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Which of these negative traits describes you?
  • Manipulative
  • Vain
  • Selfish
  • Over bearing

QUIZ: Which Eastenders Character Are You?

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Soap villains are some of the most extreme kinds of characters there are: murder, revenge, affairs, kidnap… the list goes on. Often, the villains in soap operas creep up on you slowly for weeks if not months, turning more and more evil – like Geoff Metcalfe from Corrie, and let’s not forget Pat Phelan (how could we?). Then we have those who just steadily spiral out of control until they turn into someone you love to hate – e.g Janine Butcher from Eastenders. Others, aren’t evil exactly, but they definitely couldn’t be considered good people (for example, Kim Tate from Emmerdale).

Let’s see see which soap villain you are most like…