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QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On Your Dating History?

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The zodiac can tell you many things about your life: your personality, your likes, your dislikes, your future prospects and how your day is going to go (if you’re into that daily horoscope sort of thing).

If there’s one thing that your Zodiac sign can affect most of all, it’s your love life and attitude towards romance. And let’s be honest, must of us check our horoscope just to know whether we’re going to meet a handsome stranger today or not (still waiting).

We all know that certain zodiac signs are more compatible than others, so what does your dating history say about you? Are you destined to attract the opposite signs, or do you find yourself constantly falling for the same sign as yourself? Are you a water sign who’s desperately seeking their fiery Aries, or are you content to stay single? Maybe you’ve always been single, or maybe you’ve always been with your soulmate and have no idea what it’s like to battle through serial dating (lucky you…)

Whether you believe in astrological fate and the zodiac or not, there’s no doubt that sometimes love is simply written in the stars. So what can your dating history tell us about your zodiac sign? Take our quiz and let us know how lucky you’ve been in love and we’ll guess your zodiac sign.