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TEST YOURSELF: What Would You Be The Goddess Of?

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Long before our modern times and even before biblical times, the worlds of Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome (the list goes on!) held the belief that gods and goddesses ruled and controlled our world and ourselves. Even today, most notably, Hinduism still believe in different gods and goddesses.

Whilst most of us have grown up in a society where there is a belief in only one god, the importance of past gods and goddesses are not to be ignored and forgotten about as their existence, whether real or not, has shaped the development of the modern world.

It’s pretty likely you could name a few Gods from throughout history without even realising it. Many popular films have been made about Gods that actually existed (or so we believe…), be it Disney’s Hercules, or Marvel’s Thor. But what about their female equivalents? Too often it seems that the once important goddesses of the ancient worlds are being forgotten about; a shame when you consider the power people believed they had and the respect people had for them. There was, for example, Aphrodite: Greek goddess of beauty, Venus: Roman goddess of love.

The list of goddesses and their powers is endless and far too long to list here. With such endless possibilities in mind, would you not like to see what you would be the goddess of? Are you like Athene: goddess of wisdom and war or are you more of a Charis: goddess of kindness and grace?

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