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How old was Lorelai when she got pregnant?


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TEST YOURSELF: How Well Do You Remember Gilmore Girls?

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This show was doing the team thing before it was cool. You know, the whole Team Edward or Team Jacob thing back when Twilight was all the rage?

Except in this case, it was Team Jess or Team Dean. Choose wisely because we’re definitely going to judge you based on your answer and Team Jess is always the right answer!

But let’s be honest; the show was called Gilmore Girls and not Gilmore Guys so it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t mention Rory or Lorelai!

This mother-daughter/sister/best-friend duo was a force to be reckoned with. You’re lying to yourself if you say you understood their limitless pop culture references. We certainly didn’t!

And on top of that, you’ll remember how they spoke at the speed of light but still managed to be sassy and witty.

But how much do you actually remember about them, their small town and its residents?