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QUIZ: Tell Us What You See In These Optical Illusions & We’ll Reveal If You Have A Positive Or Negative Aura

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We all give off a certain energy. Have you ever had someone say that you give off a positive vibe? Or maybe even a negative one? Your aura – the energy surrounding you – can be positive or negative, and it’s usually a certain colour, too, depending on your emotions. Your aura can be an important reflection of who you are as a person, and how you’re feeling.

You’re probably curious about your own aura and whether you’re as positive or as negative as you first thought. The energy in a room is powerful, after all, and you’ve probably always trusted your instincts when you got a certain ‘vibe’ off someone, even if they’re just a stranger.

What you see in optical illusions can also reveal a lot about you, and how your mind works. Why do you see animal shapes in the clouds when others don’t? Why do you see a rabbit in an inkblot when others might see something different? No, it’s not just you being weird. It’s all an indication of who you are, and how you think! So it makes perfect sense that what you see in optical illusions is also a good indication of what your aura is all about.

So tell us what you see here and we’ll reveal your aura!