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If You’ve Been To 60% Of These Countries, You’re A Gen Z

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All the places in the word, from the lovely romantic Italy to culture filled Uganda. Thousands of people a year host their wedding outside of their hometown, I’ll admit most are on sunny beaches but wouldn’t you agree it would be nice to have a wedding abroad? It’s like having an extra holiday thrown in for good measure, after the vows have been said you can head out and explore!

We have made a short and fun quiz, all you have to do is pick or pass the country you see, we will then tell you which country your big day will be in, will you have the perfect beach wedding in The Bahamas, a romantic Italian wedding or are you destined to get married in the US- VEGAS QUICKIE anyone?

Don’t forget to let us know where your big day will be in the comments and why not share this quiz with your family and friends…

Good Luck!