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QUIZ: What Gender Should You Actually Be?

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So whether you are a male, a female… that doesnt matter. What WE want to know is what gender you should actually be.

After all, we are born into a gender and it doesn’t neccessarily have any bearing on how we feel or what our personalities and characteristics tell us we should be. Perhaps you were born as a female and have always felt that you had ought to be a male. Of course that’s not to say that we are confined by our genders. But let’s see if you should actually be a male or female.

This quiz will tell you what gender you should REALLY be. We will do this by asking a series of questions and figuring out whether you should really be a male or actually you should be a female. We will ask questions regarding your personal preferences, hobbies, tastes, dislikes and likes…

So, let’s see. Are you the correct gender – or should you really be a different one. Take the quiz to find out. AND – remember to answer as honestly as possible. That way the test will provide you with the most accurate results.