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On Ross and Rachel's first date, what flavour juice did Ross burst?
  • Kiwi-Lime
  • Strawberry and watermelon
  • Cran-grape
  • Lemon

Here Are The Hardest ‘Friends’ Questions From All 10 Seasons. Can You Get At Least 10 Correct?

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Friends is one of, if not THE, most iconic TV shows ever. Pretty much everyone watches Friends right? But do you really watch it with close attention – and on repeat? Only a TRUE friends fan will be able to do this quiz, this quiz will dive into the depths of Friends’ in true detail. If you even manage to get 10 questions right then you will have done extremely well. If you manage to get close to full marks, then we know you can recite all 10 seasons word for word.

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Let’s see if you manage to get at least 10 of these questions right…