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Noah Centineo


  • A - Dallas (Austin & Ally)
  • B - Jaden Stark (How To Build A Better Boy)
  • C - Peter Kavinsky (To All The Boys I've Loved Before)
  • D - Never Heard Of Them

QUIZ: Tell Us Where These Are Stars From And We’ll Guess The Player’s Age

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Ever have that moment when watching a new movie, you recognise an actor or actress but can’t quite recall what from? And then it clicks that they were in something that was on TV YEARS ago and you’d completely and utterly forgotten about? Of course… we ALL have!


Whether it be from a sitcom they were in when they were younger or a film you used to love when you were younger… chances are you’ve seen the same faces repeated on the screen over and over these past few decades but just never realised it before (or maybe just didn’t want to realise because – let’s face it, some of us are getting super freakin old now, am I right?).


Well, now is the chance to really show the player’s age…


All the player needs to do is tell us which movie or TV series they recognise these fabulous actors and actresses from and we’ll reveal exactly what age we think the player is, decided based on the player’s choices alone.


If anything, the player may be surprised at whatever else some of these favourite faces may have been in unbeknown to them.


Lets go…