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Top Gun
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Pick Or Pass On These ’80s Movies And We Can Guess Your State

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The ’80s were a golden age of cinema. From classics like The Breakfast Club and Flashdance to action adventure movies like Top Gun and The Terminator, it felt like there was a new blockbuster hitting the big screen everyday of the decade.

Your choice in films can vary depending on where you live and where you grew up. New Yorkers have completely different taste in movies to Californians, Floridians to Texans, Bay Staters to Washingtonians.

To prove our point, we have put together the ultimate quiz that will allow us to accurately guess which state you hail from based solely on your taste in movies from the 1980s.

So, whether you’re more of a Tom Hanks fan to a Tom Cruise lover, whether you choose to pick or pass on these ’80s movies will allow us to guess your state.