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Put your hands on your head. Which hand is on top?
  • Right
  • Left

QUIZ: We Can Guess If You’re Right-Handed Or Left-Handed

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Our brains are divided in to two hemispheres, with each side controlling different specific functions. For example, the left side is proven to be most active when processing language.

Of course we use both halves of our brains at all times (or we wouldn’t be functioning!), but we do generally each tend to have a more dominant side.

Those who are left side dominant tend to be the more logical, problem-solving amongst us- they make decisions based on facts and prefer to use words rather than visuals to describe things.

Those with a right side dominance tend to be the more creative, chaotic ones who make decisions purely on gut feeling. Facts aren’t as important to you, and you tend to use your imagination a lot to visualise situations and things.

There are also people who tend to use either side quite equally! Take this quiz to see which side of your brain is working the hardest…

*Bare in mind (pardon the pun), that whatever we do with out left side corresponds with our right hemisphere working, and visa versa.*