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If your partner hadn't yet brushed their teeth, would you...
  • Recoil and say 'ew'
  • Kiss them anyway
  • Tell them to brush their teeth ASAP

QUIZ: How Attracted Are You To Your Other Half?

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When you first meet your significant other, the attraction should be off the scale. It’s a feeling you expect (and hope) to last forever. You can’t keep your hands off one another, and it’s although they are the most precious, perfect thing in the entire world.

Once the Honeymoon phase is over in any relationship, or when you first begin living with a partner, is when you really get to know them (unless you’re still someone who sets the alarm for 4am in order to apply a full face of makeup before your partner wakes up and sees your natural glow. And that’s fine, you do you).


You don’t know how much the boundaries of attraction are pushed until you begin to learn your other half’s bathroom schedule, laundry habits and the amount of time they spend slobbed on the sofa binge-watching Netflix and letting it all hang out.

So, how attracted are you really to your other half?

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