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How about this combination of foods on a Monday?
  • Looks delicious!
  • That looks okay
  • Not to my taste
  • Ew!

QUIZ: What You Eat For Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Test Will Reveal Your Actual & Emotional Ages ANGE

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Sometimes our actual age does not match up with our emotional age. Have you ever met someone that is fairly young but seems totally emotionally mature? Or, the opposite – where you meet someone who is older but unfortunately they turn out to have the emotional age of a small child… Do you feel like your real age is younger or older than your emotional age? After all, they are rarely the same, hence the saying ‘old soul’ or ‘young at heart’. People’s actual age has no bearing on their emotional age.

So, tell us your meal preferences and we will reveal you real age…and your emotional age.