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15 Things You Would Find In Every British Home

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Celebration tin.

Or Roses, Quality Street, Heroes. We all have at least 1 tin still in the house leftover from Christmas. Now used for storage as they couldn’t possibly be thrown away. There is nothing more painful as seeing a tin of Celebrations, to open them up and find a sewing kit or some plasters.


Whether there are children living at your house or not, there will always be a bottle of Calpol handy. Which is good news as it is definitely the best tasting medicine ever created. Absolutely stunning.

Bag full of bags.

This is definitely a thing. Ive never been in a house that doesn’t have a master carrier bag which stores 30 thousand smaller carrier bags. You will always have your poshest bag as the storer as well, so people know you have shopped in M&S.

Sports Direct mug.

How have we all ended up with this monstrosity in our kitchen cupboards. Even if you don’t shop there, you will still end up with one. The size of them as well! Who drinks a litre of tea at a time. You would be going through milk like its out of fashion.

One of these Tea Towels

These were classic ones that we ALL had. Who remembers the dreaded moment you had to draw a portrait of yourself? You had no time to prepare or practice so every single person’s picture turned out creepy and weird. Instead of just drawing a face with two eyes and a mouth, I tried to draw myself as a stick person with a checkered dress on. It didn’t look the best and mine was the odd one out, since it took up the biggest portion of tea towel.

Biscuit tin that doesn’t have biscuits in

There is ALWAYS a biscuit tin in every house hold filled with the best household British biscuits. Yes, I’m talking of custard creams and hobnobs. This is usually an assorted tin of biscuits, or an old Quality Streets tin… there is usually one the crap ones left that no one really wants. Every Christmas without fail, we find tins of family circle biscuits lying around the kitchen then about two weeks later, when they’re al empty, they’re full of sewing equipment and other rubbish.

Junk drawer.

The infamous junk drawer. Sellotape, receipts for things bought 12 years ago, playing cards, passport photos, basically anything that you don’t need. When we put something in the junk drawer it is because we know we don’t need it, but ‘you never know’. Stupid really.

VHS player.

Usually broken as well. Can you even buy VHS tapes anymore? The actual tapes we don’t have an issue throwing out, but we keep the player. Great logic. This can now be found either in the garage on a pile of old CD players, or in the cupboard under the stairs.

A draw full of defunct currency.

I don’t understand this one whatsoever. But it’s so true, coins and notes that have been defunct for generations are stored usually in the junk drawer. Do we cling on to it in hope that the EU separates and every single country we have ever visited revert back to their old currency?

These glass cups from McDonalds

This was something we were all adamant about collecting when we went to McDonalds when we were younger. These glasses were the best part about buying a meal and they are now proudly placed in our cup cupboard! If like me, you’re addicted to McDonalds, you probably still have about a cupboard full of these taking up space in your mum’s kitchen.

Old phone.

When we get a new phone we keep our old as a spare, quite sensible. Then we get a new phone, and a new one, then our contract is due an upgrade. And before you know it we end up with a museum of old mobile phones dating back the last 15 years, usually kept in the junk drawer.


This can be found in every single garage or shed in the UK, and that is a fact. It’s realistically used maybe once every decade. The can that is in our garage is usually so old that it is probably worth thousands on Cash in the attic.

Argos catalogue.

Everybody loved an Argos catalogue back in the day. Highlighting what you wanted for Christmas inside it. I’m not too sure how much use a catalogue for the summer sale of 2001 is going to be though. Maybe you could pick up a brand new, top of the range Nokia 3310 for your birthday?

Takeaway menus.

Hundreds and hundreds of these things. They usually have their own drawer somewhere downstairs. The only issue being, they have been there for so long the chippy is now a Tesco petrol station.

Embarrassing photo.

Every single house has one of these beauties in. Usually taking pride of place on the mantelpiece or in the hallway. Usually, a school photo from the year you had a shocking haircut, parents always frame the worst looking photo of you.

Fridge full of magnets

This is something that every household has. A huge collection of magnets from everywhere. You would buy your magnets from every place that you have visited… like Benidorm and Mallorca. Or you would have the letter ones where you could leave messages for the rest of the household.

Fully stocked up ‘tin’ cupboard

This means your mum or dad’s excessive buying of either beans or tinned tuna meant that this cupboard was completely stocked at all times. This was never ever a bad thing because what British person doesn’t love good old beans on toast every now and then. You can never have too many tins of beans in your cupboard and there’s always a tin of sweetcorn in there that rarely gets used.

One plate that looks like this

You will have a lovely set of matching plates, but then there will be one that looks like this.. Again, you will have no idea how you even managed to acquire this. You also don’t know if it worth anything… but you steer clear of using it. I got mine from my grans house when she passed away, but she never actually told me where hers came from either. Like Whimsies, a lot of people had these plates in their homes in the 70s & 80s and they probably definitely, didn’t go with the decor….I mean, what would?!

Brown Sauce and Ketchup

Now a complete necessity for those bacon butties on a Sunday morning. The ketchup and Brown sauce. Everyone is different though and a household that doesn’t have one of these two sauces isn’t up to scratch! I mean, what on earth are you supposed to cover your meals with? What would you dip your chips in? What would you cover your full English in?

Every ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ album

This is something from our childhood. We had to collect every ‘Now’ album that was ever created. Unfortunately, our houses now have these albums and they are all in the wrong cases or scratched! Non of them are in the right place and for some reason we’ve kept them after all these years. No one really uses CDs nowadays, we have speakers we can connect our phones too and in our cards we have USB cables we can connect our phones to to listen to music. Like videos, no one uses them but we all have that pointless collection of CDs stashed away in our loft.

The communal shoe spot

This is a spot in every person’s home. The place near the door where you kick off your shoes. Then there is a huge pile-up of shoes because you simply have nowhere else to put them, there’s shoes on there that people haven’t worn in years and theres always a pair of shoes that you whack on to take the bins out. I don’t think there’s enough room in my house to accommodate for the amount of shoes we all have.

Old videos.

We haven’t used videos since about 2001 so we do we insist on keeping them lying around the house? Even when we have the DVD and the Blu-Ray version of video, it’s still not thrown away. There’s usually an old box full of old, usually broken video tapes that are in all the wrong boxes and I’m pretty sure I have 5 different copies of the Lion King in my loft.