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Which of these events featured in the 1st episode?
  • Wedding
  • Funeral

QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember Emmerdale In The 70s & 80s?

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On 16 October 1972, Emmerdale Farm was broadcast to UK television views and the nation have been glued to their screens ever since. With it’s all out flamboyant, dramatic and sometimes unbelievable storylines, it can be hard to imagine a village where so much sorrow genuinely happened! Here we have Emmerdale.

Even in its early years Emmerdale was giving us sieges, death by bulls, plane crashes, the lot, and it’s not stop providing entertainment since. For you old ‘uns that have stuck with Emmerdale Farm since its first episode in 72, how well do you reckon you can remember the goings on? Why not give it a go and test your memory!