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What was the name of the street the Boswell's lived on?
  • Beswell Street
  • Keswick Street
  • Kelsall Street
  • Ellsworth Street

QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember ‘Bread’?

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With it’s first episode airing in 1986, Bread very quickly became a British classic and finally finished in 1991 after 7 fantastic seasons. The series peaked at 21 million viewers in 1988!

Now it has been over thirty years since the show sadly ended, but how well can you remember the story lines and soap-like cliffhangers that had us glued to the edge of our seats after every episode.

Drama after drama kept us coming back each time for a new instalment and it never failed to disappoint. Why not put your knowledge to the test and see just how well you remember the much-loved show?