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TEST YOURSELF: Which ’80s Heart-Throb Is Your Soul Mate?

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Everyone has a soul mate.  Take our quiz to analyse which heart-throb is most suited for your preferences.

Where do I start when I transport  myself back to the ’80s?  Well, it was a big era in many ways, Joan Collins (Alexis Colby in Dynasty) wearing enormous shoulder pads and the great American teens being brainwashed into wearing stretchy lycra in neon colors, so unflattering and unforgiving.  If you refused to sport the “clingy look”, then velour or velvet were red hot, especially if your box jacket was made out of it.

We became wired for sound, with music on the move, in the form of the ingenious Sony Walkman. Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, as if not being famous enough separately, joined forces with “Ebony and Ivory”.  Then there was the strange guy, from over the pond, making waves with his band “Culture Club”.  Boy George had a weird style of his own, waiting to be copied by the masses.

Cop shows were taking over the network, Miami Vice proving to be a runaway success, mostly due to Don Johnson, who created the trend of wearing a teeshirt with dress pants and no socks. Let’s delve into the past, have a laugh and rejoice that we got through it, unscathed.