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Whose house is this?
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Ciara

QUIZ: Can You Match These ‘Dream Homes’ To The Celebs?

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It’s not often we get a real glimpse into the lives of the super rich and famous celebs. But, now we are able to have a snapshot into their everyday realities by looking at shots from their own homes. And, when looking at these mansions, palaces, and ultimate luxury dream homes – it’s hard not to imagine yourself just for a second being the one to occupy it. Move aside Beyonce, it’s my turn to relax by my infinity pool on my panoramic terrace…

A home says a lot about person, whether it’s the interior design, the layout of the house, or even the exterior (many have desgined their own dream houses). It’s a glimpse into their personality, their style and flare. It may be full of colour, it maybe be minimal and neutral. It may be set in a haven of wildlife or overlooking a panoramic view of the city. These are all the clues you can use when figuring out who these homes belong to.

See whether you can guess from these snapshots of celebrity homes, WHO lives there. You’ll be given 3 options to guess. So see if you can call it.

Good luck!