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Pick Or Pass These Desserts And We Will Guess Which State You’re From

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Starters, Mains and Desserts, I’m struggling to think of anybody who wouldn’t agree that Dessert is the BEST course, I often sit there picking at my main to ensure I save room for that delicious Cheesecake, I will not sacrifice the Lemony, biscuity goodness. In some parts of the world there is no tradition of dessert to conclude a meal, could you imagine, what are you shovelling your veg down for? What is there to look forward to? What is the point!?

We have made a short and fun quiz for you to try, all you have to do is pick or pass the scrumptious dessert you see and we will guess which state you’re from. Why not let us know your favourite dessert in the comments below and why not share this quiz with your family and friends…

Good Luck!