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You hear someone talking badly about your friend. What do you do?
  • Tell them to stop and stand up for my friend
  • I would leave it be
  • Not say anything but tell my friend what they said

QUIZ: Everyone Is Either A Dreamer, A Fighter Or A Watcher. Which One Are You? Copy

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We all fit into the category of fighter, watcher or dreamer. The fighters amongst us are the go getters, they stand up for what they believe in with no hesitation and they also aren’t scared of getting into trouble to do what they think is right.

On the other hand – a watcher will observe from the side lines, they are less bold than a fighter, their skills lie in a more intellectual field rather than practical.

The dreamers of us are those with their heads in the clouds…they dream before they act (unlike the fighters), and their skills are highly creative.

Which one are you…