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What's your favourite meal?
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  • Box of chocolates
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QUIZ: Which Tom Hank’s Character Would You Be?

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You know how the saying goes; ‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get!’

Take a look at our quiz to discover which Tom Hank’s character you really are, answering the questions to discover the character which really speaks for you.

From Forrest Gump through to Josh Baskin and Chuck Noland, there are countless characters to choose from. With a career spanning years and years, Tom Hanks has enjoyed a wide selection of roles in a range of legendary and iconic films.

Whether you’re smart, cunning, intelligent or simply just a child at heart, pick your traits below to see where you fall on the scale of characters.

Feel like you could survive on a desert island? Do you think you’re capable of running across miles and miles of US states?

Well, stupid is as stupid does, take a look below to see where you fall…