hand you write with and your strongest one – and analyse the particular lines and features of this hand.

But you don’t need to be skilled in palmistry to get an idea about your love life – by answering these questions, this quiz will reveal the truth about the romance in your life!