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TEST YOURSELF- Only Someone Older Than 40 Will Know 21/50 Of These Foods… ANGE

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We are surrounded  by food!! It is everywhere we go, not just if your on the high street, even if your bobbing to the cinema- popcorn and hotdogs are staring you in the eye persuading you to take a bite, even in work, most work places nowadays have great big vending machines, some not just with treats, some are even fully loaded up with sandwiches and ready meals. We cannot leave the house without the temptation of buying a lovely munch to eat.

Some foods are more common the others, and like anything, food goes in and out of fashion, some items make it back in and some you see and think- wow, I have not seen that since I was a child!!

We have made a short and fun quiz for all you foodies. All you have to do is tell us if you recognise the food item is that you see, and be aware only someone older than 40 will know 21/50 of these foods!!

Don’t forget to let us know your score in the comments and why not share this quiz with family and friends…

Good Luck!