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How much ketchup would you like with your french fries?
  • None
  • A little
  • A regular amount
  • Loads!

QUIZ: Decide What Meals Need Ketchup And We’ll Reveal What People Like Least About You Copy

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Ketchup makes everything better, right? It’s one of those sauce that you reach for for everything and it always seems to go. A squirt here, a dip here, even a dash into your cooking makes everything 10 times tastier. It can take your grilled cheese from an average snack to a culinary delight.

Tell us your ketchup habits to find out what people like about you the LEAST. It’s never a nice thing to find out, but it’s better to know the trait that rubs people up the wrong way (surely?) – at least that way maybe we can work on it – so have a go and take the quiz.