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QUIZ: You’re Likely To Cheat If You Can’t Pass This Lie Detector Test

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Read the below statement of your crime for as long as you need to memorise it (don’t cheat!). When you’re ready, answer all the questions that follow, which will be asked by “the police”: your goal is NOT to reveal that you’re guilty of the crime. Can you do it?

Your name is Bob Smith. 

On Friday at 5pm, you committed a bank robbery, during which you managed to escape with £50,000. 

You managed to escape with the money by using a getaway vehicle, which was a black hatchback with tinted windows. Whilst getting into the car, you bumped into the door and fell, spraining your wrist. 

You managed to pull off the robbery with help from your accomplice: your friend, Lewis Green. The black car belongs to Lewis. 

When asked by people you know where you were on Friday, you told everyone that you went to the park by the beach. 

Your friend, Lewis, told everyone that he was working overtime at his restaurant job that Friday. 

Got it? Let’s go!