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  • Tom Hardy
  • Justin Timberlake

TEST YOURSELF: Can You Name The Celeb From The Zoomed In Photo?

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Celebs are in the news everyday and most of us can instantly recognise them! Whether they’re red-carpet ready or being papped when they pop to the shops, famous faces are completely unmistakable.

But the question is: how well do you really know these celebs? Would you be able to recognise them when you can only see part of their face? Would you recognise Lady Gaga’s nose, or James Corden’s chin?

Up close, you realise celebrities aren’t that different from us, after all. Yes, they all have eyes, a nose, a mouth, eyebrows, and some even have hair (or thick, long, luscious hair extensions).

So, to test out your knowledge of famous faces, this quiz will have you identifying the celeb by just one feature of their face.

Be warned! Some of these images are more difficult than others.